Jeezy Explains To Charlamagne Tha God How Rappers Can Avoid Being Killed In Their Own Hoods

"It's hard to hit a moving target."

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Week 15 NFL takeaways: Packers, Eagles avoid letdown, Texans take control in AFC South

Here’s what to know from Week 15. – NFL

Wyshynski: 10 NHL fantasy players to avoid in 2019-20 drafts

No thanks, Sergei Bobrovsky and Taylor Hall. Plus, Jersey Foul of the Week, the latest on Mitch Marner, the rawness of Blake Wheeler and more. – NHL

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Khalid’s late-night dance party gets overrun by a fleet of BMWs in his new “Better” video.

Episode 121: How to Avoid Angry Mobs of Democrats and Not Sell Past the Close


  • Akira The Don music video of Scott’s theme song
  • Elaine Chao confronts harassers
  • Erin Burnett interview, maintaining professionalism
  • Hitting bottom is necessary for improvement to be possible
  • The Left has major TDS and is melting down
  • The Right is afraid to go out in public
  • A fake “because”, a mental escape hatch, is needed for the Left to heal
  • Iran’s economy and restless population
  • Because the MSM is fake news, it’s brainwashing half the country
  • Update on Bill Pulte’s Blight Authority efforts
  • The summer of love is still on!


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How to Avoid the Most Common Swinger Dating Mistake

The most common mistake made by single males who are who are desperately keen to get into the swinger lifestyle scene, is not closing their chat successfully. This is especially true when going on a swinger date or chatting to other guests at swinger parties. The problem is that most guys simply don’t realize they need to do it and even those that do, often don’t know how to go about it. This article provides both singles and couples with advice and techniques to help them develop the art of closing swinger dating chat.
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5 Old School SEO Tricks to Avoid

Optimizing your adult website to help boost search engine rankings can be a time-consuming process. Because of this, some site operators may be tempted to use SEO tricks that, in the past, may have worked. – Opinion

Big stars avoid red carpet at awards gala amid sexual misconduct scandals

Actress Amy Adams honored as big stars avoid red carpet at awards gala amid sexual misconduct scandals. Ben Gruber reports.

Reuters Video: Entertainment

Find your Soulmate Live webcam chat!

How To Avoid the Friend Zone – Don’t Make These 4 Huge Mistakes!

Do women always see you only as a friend? Learn about the biggest mistakes that most men unwittingly make when they talk to women, that land them in the dreaded friend zone. Avoid these massive pitfalls and never get friend zoned again!
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Avoid These Songs at Your Wedding, Please

You’ve snapped hundreds of photos of linens and flatware. You’ve decided that the frilly musketeer hat is a superior photo booth prop to the fedora. You even passed on shotgunning an Ice House with your old college roommates in the name of evaluating a unity candle.

Yes, this wedding season was a little different than the rest … because you are walking down the aisle next year, and your reception needs to be perfect.

Sure, the decorations, food, flowers, and dress are pretty important. But there’s one major area that most budding newlyweds seem to ignore, an overlooked area that can singlehandedly obliterate months of handwork and planning — reception music.

We’ve all been in that situation where you just want to light up the dance floor with a domestic beer in hand, but end up lurking in the shadows because you aren’t quite sure (or drunk enough to know) how to dance to “Sherry” by the Four Seasons.

So, please, put some effort into your playlist. Prohibiting overplayed or awkward-moment-inducing songs will ensure that your guests stay on the dance floor all night, making your reception the stuff of legends.

Not a musical connoisseur? No problem. Just keep the music post-1970, and make sure to avoid the songs below.

“Love Shack” by the B-52s
In the United States, there are roughly 2 million weddings per year. You can bet this song is played at 99.99% of them. Be a hero. Be part of the .01%.

“Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard and “Cherry Pie” by Warrant
Some things just can’t be unseen– like your cousin and her 40-something friends dumping pitchers of water on themselves and putting a Whitesnake music video to shame as they “dance” on tabletops.

“Electric Slide,” “Cha Cha Slide,” or any song with the word “Slide”
While everyone is smiling and clapping on the outside, they’re screaming in anger-filled-hatred on the inside. Other song-title words to avoid: scoot, shuffle, boogie, crawl, cowgirl or cowboy, train, murder, adultery.

Heavy/Trash/Death Metal Songs
Other than a deranged, stalker ex-boyfriend straight out of a Lifetime movie, the most unwanted guest at any wedding is a paramedic. So avoid the Metal music. Either your brother gets a bottle of Jim Beam smashed over his head, or your great aunt suffers a heart attack while frantically searching for the holy water in her purse.

“Closing Time” by Semisonic
This isn’t a bar…or the end of an eighth grade graduation dance. Also, the lyric “Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end,” sounds like an allusion to an early divorce.

“F**k Her Gently” by Tenacious D
Hammered groomsmen + $ 200 of pooled cash + a DJ with credit card debt = the most awkward, unforgettable-in-the-worst-way moment of your life.

“Everybody Have Fun Tonight” by Wang Chung
Everybody was having fun tonight…until this song came on. And, do you really want songs ordering you around, telling you exactly what to do? What’s next, “Everybody Place Your Beer Bottles in the Recycling Bin Tonight”?

“Thank You” by Dido
Playing a song with a chorus that proclaims “And I want to thank you, for giving me the best day of my life,” will solidify your status as the lamest person in the world. Plus, that lyric seems to imply that every day thereafter is a slow, downward spiral.

“The Scientist” by Coldplay
It’s great to slow things down once in a while and cool that blazing dance floor. But people at your wedding should be crying tears of joy, not ones of bitter regret and self-loathing.

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How To Avoid The Friend Zone – Tips For Guys

If you’re trying to figure out how to avoid the friend zone, then there’s a good chance that you’ve been stuck in it before or might be on the verge of getting into one. Well, you’re not alone; we’ve all been there. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t all that long ago that I met this amazingly gorgeous girl who put me in hers.
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Why Divorce Brings out the Lawyers (And How to Avoid It!)

There’s a men’s support group I speak to once in a while. I really enjoy it. It’s full of other dads who have experienced divorce, and it’s a chance for these guys to communicate and express themselves. Whenever I go, I find it empowering and amazing to be part of that journey. Seeing grown men vulnerable, with an open heart wanting to move on in a healthy way is a wonderful thing.

It’s great to share and hear what other guys are going through, so you don’t feel isolated, and alone.

Whatever you go through in life, you can be sure other people are going through it too. Our situations are not as unique as we think they are. When you’re ready to be around and communicate with other like-minded individuals on a similar journey, it’s something I highly recommend.

One of the guys in the group has been having a problem lately with his ex. He’s a good guy. He has a couple of kids and he fully supports his ex, financially and with co-parenting. The problem is, she constantly takes jabs at him, as if they’re still married.

His focus is on being a good father to his children. He’s made an effort to apologize and make amends for the part he played in the relationship breaking down. Yet she’s still angry at him, she still feels wronged by what happened between them. She hasn’t let go or moved on.

It got to the point in his divorce where the kids were becoming a battle. He looked at me and he said, “You know, this is the last thing I wanted to do, but I can’t talk to this person anymore. It’s all about her. I want to get a lawyer. I want the lawyer to talk to her.”

Unfortunately, this is all too common and really sad. Lawyers are just paid henchmen going after whatever they can get. I’ve seen too many divorces go that direction, where the lawyers have ripped it to pieces. I told him he needed to try and make it work, for himself and his kids. He said. “David, I can’t stand having this person not listening, and now using my kids as pawns.”

It makes me sad. Two people who once loved each other enough to be together and to start a family, now can’t even face talking to each other. It makes the problem exponentially worse once you start using children as pawns.

The key is compassion, and acceptance that all relationships are 50/50. Each person is partly responsible for everything that happens in the beginning, middle, and end of the relationship. It’s never just one partner who causes the end. Until you accept joint responsibility, you’re going to run the risk of the lawyers taking over and ripping it to shreds.

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One Way To Avoid Resentment, Anger And Frustration In A Relationship

Do you like — or even need — to be right? When you’re having a discussion with your partner or a friend, are you determined to “win”? In the video above, Dr. Phil says, “If you live like that, you’re going to have a lot of conflict, and you’re going to spend a lot of time feeling resentment, anger and frustration.”

Instead, Dr. Phil suggests that you make the decision to be happy, instead of always trying to be right. “If you make your relationship a competition, that means that there’s a winner and a loser, and nobody likes to be a loser,” he cautions. “Relationships aren’t meant to be competitions, they’re meant to be cooperations. Think about being right and ask yourself if it’s worth the trouble that you’re investing just so you can say, ‘I was right.’”

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He’s Separated, Now What? 5 Reasons You Should Avoid Dating A Man Who’s Not Divorced

However, what if the man you just met seems to be your perfect soul mate but… there is a problem. He is separated and not yet divorced? Now what? Should you pursue the relationship and take the risk for the sake of what could be love, or should you walk away? The choice is, of course, entirely yours, but chances are that the relationship will be greatly challenging and unlikely to work for a number of reasons:
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7 Cardinal Sins To Avoid If You Get Your Eyebrows Done

Messing around with your eyebrows is a serious matter, and there are few people who feel more strongly about that fact than brow artists. Anyone with decent vision and a clean mirror can remove thick, stray brow hairs. But an expert can create an eyebrow shape that fits your face perfectly.

When you overpluck or trim too much, achieving beautiful brows doesn’t come as easy. Want to avoid the wrath of your brow artist? Avoid the seven no-nos below. 

1. Filling in your eyebrows with heavy makeup before your appointment. Wearing brow makeup makes it harder for the brow specialist to see what hair is actually there, according to Caroline K., a senior specialist at hair removal salon Spruce & Bond. “It covers up the fine, baby hairs that we need to tweeze to get that nice shaped brow,” she says. Although we do always clean the brow before tweezing, there is a risk that the leftover residue from the makeup can clog the newly open pores! Come in with a naked brow and let the experts fill them in for you after your brow service.”

2. Having unrealistic expectations about your eyebrows. “It’s true, we all want what we can’t have; and to some it can be extreme. Please don’t come in with unrealistic ideas on how your eyebrows should look (think Pamela Anderson thin eyebrows wanting to leave the studio that day with thick, full brows like Cara Delevingne),” says Caroline K. “It just won’t happen! I’m not saying that it could never happen, but it could take weeks or even months.”

Boom Boom Brow Bar owner Malynda Viglotti recommends bringing in a picture of yourself with brows that you loved from a certain point in time. Also, being able to explain to the brow artist whether you like a fuller brow or a more styled brow is crucial. “Communication is key because once you take the hair out it’s gone and takes months to grow in,” she says.

3. Going somewhere new to get your brows done. Caroline K. knows it can be tempting to go to the most convenient salon or spa while you are out of town and can’t see your regular brow specialist. “But once you cheat, there will be regret; and all those weeks and months of working so hard to get your brows where they need to be will go down the drain,” she says.

 Viglotti echoes this belief, adding: “We can only work with what you have and if you have nothing then, you have to let it grow all back. It takes 3-6 months sometimes.”

 4. Not disclosing whether you’ve been prescribed topical medications or acne treatments, including Retin-A and Accutane. These medications may cause skin to peel or exfoliate and can affect the outcome of your brow shaping appointment. “If you are going to wax, tell the aesthetician because your skin is hyper sensitive. And maybe consider the option not to wax but to tweeze at that time because you don’t want to lift skin,” says Viglotti.  

5. Tweezing gray hairs at home. ”Don’t do it. I repeat, Don’t do it,” says Caroline K. “I know it’s hard to see those gray brow hairs randomly pop in the older we get. But do understand, you need those hairs there!” The professional admits to seeing way too many self-conscious women tweeze them away only to leave them with sparse and patchy brows. It makes it harder to create the brow shape that best fits your needs. There is always an option to tint your brows to cover up those unwanted, but needed, grey hairs.

6. Attempting brow waxing after a spray tan: This one is pretty self-explanatory but Viglotti says that if the aesthetician applies the wax and peels it off, you can rip off the tan, too.

7. Flat out lying: “We know if you’ve done Botox or can tell if you’ve been tweezing between [visits]. We want you to have the best brows! We want you to feel beautiful. So let’s work together,” Viglotti says.

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Boy Band Member Collapses on Flight After Wearing All His Clothes to Avoid Luggage Fee

A member of the British boy band Rewind collapsed on an airplane Wednesday due to heat exhaustion caused by wearing all his clothes in… Music News

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How Do You Avoid Email?

Nearly everything I need to do for my job involves opening email. I even open email to look for ideas before drawing a comic. And this is a big problem because there is no way to look at email without getting dragged down some unrelated rabbit hole.

I don’t know about you, but my email is almost always about something that needs to be done right away. Maybe it involves a group of people waiting to nail down a meeting time. I don’t want to keep five people in a state of uncertainty until I can check my calendar, so I do it right away. And then I see another email, and another. Soon I forget why I opened email in the first place.

That’s just one example. This morning I am avoiding my email because there will be at least five “right now” tasks that will assault my eyes and keep me from my priorities. Unfortunately, I do need to open my email to get an idea for today’s comic.

What the hell do I do? If I don’t open email, I might have no idea for a comic today. If I do, I will be sucked into the seven levels of email Hell. One distraction after another will leap at me like angry hornets.

Email, as currently designed, simply doesn’t work. It is a priority-scrambler. It turns order into disorder. No longer do you go from A to B. Now you must visit G, F,Q, and L and hope you remember you were aiming for B.

Anyway, my question is this:  How do you deal with this sort of email distraction problem at work? You must see as many email “emergencies” as I do every time you open email. I need a trick. Tell me what you do.

I have tried limiting email to an hour a day, but that leaves too many people hanging. And my job is the type that doesn’t lend itself to delegation. 

I need a solution. Whattaya got?


In Top Tech Blog:

– Some brainiacs figured out how to emulate human organs on a chip, so animal testing might become unnecessary. If it works, that would be crazy-cool. Aaaaand, way easier for the robots to someday program humans with designer drugs. 

– Why would you 3D-print a performance car? Just because you can? Nope. There is a far better reason.

– Two words: hover board.

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Taylor Swift Hikes Down Mountain Backwards In Order To Avoid Paparazzi

Taylor Swift has offered an explanation for a rather bizarre picture showing the pop star hiking backwards down a mountain in order to prevent a member of the paparazzi from taking photographs. The photo in question, which has been circulating around the Internet, shows the singer walking down a mountain backwards with her security guard directing her.
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Taylor Swift Hikes Down Mountain Backwards In Order To Avoid Paparazzi

Taylor Swift has offered an explanation for a rather bizarre picture showing the pop star hiking backwards down a mountain in order to prevent a member of the paparazzi from taking photographs. The photo in question, which has been circulating around the Internet, shows the singer walking down a mountain backwards with her security guard directing her.
RTT – Music
Webcam Performers Wanted – Earn $ 100,000 per year!

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Amber Rose Tans Topless To Avoid More Awkward Tan Lines

Amber Rose found quite the risqué solution for those pesky tan lines.

The 31-year-old model shared a NSFW photo with her 6.6 million Instagram followers on Friday, in which she appears topless, sporting only a barely-there neon bikini bottom.

Fuck yo Tan #MILFIN

A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

Rose, who’s been known to don some racy swimsuits in the past, recently changed up her look, bleaching her brows to match her hair:

I ( ) had a blast @daveandbusters_La today

A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

She’s clearly a fashion risk-taker.

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Data Attack – How Tech Companies Avoid Taxes Explained with Magic

Publicly traded U.S. tech companies have stashed as much as $ 530 billion in offshore tax havens. How’d they do it? Find out what magic tricks companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft have up their sleeves.
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Finally, a Therapist’s Red-Flag Guide of Single Men to Avoid

Note: This one is for the single women of the world – one for men will follow …

You’re a single, professional woman, and you’d like to find a long-term partner. On the surface, you’d think that finding a mutually rewarding and healthy relationship would be easy, but we all know it is not, and here’s why: The pool in which you’re fishing is shallow and poorly stocked, my friends. We’re looking for top quality fishing, and all we find are throwbacks … must we settle for less than we want and deserve? Of course not. There are ways to locate a person who’s a healthy fit – it takes time, patience, being deliberate and mindful in the process.

First, what is a great guy, and what is a throwback? We have to define the terms.

What a great guy is was defined by the cave woman millions of years ago. The most prized man in those days was strong and healthy, faithful, had a cave in a safe neighborhood, could protect her if needed and was great at hunting and gathering. Cave woman wanted to be safe, have healthy children and plenty to eat. She wanted to survive.

Things haven’t changed much, except for now we also throw love and personality into the equation. Today’s great guy is someone who is confident, kind, intelligent, consistent, commitment-oriented, secure, honest, healthy, smart, fun, funny, emotionally available, able to make you a priority, interested in life, and a hard-working provider. He digs you. These guys, by my estimate, are less than 5 percent of the available male population.

Where did I get that number? Personal and professional experience, and uh, statistics … the type of guy you want exists, he’s just found in the 17% of the population whose IQ is above average – 110 or above• – and even more important, is capable of objective, abstract and critical thinking and processing – with that addition we need to whittle the number down to 5 percent.**

The others are throwbacks by professional woman standards. They may be good people, but they aren’t good partners. Throwbacks haven’t honed their brain – literally – they haven’t maximized their human potential. Perhaps they’ve taken the easy path in life, haven’t applied themselves, feel a bit entitled, maybe even stunted their brain’s potential with chemicals or not continuing their education … in a word, they’re immature. Note to throwbacks: No need to take this personally or send hate mail, that would prove my point. Simply begin developing yourself so you can reach your relational potential. It’s about time, don’t you think?

Now, as a public service I have prepared a list of throwback red flags you need to look out for:

1. Still tethered to mom and/or birth family after age 35 – If they tell you their family comes first, you never will.
2. Over age 40 and having had either one (usually) short marriage and/or very few or no long term relationships. Don’t fret over not being able to grab this one, despite his age, this person, who physically looks like a man, is still a boy, and chances are he has a secret that only the liquor store knows for sure.
3. Hangs with a bunch of guys who fall into # 2 listed above or are terrible husbands.
4. Brags about how his children will always come first, and he’s an empty-nester. See explanation in #1 listed above. They’re well meaning, but terribly misguided.
5. You’re not sure what he does for a living. Sometimes he’s working, sometimes not, but whatever it is he does, there’s no name for it, when he talks about it you don’t understand it, and no one has ever seen him do it.
6. He wistfully talks about the good old days when he used to be successful. When times were good, he bought his women expensive jewelry and cars like they were a penny a pound, he traveled the world and had his picture taken with Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela and they asked for his advice. But today, all he can give you is a toothpick after you pay for dinner. Don’t worry, he says, the good days shall return … in the meantime, can you loan him a hundred bucks?
7. Never ignores a short skirt, pretty leg, ample booty or boobs size B cup and above. No explanation necessary.
8. Misunderstands or doesn’t understand most of what you say. Sorry, but there are a ton of men out there who look and dress well but just don’t have many kilowatts upstairs. If you say, “I am looking for a man who is capable of emotional intimacy,” and his defense is, “I am very emotional,” run!
9. Smokes pot, uses drugs. Those of us who are still alive and lively appreciate men who are present, motivated, energized, and healthy. Pot suspends your ability to tune into other people. Need I say more?
10. Hates his job. If you don’t like what you’re doing, make a plan to do something else, then do it. Stagnation is a turn-off, and the top 5 percent wouldn’t dream of it.
11. Doesn’t monitor his health. He’s sick and a tooth is loose but he won’t go to the doctor or the dentist. Girls, if he doesn’t get check ups, doesn’t floss, and avoids doctors you’ll be dating a ticking time bomb with no teeth, and worse, he’s the type who won’t get Viagra or Cialis when the day comes.
12. Unemployed trust fund kid. These guys have the bucks, but are as boring as freeze-dried hamburger and have the maturity of a 15-year-old.
13. Personalito Nondevelopmento. Speaking of boring …
14. Not curious. You’re together and he never (or barely) asks you anything about you – good Lord the minutes will tick by slowly with this one – and if not you, what is he interested in, anyway?
15. Controlling. Wants final say over what you think, feel, believe, do and where you go? No thanks, dude.
16. Poor provider. A mutual decision for him to stay home with the kids is OK, but there’s no bigger turn-off than a man who is unwilling to be a provider.

Although that’s a long list, unfortunately it is not a complete list. I’m sure you will help me to think of some more. But the good news is that although 95 percent of men are like the ones listed above, we still have that allusive 5 percent we can choose from. Where are they? Most are in relationships, because they are commitment-oriented, but sometimes women stupidly kick them out, and occasionally, as horrible as it is, their partners pass away. Your job is to be patient, ready and aware so you will recognize a jewel when he shows up.


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Five Mistakes You Should Avoid When Using Tinder

Tinder is probably the most efficient way to meet someone today. The reason for that is that it allows you to approach virtually hundreds of people in one single day. It is mathematical.
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Angelina Jolie Undergoes Surgery To Remove Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes To Avoid Cancer

Angelina Jolie has revealed that she underwent preventative surgery to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed last week after tests found inflammatory markers that could be an indication of cancer.

Jolie, who had a preventive double mastectomy in 2013 when genetic tests showed an 87 percent risk of breast cancer, wrote in a New York Times op-ed on Tuesday that the same BRCA1 gene gives her a 50 percent risk of ovarian cancer.

As a result, the 39-year-old filmmaker, actress, UN envoy and mother of six had been planning to undergo the procedure for some time.

It is a less complex surgery than the mastectomy, but its effects are more severe. It puts a woman into forced menopause,” Jolie wrote. “So I was readying myself physically and emotionally, discussing options with doctors, researching alternative medicine, and mapping my hormones for estrogen or progesterone replacement. But I felt I still had months to make the date.”

When she learned two weeks ago that tests revealed higher inflammation levels, Jolie and her doctors decided it was time. Her husband, actor Brad Pitt, who was in France at the time, flew to be with her during the procedure, a laparoscopic bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy.

Jolie wrote that doctors found a small benign tumor on one ovary, but no signs of cancer in any of the tissues.

As a result of the surgery, she is now in menopause.

After her double mastectomy, Jolie revealed to People magazine that she was planning to have her ovaries removed. She also told Entertainment Weekly that she was preparing to have another surgery to prevent cancer.

In her latest op-ed, Jolie emphasized that her decisions are specific to her, and that a family history of the disease played a role in her decision. She lost her mother, grandmother and aunt to cancer.

Jolie said other women may have different options, writing:

“I did not do this solely because I carry the BRCA1 gene mutation, and I want other women to hear this. A positive BRCA test does not mean a leap to surgery. I have spoken to many doctors, surgeons and naturopaths. There are other options. Some women take birth control pills or rely on alternative medicines combined with frequent checks. There is more than one way to deal with any health issue. The most important thing is to learn about the options and choose what is right for you personally.”

She added that younger women may have the option to remove the fallopian tubes but keep their ovaries so they do not go into menopause and can still have children.

“It is not easy to make these decisions,” Jolie wrote. “But it is possible to take control and tackle head-on any health issue. You can seek advice, learn about the options and make choices that are right for you. Knowledge is power.”

To read Angelina Jolie’s full op-ed, head over to the New York Times.
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5 Types of Questions to Avoid Asking Your Young Relatives at Passover and Easter

With Passover and Easter coming up, young adults’ thoughts turn to going home. For many, it also turns their stomach as they fear the questions well-meaning relatives will ask. They fall into four categories: housing, careers, relationships, and having children.

On the one hand, it seems that there’s nothing to talk about if you avoid the major basic decisions of life. On the other hand, there are many ways to connect over common interests — have you had any good hikes recently? Read any good books? Seen any good shows?

Avoid asking:

1. When are you moving out of your parents home? Are you still living in that awful apartment?

Implied in these questions is you’re doing something temporary or wrong. Some people love living at home. Others are making wise financial decisions to save money for a start-up or to pay off debt. And others are in transition and will move when they can. Young adults don’t need you to pressure them.

2. When are you going to get a real job? When are you going to make real money?

Again, you have no idea what motivates people to choose certain jobs or where they’re heading in their careers. Some of the most meaningful and best jobs don’t pay well, especially at the entry-level. Sometimes internships are required to open doors – even though they don’t pay. Sometimes low-paying jobs are the most valuable to society. Where would we be without teachers, social workers, and government employees? Besides, all knowledge is useful. One can learn a lot from any job. Don’t blame the young adult for the way society values people’s labor power.

3. Are you seeing anyone? Do you plan to marry?

While you as a relative may be truly interested, the young person may feel that the question is intrusive. The whole timetable has shifted, and lifestyle options have increased. These young people are working out their own expectations, even if they’re not meeting yours.

4. Have you tried… changing your hairstyle, losing weight, joining a fitness club?

Do we need to explain this one? Asking someone to change themselves implies that they are not adequate the way they are.

5. When are you going to have kids? Do you realize your biological clock is ticking? Are you planning to freeze your eggs or sperm? Have you thought about becoming a single parent?

Reproduction is a private matter. Stay away — you will be informed as needed.

Although you may be genuinely caring, your questions may be perceived as criticisms.

If you are a recipient of these questions, try to shift the conversation to something you do want to talk about. Or you can deflect the conversation by asking about their lives — for example, asking about what the dating scene was like in their day. You can say, “Thanks for asking, but nothing’s new. I am sure the grapevine will get to you if there’s any big happenings.” Humor is always a great relief. And if all else fails, suggest you watch the ball game together.
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Don’t Get Into A Relationship To Avoid Being Alone – Relationship and Divorce Advice

You need to look after yourself after a major break up / divorce and jumping into a new relationship to avoid being alone is often a big mistake that I see my clients make. Read tips below to handle loneliness and actions to create more happiness in your life.
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‘Veep’ Season 4 Trailer Shows President Meyer (Still) Trying To Avoid Idiocy

There are “literally no words” to describe how excited we are for “Veep” Season 4 and its one-liners. HBO released the first trailer ahead of the new season, set to bow Sunday, April 12, and it shows President Selina Meyer at her absolute worst, which we think is actually her best.

The teleprompter shorts during a speech, pre-schoolers can’t believe she’s the president and she still needs Gary to be her Google. We’re all in.

This land is her land. Period.

A photo posted by Julia Louis-Dreyfus (@officialjld) on

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2 Steps to Avoid Your Own Kim Kardashian Blonde Horror Story

I was shocked to see that Kim Kardashian has gone back to blonde, platinum blonde this time around for that matter! Click here to link to Kim’s before and after look on People Magazine Online.

Kim’s latest hair color choice is a great example of what happens when you choose a hair color that is not aligned with your coloring: you will more often than not look dull, worn, unprofessional, outdated, odd, unbalanced and even older.

Here are 2 steps to avoid creating your own “Kim Kardashian Blonde Horror Story”:

1. Choose hair colors that align with your skin undertone: Hair colors are grouped by undertone in hair color swatch books that you find at hair salons — choose a hair color that matches your skin undertone. If you are unable to do a formal undertone analysis with a trained color analysis professional, ask your hair colorist if he/she can determine by looking at you if you have a cool, warm or a neutral undertone.

2. Choose hair colors that align with your seasonal color palette: The best way to do this is by working with a professional trained in color analysis and/or a hair colorist who has significant training or experience identifying what your most optimal hair colors are.

By knowing whether your best colors are in the Winter, Summer, Spring or Autumn palettes and what flow of these palettes you are in, you will be in a much better position to make color choices with regards to hair, makeup, clothing and accessories that give off the best you.

The optimal hair colors between color seasons vary significantly. For example if you are a True Winter, you should avoid warm red in your hair, whereas if you are a True Autumn, warm red is recommended. My guess is Kim Kardashian is in the Deep color palette – blonde is not recommended for this palette, instead deep brown hair colors are recommended.

Before you make a new hair color choice, know your skin undertone and seasonal color palette. By making color choices that give off your best, you are allowing the world to see the authentic vibrant you and rather than looking worn or older, you will instead look more elegant, refined, and vibrant.

I hope this article inspires you to wear your authenticity!

Carol Brailey is an Image Consultant who specializes in color analysis. More of her color blogs can be found at and
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Adam Glassman’s 3 Red Carpet Trends To Try — And 1 To Avoid (VIDEO)

Still oohing over Scarlett Johansson’s dramatic collar necklace and ahhing about Jennifer Aniston’s leggy look? Adam Glassman, Creative Director at O, The Oprah Magazine, breaks down the three red carpet trends from the 2015 award season that we all should try — and the one look that should never be replicated.

Try: Statement Necklace

own ownshow red carpet cate blanchett

Statement necklaces were all over the red carpet this season. The trick to pulling off something like Cate Blanchett’s turquoise Tiffany necklace, Glassman says, is to let it be the star of the show. “She built the outfit around the necklace, so she kept the dress very simple,” he explains. “And that’s what I love about statement necklaces, and that’s what all of you at home can do – is you can buy a statement necklace and just perk up a little black dress you have already, a white shirt, even a T-shirt — it could be quite fun. And you can find these necklaces everywhere at every pricepoint.”

own ownshow red carpet scarlett johansson

Another accessory he loved on the red carpet was Scarlett Johansson’s bold collar necklace. Adam loves this statement piece and the matchy-matchy nature of her look. “Monochromatic always makes you look longer and leaner, no matter what,” he says.

Try: 50 Shades of Blue

own ownshow red carpet jessica chastain

“It was all about blue,” gushes Glassman, who loved Jessica Chastain’s navy blue dress.

“Blue is really sort of the newest color to wear at night, especially navy,” Glassman says. Unlike black, navy is much softer against the face, he explains.

Try: The High Slit

rosamund pike

“It was all about the leg,” Glassman says. “Everyone had a lot of high slits — Jennifer Aniston, Rosamund Pike, Emma Stone.”

Avoid: Too Much Of A Good Thing

own ownshow red carpet chrissy teigan

Chrissy Teigen looks gorgeous — no argument there. But unless you’re genetically blessed like the supermodel she is, Glassman says it’s best to stick with “one zone.”

“So if you love your upper body and you want to do a plunging neckline, that’s great,” he says. “Keep everything below the waist more conservative. But if you’re choosing to go with a high slit, then you may want to keep the top a little more covered up.”

More fashion advice: Sarah Jessica Parker dishes shoe tips and styles Oprah for a photo shoot.

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How To Avoid A Nasty And Costly Divorce War

After attorney Joryn Jenkins’ parents divorced when she was seven, she never saw her father again. Experiencing firsthand how divorce can destroy a family forever, Jenkins never wanted other families to go through that. Yet after 35 years of trial work, the attorney was convinced that the grueling divorce court process results in a long and painful experience for the entire family.

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Need to File for a Divorce!

5 Chic Ways to Avoid the Super Bowl (and What to Wear While You Do Them)

Photo: Courtesy of Clearbox Pictures

Not a fan of crowding around the television to watch football players toss around the old pigskin this coming Super Bowl Sunday? Don’t worry—you’re not the only one. Plus, there are plenty of alternative activities to distract you from the foam-fingered sports affair. Whether it’s shopping in the flower district or going out to dinner with the girls, here are five things to keep you busy this Sunday, complete with corresponding looks that definitely don’t involve a jersey.

The post 5 Chic Ways to Avoid the Super Bowl (and What to Wear While You Do Them) appeared first on Vogue.

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Avoid This Dating Error at All Costs!

There’s one thing you must not ever do when dating. Doing this determines whether the man you end up with will truly love you or not, respect you or abuse you, trust you or be jealous of you. Be sure not to make this major dating error.
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Let Your Sun Sign Help You Avoid Scaring Him Off!

Let Your Sun Sign Help You Avoid Scaring Him Off!When spoken by a woman, the words "I'm exhausted" are practically more offensive to Aries men than armpit hair. Going on and on about the minutia of your day can be tedious for him, and it won't matter if you look like Scarlett Johansson — he'll still be turned off.

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