Louis Vuitton Rolling Out Luxury Face Shield, Costs Almost $1,000

PPE has gone full bougie — ’cause, soon, you’ll be able to fight COVID-19 and look fly doing it at the same time … for a pretty penny, of course. Louis Vuitton is introducing a new item to their 2021 Cruise Collection … a high-priced face…


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Lil Jon Does Insanely Dangerous Joyriding With Baja 1000 Winner

Kids — do NOT try this at home!!! Lil Jon just took CRUNK to a whole ‘nother level … with the rap legend joining a pro Trophy Truck driver for the most INSANE joyride you’ll ever see!!! But, don’t worry, everyone was wearing a helmet. The “Turn…


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Episode 1000 Scott Adams: Twitter Fact Checking, Police Versus Suspects, Ballot Harvesting

My new book LOSERTHINK, available now on Amazon https://tinyurl.com/rqmjc2a

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  • Special CDC distancing guidelines for Joe Biden
  • Twitters fact-checking feature applied to President Trump
  • Yoel Roth, Twitter’s head of site integrity
  • Are Mail-in votes subject to fraud?
  • George Floyd’s death and “neck restraint”

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1,000 People Attend Chicago House Party During Coronavirus Pandemic

If you had any doubt cases of coronavirus are about to explode because of reckless conduct, check out this video and all doubts will be swiftly erased. 1,000 people ignored the stern warnings of doctors and scientists in a city that has been…


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Cardi B, Fashion Nova Giving Away $1,000 Per Hour to Families in Need

Cardi B and Fashion Nova are stepping up with a stimulus package of their own — giving away $ 1,000 PER HOUR to families struggling through the pandemic. Cardi announced Wednesday she and the fashion line she reps will give away a total of $ 1…


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Watch the 1000 mph Bloodhound Rocket Car’s First Run

The Bloodhound is a truly super supercar. It’s designed to punch right through the sound barrier to over 1,000 miles per hour.
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Lonzo Ball Rocks $1,000 Designer Shoes After Ditching Big Baller Brand

Lonzo Ball is an even BIGGER baller after bailing on the Big Baller Brand … ditching his $ 500 shoes for a MORE EXPENSIVE pair for the Laker game Tuesday night. TMZ Sports has learned … the injured Zo elected to rock a pair of white Dior “B24″…


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Antonio Brown Gets ‘G.O.A.T.’ Ring with 1,000 Diamonds, Worth $20k!

Antonio Brown is gunning for G.O.A.T. status — and he’s starting with a sick new diamond ring! Check out AB’s new jewelry … 6.5 carats, 1,000 diamonds and some serious meaning behind it.  Here’s what we know … the Steelers WR hit up Gabriel the…


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‘Black Panther’ Actor Banked $1,000 a Day to Play Young Killmonger

“Black Panther” is a smashing success and producers probably always knew it would be … because they paid good money to a kid hardly even in the movie. 10-year-old Seth Carr — who plays the child version of Michael B. Jordan’s character Killmonger in…


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N.E.R.D & Future “1000,” Fokis ft. Sadat X & Punchline “If I Had It My Way” & More | Daily Visuals 12.6.17

Donald Trump’s chaotic and racially divisive Presidency has had everyone in the culture on their political wokeness and now it seems that N.E.R.D has officially joined the resistance.

For their Future assisted visuals to “1000” N.E.R.D and Future decide to sit out any camera time and instead have the video focus on today’s political climate showcasing all the protests and racially charged demonstrations that have engulfed Agent Orange’s Amerikkka.

Back in the hood LES native Fokis calls on Punchline and Hip-Hop OG Sadat X to speak on how they’d change up the way things are done in the world in the clip to “If I Had It My Way.”

Check out the rest of today’s drops including work from Lecrae, YG Hootie, and more.

N.E.R.D & FUTURE – “1000”






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Watch the 1000 mph Bloodhound Rocket Car’s First Run

The Bloodhound is a truly super supercar. It’s designed to punch right through the sound barrier to over 1,000 miles per hour.
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Gadget Lab – A Look at the Coravin 1000 Wine Saver

Oxygen is your friend. Unless you’re wine. The Coravin 1000 forces the frenemies to play nice by penetrating the cork with a long needle and pushing argon in, allowing the wine to flow out without opening the entire bottle.
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Entrenue Donates $1,000 to Children’s Mercy Hospital

Entrenue announced that it has donated $ 1,000 to Children’s Mecry hospital on behalf of its most recent raffle’s winner.
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This Talented Bride Spent 1,000 Hours Crocheting Her Own Wedding Dress

Bride Tania Jennings has been crocheting since she was a little kid, but had never made anything for herself. 

That is, until she took on the laborious and tedious challenge of making her own wedding dress for her June 2015 nuptials at St. Pancras Church in London. In all, she estimates she spent close to 1,000 hours on the garment.

Jennings’ dress was made of silver satin and was designed by a family friend. The bride then crocheted the purple (her husband’s favorite color) and white lace bodice overlay, as well as the lace portions of the hem and train. There were about 150 individual pieces of lace in all, which were webbed together after she had her final dress fitting.

 The bride, who is originally from Portland, Oregon, was inspired by another woman’s crocheted wedding dress she had seen online and decided to take a stab at it herself. 

Jennings began making the first pieces in November 2014 and was still putting the finishing touches on the dress just moments before the June 6 ceremony began. The five Polish stars on the train were among the most time-consuming designs, each of which took about 80 hours to complete.

Many of the lace designs are tributes to the important people in Jennings life — flower patterns chosen by her in-laws, an elephant for her daughter Bridgette, a tulip for her daughter Gabby and a martini glass to represent the online game that brought her and her husband together. 


“It became a bit of a game at the reception for everyone to find ‘their’ piece,” the bride told ABC News

“I spent most of the night before the wedding working on the dress, taking a little nap of an hour or two around 4 a.m. to recharge,” she told HuffPost. “I think everyone else was very anxious as my bridesmaids kept asking me how I could be so calm. But for me crocheting is so relaxing that I just had to smile and keep going, knowing that the dress would tell me when it was ready.”


When they finally laid the lace bodice over the under-dress, the bride said she was relieved and totally in love with her creation.


“It was so light and flowed into the skirt just as I had hoped,” she said. “I was very relieved when at the reception a friend came up to me and said that as soon as I walked into the church, everyone just smiled because the dress was ‘me.'”


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House of 1000 Corpses Actor Irwin Keyes Dead at 63: Rob Zombie Writes, ”He Will Be Missed by Us All”

Actor Irwin Keyes has passed away at the age of 63.

The celeb—who portrayed a variety roles in films and TV shows, including House of 1000 Corpses and The Jeffersons—suffered…

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House of 1000 Corpses – Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie - House of 1000 Corpses  artwork

House of 1000 Corpses

Rob Zombie

Genre: Horror

Price: $ 14.99

Rental Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: April 11, 2003

Helmed by Rob Zombie, this gore fest follows two young couples on their quest to find the truth about a mythical character known only as "Dr. Satan." Set in rural Texas in the 1970s, the group gets more than they bargained for when they find themselves stranded in an all-too-realistic house of horrors.

© © 2002 House of 1,000 Corpses, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Battle Damage – Valentine’s Day Destroyed at 1000 Frames Per Second

Love is in the air—literally, 15 feet in the air. Erik and Justin get in the Valentine’s Day spirit by doing what they do best—smashing stuff, in this case a box of chocolates, a vase of roses, and a bottle of wine.
WIRED Videos – The Scene

1000 Forms of Fear (Deluxe Version) – Sia

Sia - 1000 Forms of Fear (Deluxe Version)  artwork

1000 Forms of Fear (Deluxe Version)


Genre: Pop

Price: $ 12.99

Release Date: May 1, 2015

© ℗ 2015 Monkey Puzzle Records, under exclusive license to RCA Records

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1,000 Lies And Counting: A Husband Who Can’t Tell The Truth (VIDEO)

Melisa claims her husband Chris, 27, is a pathological liar. He admits he’s had a problem with lying since he’s been a kid. But now she’s 16 weeks pregnant with their second child, they’re separated, and she’s desperate for help.

She tells Dr. Phil, “If I could guess how many times Chris has lied to me over five years, you would laugh. There’s no number. Literally, insanely, every day all day.”

Looking back, Melisa says, “In the beginning of our relationship, I was so smitten by our chemistry.” But now she realizes, “There were so many red flags in the beginning, but I was very oblivious. Love is blind.”

Now she is struggling to put an end to their marriage. “I am in a scary, vicious cycle with him because I just get sucked in,” she says. “I can’t get out.”

Chris understands Melisa’s frustration. “I do not blame Melisa for not trusting me,” he says. “I’ve lied about basically everything with her.”

After pointing out that he wishes she didn’t have a temper, and claiming that if she calmly confronted him he might own up to his lies, he adds, “Ultimately, I want Melisa to be proud of me. I want her to be respect me and to be her Prince Charming.”

Dr. Phil confronts Melisa: “What the hell are you thinking? This guy’s been lying to you since day one minute one, right?”

Watch the video above to see what happens when Dr. Phil steps in, and view more clips from this show here.

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Nipsey Hussle Moves 60 Copies Of New Album At $1,000

Nipsey Hussle stays hustling and his Proud2Pay movement has becoming a staple for the rapper with him moving about 60 copies of his new album at $ 1,000 per copy.

The rapper released his latest MailBox Money and gave fans the option to download it for free, get it on iTunes or pay $ 1,000 for a physical copy with several bonuses.

Nipsey said that he was surprised to see so many people paying that much money for the album.

“It surprises me. As much as I believe in it. Every time I get a transaction, I get a text on my phone, and I’ve been hitting them back,” Nip told The Guardian. “The feedback and the connection I have with these people help me understand the psychology of the person paying $ 1,000 for some songs that, realistically, you could download for free.

The highest human act is to inspire. Money is a tool – it’s the means, not the end. [Inspiration is] the metric that dictates whether or not a project is a success. It’s more realistic than trying to aim for radio play, or trying to satisfy an A&R, or the other gatekeepers on these platforms. I don’t even know how to create with those things in mind. But if you tell me the goal is to inspire? That makes my job a lot easier.”

These 60 people will get free access to Nipsey’s next album, which will be called Victory Lap.

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1000 Forms of Fear – Sia

Sia - 1000 Forms of Fear  artwork

1000 Forms of Fear


Genre: Pop

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: May 29, 2014

© ℗ 2014 Monkey Puzzle Records, under exclusive license to RCA Records

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Jeff 1000 – Behind the Scenes of Summer Glau’s New Robot Series

“Alphas” co-creator Michael Karnow is behind the new series “Jeff 1000,” which stars Summer Glau and David Arquette. Go behind the scenes and see what it’s really like to work with a robot-turned actor.
WIRED Videos – The Scene

Jeff 1000 – Pug vs. Giant Robot

She’s one of Jeff’s best friends, so when Summer Glau recounts her near-death experience, Jeff is all ears—at least, as much as a robot can be. But when Jeff’s beloved pug Baby Princess continues to interrupt the story, Summer refuses to come second to the tiny dog.

WIRED Videos – The Scene

Jeff 1000 – Summer Glau on Having a Robot Best Friend

There’s definitely benefits to having friends, but can you have a friend with benefits with one of the parties isn’t actually human? Summer Glau opens up about her close relationship with a 10-foot tall robot.
WIRED Videos – The Scene

Jeff 1000 – 9 Questions with David Arquette (Just Don’t Ask About Robots)

Things take a turn during a “Jeff 1000” shoot when David Arquette takes time to do a behind-the-scenes interview. Everything starts off smoothly, but the second David is asked about his robot co-star Jeff, all hell breaks loose with David comparing Jeff to a second-rate WALL-E.

WIRED Videos – The Scene

Jeff 1000 – Giant Robots Have Feelings, Too

During a shoot Jeff can’t seem to get his lines quite right. It’s two simple words, but with so many different ways to convey the emotion behind them Jeff and co-star Summer Glau are left pondering the philosophical meaning behind “human alert!”

WIRED Videos – The Scene

Jeff 1000 – Meet Jeff: 10′ Tall Robot & Hollywood Actor

Summer Glau has to attend her ex-boyfriend’s art gallery opening and who better to accompany her than a ten-foot tall robot? Jeff agrees to go and is tasked with one job, but things go haywire when he meets the ex—David Arquette.

WIRED Videos – The Scene