Michael Lohan’s Wife Kate Major Busted for DWI, Allegedly Sparked His Arrest

Michael Lohan’s estranged wife, Kate Major, was arrested for DWI a day before Mike got busted for allegedly hurting her — and one incident allegedly caused the other. TMZ has learned Kate was arrested and booked for driving while intoxicated on…


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How a busted trade request got Anthony Davis to Los Angeles

Four months after a trade deadline didn’t give the Pelicans and Lakers what they wanted, some new faces, a lost wallet and a jersey swap mark the start of a new path for two franchises.
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Orlando Bloom Busted For Speeding In His Porsche

Orlando Bloom was allegedly hauling ass through a quiet neighborhood when he got busted for speeding … and he had his young son in the car. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Orlando was caught going over 60 MPH in a 25 MPH zone around 9:30 PM…


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Ambjaay Busted at Free High School Concert, Claims Racial Profiling

The young rapper whose earned praise from Kylie Jenner, Drake and Meek Mill had a very public run-in with the law that ended with his arrest … and his reps are calling the move racist. Rapper Ambjaay — famous for his hugely successful track,…


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A$AP Rocky’s Alleged Victim Relying on Witness Busted for Theft

One of the men testifying against A$ AP Rocky in Sweden — a witness to the street brawl — has his own serious legal trouble, but, mysteriously, his case seems to now be on the back burner. As we previously reported, A$ AP’s alleged victim, Mustafa…


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‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Tresure Price Busted for DUI, Lands in Hospital

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Tresure Price had no idea her night was about to get even worse after getting busted for DUI … with a trip to the hospital following a bumpy ride in the back of a cop car. It all went down last week…


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Burning Man Founder’s Son Busted for Shrooms at Burning Man

Talk about a bad trip … the son of the man who created the Burning Man Festival got busted for shrooms at freakin’ Burning Man.  The Pershing County Sheriff’s Office in Nevada tells TMZ … Tristan Harvey — the son of Larry Harvey, who…


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O.T. Genasis Says He Has No Idea Why Cops Busted Up His Birthday

[[tmz:video id=”0_nghxrv4d”]] O.T. Genasis says he has no clue why cops crashed his birthday party with shotguns out, ’cause there was no sign of trouble inside the event … just lots of bottles. We asked O.T. if anyone drew a weapon Wednesday night, as…


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Busted! Watch Blue Ivy Scold Grandma Tina Knowles for Filming in Paris Theatre

Tina KnowlesEverybody needs to follow the rules–even grandma!
As Tina Knowles continues her latest getaway to Paris, the proud mom to Beyoncé and Solange Knowles decided to take in the sights…

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‘Collide’ Singer Howie Day Busted for Domestic Violence in Seattle

Singer Howie Day allegedly flew into a violent rage at Sea-Tac Airport that ended with him getting thrown in jail for assaulting his girlfriend. The incident went down last month in Seattle while Howie — who enjoyed enormous success in 2004…


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Aiden and I have a bit of a…well, secret relationship. Mom has no idea what we do when she’s gone. We were eagerly waiting for her to get ready and go to work, but she was taking forever.

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Packers TE Lance Kendricks Busted For Weed In Sept.

Green Bay Packers tight end Lance Kendricks was cited for having weed in his car back in September after getting pulled over for speeding … TMZ Sports has learned. Here’s what we know … Kendricks was clocked going 81 in a 70 mph zone when he was on…


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NFL’s Brandon Browner Was Secretly Busted for Coke In May

Ex-Seattle Seahawks star Brandon Browner was arrested for cocaine in L.A. back in May and was hauled to the station for a shirtless mug shot … TMZ Sports has learned.  The La Verne Police Dept. has confirmed 33-year-old Browner was arrested on May…


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O.J. Simpson NOT Busted Masturbating in Prison

O.J. Simpson was not involved in an illegal beating in prison … if ya know what we mean. There’s a story circulating that Simpson’s potential parole is in jeopardy because he was caught masturbating in his cell at Lovelock Correctional Center in…


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Jose Reyes — Busted for Allegedly Choke-Slamming Wife

Colorado Rockies superstar José Reyes was busted for domestic violence after he allegedly attacked his wife during a vacation in Hawaii. The incident went down on Halloween, according to cops in Maui, but is just now coming out. Reyes and his…


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Wiz Khalifa — Busted with Pants Down … Taking a Public Whizz

Doesn’t matter what Wiz Khalifa’s name is … he can’t go around peeing in public … according to Pittsburgh cops, who busted him early Saturday morning for allegedly doing just that. Pittsburgh PD says it caught the rapper emptying his bladder outside…


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McGraw-Hill Education Busted Whitewashing Slavery In Geography Book [VIDEO]

McGraw-Hill Education, the publisher virtually synonymous with primary learning in the United States, stopped short of apologizing this week after a mother was appalled on the lessons her son was being taught in his geography.

Roni Dean-Burren, who is Black, posted a vlog on her Facebook that has since went viral to the tune of more than one million views, explaining how McGraw-Hill Education (and its lengthy list of Texan teachers with ph.D’s who approved of the book) decided it would be best to rename slavery as “patterns of immigration” in World Geography.

“This is one of defining attributes of the United States that it is a largely a country of immigrants and their descendants,” Burren read from the book. Shortly after, she got the deal breaker where the publisher said, “The Atlantic Slave Trade between the 1500s-1800s brought millions of ‘workers’ from Africa to the southern United States to work on agricultural plantations.

Immediately following on the backlash and enthusiastic conversation Burren saw generated from her posting, McGraw Hill-Education released a statement owning up to their little mistake.

This week, we became aware of a concern regarding a caption reference to slavery on a map in one of our world geography programs. This program addresses slavery in the world in several lessons and meets the learning objectives of the course. However, we conducted a close review of the content and agree that our language in that caption did not adequately convey that Africans were both forced into migration and to labor against their will as slaves.

We believe we can do better. To communicate these facts more clearly, we will update this caption to describe the arrival of African slaves in the U.S. as a forced migration and emphasize that their work was done as slave labor. These changes will be reflected in the digital version of the program immediately and will be included in the program’s next print run.

McGraw-Hill Education is committed to developing the highest quality educational materials and upholding the academic integrity of our products. We value the insight the public brings to discussions of our content.

Watch Burren’s video below. She just very well may have stopped a snowball effect in racial erosion.

Photo: White House/News Pictures/WENN.com

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Gilbert Arenas — I Busted My Ex Blabbing About Me … See Ya in Court, Laura Govan!

Gilbert Arenas caught Laura Govan red-handed leaking their email exchange to a blogger — and now he’s calling her out in front of a judge … according to court docs.


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‘Arrow’ and ‘Hobbit’ Star Manu Bennett — Busted for Drunken Knockout at Comic-Con After-Party

One of the ‘Hobbit’ villains got drunk, and knocked a guy out cold during a Comic-Con after-party, and ended the night in handcuffs … according to cops and witnesses. According to police docs, obtained by TMZ, Manu Bennett was hanging with a bunch of…


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Taylor Swift — Felony Assault Onstage … Fan Busted for Brawl (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift never broke stride as a crazed fan jumped onstage and went toe-to-toe with her security force in a fight so nasty … bones were broken.  The intense brawl went down Saturday night at San Diego’s Petco…


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Young Dro — Stripper Says Rapper Stole My Car and Got Me Busted

Young Dro has not only royally pissed off a stripper, she says he set her up and got her arrested for weed and an illegal gun. According to a police report, Dro was in a city near Atlanta in February when he went to a stripper friend and asked to…


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The Weeknd — Viral Music Video Shoot NOT Busted by LAPD

That viral vid of LAPD officers brutally shutting down The Weeknd’s music video shoot Thursday night in downtown LA is nothing more than a wicked game … of promotion. The LAPD tells TMZ … the video going around on social…


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Struggle Rapper Named Thot King Busted For Child Porn [Photos]

A 23-year-old terrible rapper has been outed as an equally terrible human being after authorities say he recruited a minor for his Worldstar-ready music videos.

Columbus, Ohio police raided the home of Eric Chavis (also known by his amateur rap moniker Thot King) earlier today, August 20, and charged him with two counts of distribution of child pornography, 10TV reports. The Central Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force interviewed a 16-year who was involved in an April 2015 prostitution sting and she was allegedly promised an opportunity to be the Thot King’s trap queen.

According to federal sources, she arrived at Chavis’ apartment located on 2996 Barclay Square in Columbus and was given alcohol and marijuana to loosen up. The teen then engaged in the explicit videos that were subsequently distributed on social media, porn site and were even available on DVD for sale. Investigators say the victim appeared both nude and partially nude in the videos.

When the girl allegedly asked Thot King to take the XXX material out of circulation, he demanded sexual favors in exchange for his troubles. [Editor’s Note: WTF?!?]

Across town, the home of Chavis’ ex-girlfriend, Casey Casto, was also raided but she told the news that she feels Thot King’s separate seedy content (drugs, guns, etc.) was the motivation for that pillage. Castro’s father tells 10TV that their upstairs bedroom has been used as a porn shoot sight in the past. Chavis isn’t shy about the basis of his rap caricature, either. Music videos titled “Getting Head From a Thot”, “Lesbian World” and “Throw That Booty Back” have been polluting YouTube over the past year.

If convicted on the charges, the Thot King will have a prison throne for up to 20 years.

Take a look at some of the images of Chavis in action in the gallery below. Needless to say, most of these pictures are not workplace friendly.

H/T: Matt Made The Beat

Photo: Twitter / Thot King

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Wes Scantlin — Busted For DUI … Again

Wes Scantlin just can’t seem to figure out the whole obey the law thing … the Puddle of Mudd singer was busted for DUI for the second time in just over a month. Law enforcement sources tell us Wes was pulled over for speeding early Wednesday…


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Busta Rhymes Busted in Alleged Muscle Milk Assault at Gym

Busta Rhymes is in a NYC jail after allegedly throwing a Muscle Milk at someone in a gym. The rapper was working out at Steel Gym when he began arguing with another guy. Busta allegedly threw the container of the power drink, striking the man. It’s…


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Busted: Funk Flex Leaks Quentin Miller’s Reference Track For Drake’s “10 Bands” [LISTEN]

Quentin Miller’s name went from 0 to 100 in a matter of hours after Meek Mill took it upon himself to introduce him to the world as Drake’s ghostwriter.

Funk Flex has been on some archeological levels digging in the past 24 hours to solve the riddle.

“We gonna get to the bottom of this…,” he wrote on Instagram. “In case we forgot… Big, Jay, Nas, Kendrick, J.cole handle the pen… If your mentioned in that list you know what that means!!! Y’all other radio TV and bloggers watch this close… If he writes himself then he deserves an apology… If he doesn’t write then he’s a fucking FRAUD!!! That means them emotions ain’t his…. That means what u claiming is story book…And if this industry is ok with that I understand stand… But where I fucking come from that’s means you a great record maker but NOT a great lyricist!!!!! There’s a fucking difference if you claiming king!!! Dr Dre never wrote but we love him the same… But there’s a place for that type of rapper!!! You don’t get mentioned with the greatest!!!! So for people who say it doesn’t matter your wrong !!!! To a lyricist it’s everything…. @champagnepapi”

And then, like manna bread from the heaven’s above, Quentin Miller’s reference track for “10 Bands” from the If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late mixtape dropped into the veteran DJ’s lap.

“I got this from someone in Drake’s camp,” Flex said. “They reached out. They saw me keeping it 100.” Quentin Miller allegedly gets paid $ 5,000 a month to be on call to pen the hot fire.

Does this change your opinion of Drake now that Quentin Miller appears to be “The Man?” Sound off in the comment section, por favor.

Photo: WENN

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Jeremih — Busted for DUI … Happy Birthday!

R&B star Jeremih rang in his birthday by singing the DUI blues — he got arrested early Friday morning in the Valley … TMZ has learned. The “Don’t Tell ‘Em” singer was pulled over by California Highway Patrol around 2:15 AM and booked for…


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Outlawz Rapper Hussein Fatal — Driver in Accident Busted for His Homicide

Tupac’s homie and Outlawz rapper, Hussein Fatal, wasn’t at the wheel during the car accident, and the woman who was … has been arrested for homicide and DUI. We’re told Fatal was the passenger in a Dodge Challenger driven by Zanetta L.…


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Nipsey Hussle — Busted For Double Cupping in Burbank

Nipsey Hussle just learned … Hollywood cops aren’t the only ones who know a thing or 2 about sizzurp, because Burbank cops had no problem realizing what wazzup. Nipsey had just left a recording studio late Wednesday night when Burbank police…


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John Stamos — Busted for DUI (PHOTO UPDATE)

John Stamos was booked for DUI Friday night in Beverly Hills, and was allegedly so out of it … police sent him straight to a hospital. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Bev Hills officers responded to a call around 7:45 PM of a silver Mercedes…


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Rick Ross — Bentley Did Him In … Busted for Marijuana

Rick Ross was just busted in his Bentley which apparently reeked of marijuana. Ross was rolling along in Fayette County, GA when cops pulled him over for tinted windows. Cops say when they got close to Ross’ car they smelled pot, and that gave them the…


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UFC’s Anthony Pettis — I May Have Busted Elbow … But I’m Still Fighting Wrinkles!

He just had surgery to repair his busted elbow last week, but UFC badass Anthony Pettis refused to let some stupid cast stop him from doing what he loves … FIGHTING WRINKLES!!  Turns out, Pettis is a partner in a skin care company called Seacret…


TMZ Celebrity News for Beauty

50 Cent — Jeweler SaysThey Left My Face Busted & Bruised (PHOTOS)

A man claiming to be 50 Cent’s jeweler left Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s gym looking like he’d gone a few rounds with the champ — but he says it was 50’s goons who pistol whipped him and left swollen and bruised. TMZ obtained pics of Robin Marin’s brutal…


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Rapper YC — Busted Cheating in Vegas … Fiancee Ditches Him at the Altar!

Rapper YC — aka Yung Chris — just learned fidelity is a key part of marriage … especially the night before your wedding. YC and his GF of 5 years, Tia Anderson … decided to elope at the end of March, and invited a handful of family and friends to…


TMZ Celebrity News for Hook Ups

‘Outlaw Country’ Star — Busted for Stolen Plates … But Not Snitching

If you’re on a reality show called “Outlaw Country” … you gotta walk the walk like Matt “One-Eye” Brooks – who chose to go to jail rather than drop a dime on his friends … TMZ has learned. Brooks, who usually wears an eye patch, is featured…


TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Justice

Benzino — Busted for Drugs … If Only He’d Buckled Up

If you cruise around on a suspended license in a slick Maserati like ex-“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Benzino allegedly just did … make sure you wear your seat belt and don’t have drugs on you. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Benzino was…


TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Justice

George Zimmerman — Busted for Epic Art War With GF

George Zimmerman allegedly hurled a wine bottle at his gf’s head because they got into a heated convo about a work of art. As we told you … Zimmerman was arrested over the weekend, and according to the police report — obtained by TMZ — the…


TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Justice

Busted! Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield catch fan taking sneaky photo

When a fan spotted Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield dining across the room from her at a New York hot spot, she thought she’d pull a fast one on the couple and get a photo. But in the end, it was the fan who was surprised.Alejandra Garibay was dining at Lure Fishbar when she decided to aim her lens at her dining partner — all while surreptitiously focusing in of the celebrity duo in the background.

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Busted: Leaked Salvation Army Document Shows It’s Still Homophobic

What’s more annoying than the constant ringing of bells by Salvation Army donation-bucket volunteers during the holiday season? The organization’s longstanding, outspoken homophobia, of course!

Last year the Salvation Army did a media blitz claiming that it no longer believes same-sex lovin’ is a sin.

Turns out they were lying. An internal document was recently leaked, and it reveals the dishonest disconnect between what the Salvation Army was telling the public — that they are more LGBT-friendly than their checkered past would indicate — and the fact that they are actually still just as homophobic as ever.

The document, which was sent around to internal stakeholders and explicitly reads, “This is not for public use … including social media of any sort,” outlines external messaging that sounds inclusive:

The Salvation Army does not believe that homosexual orientation is a sin. … We simply do not discriminate against the people we serve or hire. Our doors are open to all. … We serve and hire all people without discrimination.”

But then the letter goes on to say some very contradictory things that are right in line with its history of exclusionary and anti-LGBT policies:

Leadership roles in denominational activities such as teaching or holding local officer roles require certain adherence to consistently held spiritual beliefs. This would apply to any conduct inconsistent with Salvation Army beliefs and would include same-sex sexual relationships. … For anyone in a Salvation Army ministry position, the theological belief regarding sexuality is that God has ordained marriage to be between one man and one woman and sexual activity is restricted to one’s spouse. Non-married individuals would therefore be celibate in the expression of their sexuality. This is the long-standing expectation of all individuals in ministry roles in The Salvation Army, including lay people.

There are lots more gems, including instructions that Salvation Army officers not appear in uniform when attending same-sex weddings, and that consequences for such actions “may include termination.”

A Salvation Army spokesperson told Queerty in response to the leaked memo:

The Salvation Army serves 30 million people a year without discrimination, as you will see by the information included in the communications packet you have. We realize our message of service to the LGBT community and our non-discriminatory employment practices have been overlooked, misconstrued or misunderstood in recent years, and our focus the past 12-18 months has to be address these failings. We have traveled the country extensively meeting with Salvation Army officers and employees to help communicate the mission of The Salvation Army as it relates to the LGBT community and encourage them to reach out to LGBT organizations on a local level as we have on a national level.

Not only is the official response from the Salvation Army tone-deaf, but it doesn’t even begin to address the disconnect between their internal and external policies. In the era of leaked information, the Salvation Army better plug its holes and get its story straight — or should we say “gay”?
Gay Voices – The Huffington Post

Chemistry.com gay - First Date 300x250

4 Myths About Aging, Busted #OWNSHOW

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Growing old is one of life’s certainties that we all must face. Here are four myths about aging that will make you feel better about the passing years. The trick to aging beautifully is simpler than you think.

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Brooklyn Lee may not be much of a secretary. She can’t type worth a damn or screws up phone messages all the time. So why doesn’t she ever get fired? Twice a day she’s in her boss’ office sucking her way to another day of employment!

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