Source Says Megan Thee Stallion Case “Open And Shut,” Authorities Slow To Arrest Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Two months ago, fans were hit with the news of Megan Thee Stallion’s shocking gunshot wound after a night of partying with Kylie Jenner went wrong in July. With the unfolding details all pointing to Tory Lanez as the shooter, there’s a growing concern as to why the pint-sized Canadian has yet to be arrested for his allegedly reckless actions. 

In an exclusive scoop from PageSix, a source close to the situation says Megan’s case is “open and shut,” and suggests the lack of urgency to arrest Lanez is because authorities aren’t allocating the same resources to it as if the victim were a white college student. 

“Sources tell us the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office has been given all of the evidence believed necessary to move forward with the case, including witness statements, text messages, a 911 call, video, and medical records.”

Yes, the same text messages Tory sent to Megan confessing to the shooting and blaming his actions on drinking too much alcohol.  

The tea spilling continues.

“The medical records, we’re told, prove that Megan, 25, was shot because the documents state the “Savage” rapper suffered “gunshot wounds” on the night of the attack. Initial media reports stated she cut her feet with glass.”

“This is not in dispute,” the insider said.

Initially, the “Savage” rapper wasn’t forthcoming with naming the munchkin as the shooter, but later had a change of heart where she called Lanez out directly. “I ain’t tell the police what happened immediately right then because I ain’t want to die,” she admitted during an Instagram Live video last month.

Nevertheless, the video and Twitter posts Lanez subliminally liked that justified the senseless shooting have also been added to the LADA’s evidence file.  And an attorney at Roc Nation, Megan’s label, has confirmed they are fully cooperating with authorities. So, why has he only been changed with gun possession since the shooting? 

A spokesperson for the LADA claims the case is still under investigation due to pending lab results, not because of racial bias. 

“We are awaiting the results of the full investigation, including lab analysis of physical evidence,” Officer Ricardo Santiago added. “As prosecutors, we are ethically and legally required to review all of the evidence in a case before deciding whether or not to file criminal charges. Race is never a consideration.”

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LVMH to Distribute Free Hand Sanitizer to French Health Authorities

PARIS — LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton said Sunday it will manufacture and distribute hand sanitizer to French health authorities for free in order to fight the spread of coronavirus, or COVID-19.
“Given the risk of shortage of hydroalcoholic gel in France, Bernard Arnault has instructed the LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics business to prepare its production sites to manufacture substantial quantities of hydroalcoholic gel to be provided to public authorities,” the company said.
Starting Monday, all the production facilities of the group’s perfumes and cosmetics brands, including Parfums Christian Dior, Guerlain and Parfums Givenchy, will produce and distribute bottles of hand sanitizer to be delivered free of charge in France, prioritizing Parisian hospitals.
Since the first cases of COVID-19 were detected in the country, French consumers have cleared out stocks of hand sanitizers in pharmacies and grocery stores. In Paris, most pharmacies have had to put up signs informing people that they are fully out of both protective masks and hand sanitizers, two of the main tools used to limit contamination.
French pharmacies are excluded from the government’s forced closure of “nonessential” public spaces to limit the propagation of the virus, which was announced on Saturday.

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Meek Mill accuses authorities of racial profiling in plane searches

It’s not clear if anything resulted from either of the searches.
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Bun B Chased Down Armed Robber To ID Him To Authorities

BET Hip Hop Awards 2018 - Backstage

Source: Bennett Raglin / Getty

Bun B knows the duties of a civilian holding down his family. The UGK rapper reportedly chased down the burglar he got into a gunfight with in order to ID the culprit.

Reports TMZ:

The Houston rapper’s lawyer, Charles Adams, tells TMZ … Bun and his wife, Queenie, met with the District Attorney this week to discuss the incident, and they have been reassured they are being treated as victims in the case.

We’re told everything they’ve reported lines up with law enforcement’s investigation, and the suspect, Demonte Jackson, is facing 3 first-degree felonies — 2 counts of aggravated robbery with a weapon and one count of burglary.

Adams tells us Bun B wasn’t specifically targeted by the intruder — he was going house to house in the neighborhood and Bun’s wife happened to answer the door.

Besides licking off shots as the man stole his wife’s Audi, Bun chased him down to take his mask off.

… Queenie offered up her Audi in the garage to the suspect, which is where Bun confronted him and a gunfight ensued. Adams says after the man escaped and left his gun behind … Bun hopped in his car and pursued him.

We’re told the rapper caught up and held the guy at gunpoint … then made him take off his mask so he could identify him. The suspect then escaped again.

Is there any doubt that Bun B is a Triple O? Most importantly, we’re glad Bun and his wife were unharmed.

As for the burglar, throw him under the jail bruh.

Photo; Getty

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MS Authorities Investigating Choking Death Of Unarmed Black Man By Cop

Authorities in Mississippi are investigating the death of an unarmed Black man that occurred earlier this week, allegedly at the hands of a white police officer. Jonathan Sanders was confronted by the officer on Wednesday, and a family attorney originally said the man was choked to death by a flashlight.

Several outlets, including the Clarion-Ledger, reported on the ongoing developments surrounding the fatal encounter. Sanders, 39, was reportedly training his horse in the town of Stonewall Wednesday night when Officer Keith  Harrington approached him at a local gas station. From there, the details of what actually took place in the moments after their encounter become a bit unglued but an attorney working on behalf of Sanders’ family is seeking answers.

From The Guardian:

Jonathan Sanders suffered “some kind of asphyxiation” during an altercation with white officer Kevin Harrington on Wednesday night, in the small town of Stonewall, in the eastern part of the state, said the attorney, J Stewart Parrish.

Sanders, 39, was a father of two children including a one-year-old, according to his family.

Parrish told several local media outlets that Harrington pulled Sanders from a horse and choked him to death with a flashlight. Parrish told the Guardian on Friday that allegation had come from relatives who live beside the site of the struggle and witnessed it.

But Stonewall police chief Michael Street denied the details of the attorney’s allegations, telling the Guardian the two men engaged in “a fight” without weapons after Sanders voluntarily stepped down from a horse-drawn buggy.

Stonewall Police Chief Michael Street added in a later statement that Parrish’s accusation of a flashlight being used to choke was false. Parrish contended that saying despite whether or not a device was used, Sanders was indeed choked to death by Harrington.

Chief Street says he has asked the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations (MBI) to look into the matter. There is also a growing campaign launched in Sanders’ name called “Justice For Jonathan” that has been spread via social media.

Photo: Facebook

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