Second Avs player tests positive for COVID-19

The player, who was not identified, is in self-isolation and the team said no other players or staff members have shown symptoms. – NHL

Bridget Foley’s Diary: The COVID-19 Impact Phillip Lim — Time for a Reset

Before Christmas, when no one had yet heard of the deadly coronavirus that would change our lives overnight, Phillip Lim wanted to push reset. Approaching his brand’s 15th anniversary, Lim found himself dealing with issues hardly unique to him — that the pace of fashion, its relentless speed and mind-set of more, had become negative forces in the culture and a drain on our humanity. “What are we doing? Why are we just running this race just to keep up? And what is the goal, what is the finish line?” he shared his soul-searching questions with WWD. Taking a step back “to allow myself the time to think about the act of joyful creation again, not just the hustle,” Lim decided to forego a runway show and instead threw a spirited come-one/come-all house party at his New York store.
Lim acknowledged that shows are expensive to stage and business was already challenged. Now, he and his partner, 3.1 Phillip Lim chief executive officer Wen Zhou, are determined to live their values, which Lim summed up as “humanity first.” But, he acknowledged, looking after employee needs as the industry implodes presents “a Catch 22 — we don’t have a source of income.”

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Bridget Foley’s Diary: COVID-19 Impact — Angst on Orchard Street

Daniella Kallmeyer is exactly what most people don’t think of when they think of “the fashion industry.” Not the woman herself. Her look is casual-urbane, and her demeanor, a combination of mindful au courant cool and old-school gracious. Kallmeyer’s business, which bears her surname, is the outlier, in perception if not in fact — tiny and off the grid of major name-recognition. It takes the notion of “small business” to its most extreme manifestation. She is self-financed, runs the company and designs the clothes solo. And by the way, she can make an arty table chic enough to anchor a small, artfully minimalist retail outpost. After being forced to lay off half of her staff last week, Kallmeyer now has an employee roster of one, apart from herself.
Kallmeyer launched her company 10 years ago. Developing her aesthetic has been a process, which she described during a Fall 2020 appointment as seeking to “explore the gender binary and breaking down the typical idea of femininity,” with a focus on polished but relaxed tailoring. Early on she found favor in Japan. That country accounted for the lion’s share of Kallmeyer’s business, until recently. Long skeptical about committing to physical retail, in June,

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Williams Trading University’s ‘Retailer’s Guide to COVID-19’ Now on YouTube

Originally posted on Williams Trading University, Williams Trading Co. has uploaded a condensed version of its COVID-19: A Retailer’s Guide e-Learning module on YouTube for all wholesale adult retailers. – Pleasure & Retail

Rihanna’s $5 Million Donation To Fight COVID-19 Will Center Vulnerable Communities

Rihanna’s foundation, which she founded in 2012 and named after her grandparents, is joining the fight against the spread of the novel coronavirus and the illness it causes, known as COVID-19.

Bridget Foley’s Diary: The COVID-19 Impact — Amy Smilovic Invokes ‘Capitalism With Sensitivity’

Amy Smilovic has long been a standard-bearer of independent American fashion executives. She stealthily built her Tibi brand into a contemporary powerhouse with staying power, even after a dramatic shift in creative direction about a decade ago, from sweet girliness to a cleaner, more urbane look. In her two-plus decades in business, Smilovic had navigated major upheavals — 9/11 and the 2008-09 recession — without every laying off a single employee. That run ended last week, when fallout from the coronavirus pandemic forced her to terminate a full 30 percent of her 85-strong work force. It devastated her, and her goal is for the company to emerge from this crisis strong enough to bring those people back. “I believe in capitalism that has sensitivity to it,” Smilovic said.
WWD: This is all stunning, isn’t it?
Amy Smilovic: It’s stunning when you’re measuring time and minutes, when you can’t believe where your head was on Monday versus the previous Friday. It’s insane.
WWD: No one knows where it’s going.
A.S.: No one knows where it’s going. You are left to horrific imagination on how bad it could be. The health stories are devastating, when you read that hospitals are turning away people over 60 in countries

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Williams Trading Releases COVID-19 Retailers Guide

Williams Trading University (WTU) has created a course module on best practices in the retail environment to keep both employees and consumers safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. – Pleasure & Retail

Nike Leaders, Nike Donate $15 Million to Fight COVID-19

NIKE’S TEAM EFFORT: To help fight the coronavirus pandemic, Nike Inc. leaders and the company’s foundation are donating more than $ 15 million to support communities where Nike employees live and work.
The mega brand’s home state of Oregon saw its biggest one-day spike in cases Tuesday, according to state and county officials. Gov. Kate Brown has ordered that schools remain closed through April 28. As the state’s second largest employer behind Intel, Nike has about 12,000 workers in the state. A good amount of the $ 15 million of the Nike-led donations will benefit local communities.
Nike cofounder and chairman emeritus Phil Knight and his wife Penny, executive vice chairman Mark Parker and his wife Kathy, and president and chief executive officer John Donahoe and his wife Eileen are donating a combined amount of $ 10 million.
The distribution of their funds will include $ 1 million to the Oregon Food Bank, $ 2 million to the Oregon Community Recovery Fund that has been set up by the Oregon Community Foundation and $ 7 million to the Oregon Health & Science University to bolster statewide care coordination in Oregon, to increase patient access and ramp up operational readiness for expanded diagnostic testing for COVID-19.
The Nike Foundation will also

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ECN Offers Support to Adult Retail, E-Commerce Customers During COVID-19 Quarantine

East Coast News (ECN) has announced new protocols designed to support customers while keeping staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, including a drop-ship plan for brick-and-mortar stores. – Pleasure & Retail

Queen Elizabeth Cancels Upcoming Travel Plans Due to COVID-19

The British royal family is taking precautions in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles, have canceled their upcoming travel plans due to the rapid spread of COVID-19.
The queen, who is 93, has canceled her upcoming trips to Cheshire and Camden in England for later this month, with a press release from Buckingham Palace today stating the cancellation is “a sensible precaution and for practical reasons in the current circumstances.”
The statement also reveals that the decision was made in consultation with the Medical Household and Government and that her other upcoming events will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.
The announcement coincides with Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall’s decision to cancel their tour of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus and Jordan from March 17 to 25.
Clarence House issued a statement on the cancellation, stating: “Owing to the unfolding situation with the coronavirus pandemic, the British government has asked Their Royal Highnesses to postpone their spring tour to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus and Jordan.”
The cancellation of their engagements comes just after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, traveled to the U.K. for their final engagements as

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Episode 844 Scott Adams: Biden’s VP Pick, #Covid-19 and the Usual Fun

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  • George Takei’s campaign video for Joe Biden 
  • Kamala Harris’s charisma makeover
  • Allowing doctors to practice across state lines
  • Balaji Srinivasan: Far UV light kills airborne viruses
  • Elon Musk says coronavirus panic is dumb

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