Virtual Event Biz Booming, Partygoers Flocking Online for Get-Togethers

Coronavirus isn’t stopping people from getting their party on — they’re just doing it in front of computer screens at home now. Welcome to 2020. Due to multiple state-wide stay-at-home orders, the online event planning biz is seeing a massive…


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How to Prepare for the Booming Business of Backdoor Play

Pegging is not new. Marquis de Sade wrote about the practice back in 1795. So we can easily imagine pegging was already practiced years before — however, what is new is the open conversation that started a few years ago and is expanding now. – Opinion

Osundairo Brothers’ Fitness Biz is Booming After Jussie Case

The Jussie Smollett saga might be over for the Osundairo brothers — but they’re just getting started on their fitness business … which is apparently skyrocketing. Sources close to Abel and Ola tell TMZ … the brothers’ training regiment is a hot…


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Business Is Booming With BBW Camming

It’s easy to tell with a quick glance that at any given time, the market for BBW is tremendously popular across most adult sites … so why don’t we see more big beautiful women being featured or promoted by the companies profiting off our hard work? – Opinion