Yeezy RTW Fall 2020

Well, it wasn’t bourgeois.
It was brilliant. Kanye West’s stealthy takeover of Paris Fashion Week was brilliant in its last-minute buzz factor. Brilliant in its two-part punch, a religious event that prepared the way for the second coming, a quasi-religious fashion event. Brilliant in playing the kid card. (North West’s rap performance, adorable or irritating, depending upon where you stand on the grump-o-meter.) Brilliant in West’s iron-cast, I’m-a-star knowledge that — no matter the time (9:30 p.m.) or prior negative Yeezy experiences (Roosevelt Island) — if he built it, we would come.
We did, though a few opted out of Part One, the Sunday Service at the Bouffes du Nord theater. That proved to be a glorious 90 minutes of positivity that was, remarkably, at least to the uninitiated in the one-time congregation, not about Kanye at all. The choir leader referenced “Mr. West” once, a good 30 minutes into the concert, after which he did a brief solo. But for the most part, West faded into the 120 incredibly gifted singers of his Sunday Service choir, who lifted their voices in praise of a different Almighty.
Soon after the Sunday Service was confirmed, rumors started swirling about a show — Yeezy Season

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