Olaf the Glorious – Robert Leighton

Robert Leighton - Olaf the Glorious  artwork

Olaf the Glorious

A Story of the Viking Age

Robert Leighton

Genre: Action & Adventure

Publish Date: April 21, 2020

Publisher: Open Road Media

Seller: OpenRoad Integrated Media, LLC

The epic life saga of the tenth-century king of Norway from the British author of The Thirsty Sword and other historical adventures.   Norse history comes alive in this story of a Viking who became a king. Though he had a humble start in life—orphaned as a child and sold into slavery—Olaf became known for bringing the Roman Catholic religion to the early Norwegians.   Olaf’s heroic life—from his time in King Valdemar’s court to his Viking exploits and battles to his ascension to the throne of his native land—has been heralded in Icelandic sagas. These provided the inspiration for nineteenth-century author Robert Leighton’s historical novel of Middle Age valor and glory.

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