Bridget Foley’s Diary: COVID-19 Impact — Angst on Orchard Street

Daniella Kallmeyer is exactly what most people don’t think of when they think of “the fashion industry.” Not the woman herself. Her look is casual-urbane, and her demeanor, a combination of mindful au courant cool and old-school gracious. Kallmeyer’s business, which bears her surname, is the outlier, in perception if not in fact — tiny and off the grid of major name-recognition. It takes the notion of “small business” to its most extreme manifestation. She is self-financed, runs the company and designs the clothes solo. And by the way, she can make an arty table chic enough to anchor a small, artfully minimalist retail outpost. After being forced to lay off half of her staff last week, Kallmeyer now has an employee roster of one, apart from herself.
Kallmeyer launched her company 10 years ago. Developing her aesthetic has been a process, which she described during a Fall 2020 appointment as seeking to “explore the gender binary and breaking down the typical idea of femininity,” with a focus on polished but relaxed tailoring. Early on she found favor in Japan. That country accounted for the lion’s share of Kallmeyer’s business, until recently. Long skeptical about committing to physical retail, in June,

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The Iron Orchard – Ty Roberts

Ty Roberts - The Iron Orchard  artwork

The Iron Orchard

Ty Roberts

Genre: Independent

Price: $ 14.99

Rental Price: $ 4.99

Release Date: February 22, 2019

THE IRON ORCHARD is the story of Jim McNeely (Lane Garrison), a young man thrust into the vibrant and brutal West Texas oilfields in 1939. In a state gushing with oil and filled with ambition, McNeely settles into a small-town community that is slowly overcoming the trauma of the Great Depression. The formidable path before him is riddled with obstacles – overbearing bosses who try to keep him down, powerful oilmen who are reluctant to invest in a fresh face, and women who see salvation in his charms – but he finds a glimmer of hope with his first loves: new wife Lee Montgomery (Ali Cobrin) and drilling for oil. With everything falling into place to ascend to the top of the oil chain, McNeely stumbles upwards through his success and in turn jeopardizes his desperate longing to conquer this brave new world of influence and wealth. What will define his legacy in building the rich oil tradition of West Texas?

© © 2019 Santa Rita Pictures

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Songs from the Orchard – Ted Yoder

Ted Yoder - Songs from the Orchard  artwork

Songs from the Orchard

Ted Yoder

Genre: Instrumental

Price: $ 7.92

Release Date: August 23, 2017

© ℗ 2017 Independent

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TIFF: Yo-Yo Ma Doc ‘The Music of Strangers’ Nabbed by The Orchard, HBO

The deal was made in advance of the film’s world premiere this week at the Toronto Film Festival.
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THE YES MEN ARE REVOLTING – Official Trailer – The Orchard

THE YES MEN ARE REVOLTING - Official Trailer - The Orchard

For two decades, the Yes Men have pulled off spectacular media hoaxes to expose corporate crimes. Now, these hilarious activists are approaching middle age, struggling to stay inspired in their fight against climate change. Can they get it together before the ice caps melt?
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The Cherry Orchard (Annotated) – Anton Chekhov

Anton Chekhov - The Cherry Orchard (Annotated)  artwork

The Cherry Orchard (Annotated)

Anton Chekhov

Genre: Theater

Publish Date: June 2, 2015

Publisher: Animedia Company

Seller: Animedia Company sro

«The Cherry Orchard» is the last play by Russian playwright Anton Chekhov. The ebook «The Cherry Orchard» from Animedia Company is translated, with an Introduction, by Julius West. The story presents themes of cultural futility – both the futile attempts of the aristocracy to maintain its status and of the bourgeoisie to find meaning in its newfound materialism. In reflecting the socio-economic forces at work in Russia at the turn of the 20th century, including the rise of the middle class after the abolition of serfdom in the mid-19th century and the sinking of the aristocracy, the play reflects forces at work around the globe in that period. Since the first production at the Moscow Art Theatre, this play has been translated and adapted into many languages and produced around the world, becoming a classic work of dramatic literature. Some of the major directors of the world have directed it, each interpreting the work differently.

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