Adult Games Provide Escape During Quarantine

Although stay-home restrictions are lightening up, it is still very important that we all continue to social distance from each other. – Opinion

Intimacy Products Provide Escape During Pandemic

The world in the recent months has been facing a situation that has no precedents. Being forced to stay home, in most cases far away from our loved ones, can be frustrating. – Opinion

How Adult Retailers Can Provide Empowerment in a Pussy Power World

March. Most of us know it as the month where we can take a sigh of relief. Valentine’s Day is over, the holiday chaos dissipates, and we have a moment to breathe freely without panic that we ran out of the heart-shaped butt plugs. – Opinion

Avicii’s Death Left Many Questions. Will His New Music Provide Answers?

A year after the E.D.M. songwriter and producer’s suicide, his family and collaborators are announcing an album called “Tim” that will carry on his musical legacy.
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T.I. Says Guard Cursed Out Tiny, Refused to Provide His Name Before Calling Cops

T.I. says the security guard who called cops on him went off on Tiny over the phone, and escalated an already tense situation by refusing to give up his name. T.I. tells TMZ … the guard at his gated community in Henry County, GA left out a lot of…


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CBS To Feature In-Studio Fan To Provide Partially Correct Explanations Of Refs’ Calls

NEW YORK—In an effort to provide additional insight into the league’s many complex rules and regulations, officials from CBS announced Friday that the network’s NFL coverage will now feature the analysis of an in-studio fan who will offe…

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