Adult Retail Biz Thrives With Online Community

The pandemic has forced all of us to be more adaptable and solution-oriented. A lot of old “rules” and barriers are no longer there, and as sales reps, we are empowered to work with you. – Opinion

Social Media Brings Education, Connections for Retail Industry

When most of the adult industry in the U.S. had to suspend operations back in March due to mandated closures because of COVID-19, industry professionals didn’t let that keep them down for very long. – Opinion

How to Master Adult Retail From Home

Ever fancy waking up when you wanted to, having time to make a light breakfast, sip on that steaming cup of coffee while gazing out of the windows at the calm skies or the high-rise buildings … on a Monday morning? – Opinion

XBIZ Announces Panelists for Virtual Town Hall on Race in Adult Retail

XBIZ is pleased to announce the distinguished panelists for tomorrow’s virtual Town Hall discussion on race in the adult retail industry. – Pleasure & Retail

XBIZ Announces Panelists for Virtual Town Hall on Race in Adult Retail

XBIZ is pleased to announce the distinguished panelists for tomorrow’s virtual Town Hall discussion on race in the adult retail industry. – Pleasure & Retail

Lovehoney Calls for Quality Over Quantity in Adult Retail

Lovehoney is sharing the benefits of marketing quality pleasure products. – Pleasure & Retail

Lovehoney Calls for Quality Over Quantity in Adult Retail

Lovehoney is sharing the benefits of marketing quality pleasure products. – Pleasure & Retail

Looting of Retail Takes Over L.A.’s George Floyd Protests

Fears among retailers and brands that protests in Los Angeles over the death of George Floyd would devolve into looting have been realized in many areas.
On Saturday evening, around 6 p.m., an Alexander McQueen store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills was broken into and looted, according to live video aired by a local CBS station. Dozens of mainly young men streamed into the McQueen store after the glass of its doorway was broken. A large display window was tagged with “Make America Pay.” The store had not been boarded up like most of its neighbors had earlier in the day. Some that entered the store ran out with handfuls of merchandise and handbags.
Not long before, the Gucci store on rodeo was tagged with “Eat the rich” and managed to breach its blue plywood barricade and starting to break the glass facade behind, but left when police started to run over. Dozens of police, many in riot gear, were present in and around the Rodeo area since early afternoon as protests in L.A. began to grow and move west from the Fairfax/Grove area of L.A.. The police did not attempt to stop the looting of the McQueen store.

The Nordstrom in

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How to Bounce Back From a Retail Store Closure

Times are scary, and we’re all being hit in different ways. Even businesses that are open are still taking a massive loss. The scariest part of all of this is the unknown. – Opinion

Retail Outlet As You Like It, Author M. Christian Team for Online Classes on Erotica Writing

Author, editor and publisher M. Christian will teach a two-part online class in writing erotica for As You Like It, the women-owned adult retail outlet in Eugene, Oregon, on June 14 and 28. – Pleasure & Retail

Adult Retail Industry Execs Offer Insight, Forecast in XBIZ Virtual Town Hall

Execs from all sides of the adult retail industry gathered virtually today for XBIZ’s town hall meeting, where they shared insight on COVID-19’s impact on business and an outlook for the future. – Pleasure & Retail

Prioritizing Sexual Health in Retail Offers Profitable Results

These days we are seeing a big overlap between sexual pleasure and the medical field. Many doctors, nurses and therapists are seeking out more education about how to assist their clients with sexual wellness issues. – Opinion

Rachel Mason: ‘Circus of Books’ Director on the ‘Maverick Heroes’ of Adult Retail

On the surface, “Circus of Books” is an elegiac chronicle of the last days of a beloved two-store retail chain in Los Angeles that held an outsized influence on the culture of the city, particularly its gay community. But the film is also a warm-hearted love letter to the maverick men and women whose brick-and-mortar dreams are the bedrock of adult entertainment. – Pleasure & Retail

It’s Time for Adult Retail to Take Its Power Back

Leaving the ANME January show, my colleagues and I were mulling over the state of the industry. We couldn’t put our finger on it, but something was missing. – Opinion

Wicked Sensual Care Touts Retail Support for ‘Simply’ Lubes

Wicked Sensual Care is throwing its support behind the re-opening of retail chains, following “stay-at-home” orders due to the coronavirus pandemic, with a variety of marketing initiatives, webinars, in-store support and other online tools for its Simply by Wicked range of intimate lubricants. – Pleasure & Retail

It’s Time for Adult Retail to Take Its Power Back

Leaving the ANME January show, my colleagues and I were mulling over the state of the industry. We couldn’t put our finger on it, but something was missing. – Opinion

The Importance of Self-Care for Retail Industry Professionals

It’s been amazing to see the resiliency at every level of our industry. Stores and distributors have had to quickly close their doors to weather out the storm, with employees being furloughed until they are able to re-open. – Opinion

Calgary’s Adult Source Retail Chain Announces Re-Opening

The Adult Source retail chain with three outlets in Calgary, Alberta has announced a re-opening following “stay-at-home” orders because of the coronavirus pandemic. – Pleasure & Retail

Texas-Based Retail Chain Sara’s Secret and Condoms to Go Will Re-Open

The Texas-based retail chain Sara’s Secret and Condoms To Go will re-open, following state government directives. The chain operates over 20 brick-and-mortar locations. – Pleasure & Retail

How to Optimize Your Online Retail Business With Pay-Later Options

There is no doubt that consumers are constantly looking for easier, faster and more innovative ways to purchase products, whether online or in a physical setting. – Opinion

A Look at Education in Adult Retail (And Why It Matters)

No matter the type of store — chain, boutique, peep, traditional or some combination thereof — one thing remains the same: consumers depend on the employees in these retail spaces to answer their questions… – Opinion

Chrome Hearts Lays Off Most U.S. Retail Staff

Chrome Hearts, even with its luxe swashbuckling persona, is facing the economic realities of the coronavirus.
The Los Angeles-based luxury brand, known best for eccentric biker-themed jewelry and accessories favored by a long list of major celebrities, has permanently laid off 100 employees in the U.S., WWD has learned. The layoffs are thought to affect the majority of its retail employees in America. 
Sources recently noted that the ongoing closures of all “nonessential” retail stores in North America and Europe, where the company has nine and four stores, respectively, were undoubtedly affecting the brand financially — it has no online business to speak of. Chrome Hearts last week filed a required notice with the State of California disclosing the layoffs and categorizing them as “permanent.” Nearly all other companies that have filed worker layoff notices, including a number of retailers, have categorized them as “temporary.”
A spokeswoman for the company said the brand does plan to reopen the stores, but, as with other businesses, it is unclear when exactly that will happen.
“While the retail landscape is challenging at this time, we have full intentions to reopen all of our stores that have been impacted,” she said. “Obviously, we’re all standing by to hear

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Diversity Finds Its Place in Adult Retail

As an industry we fight battles on many fronts every day. We adopt a collective voice when it comes to topics that we are passionate about not only for ourselves, but for everyone around us. – Opinion

ECN Offers Support to Adult Retail, E-Commerce Customers During COVID-19 Quarantine

East Coast News (ECN) has announced new protocols designed to support customers while keeping staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, including a drop-ship plan for brick-and-mortar stores. – Pleasure & Retail

How the Coronavirus Is Impacting the Fashion, Beauty and Retail Industries

The impact of the coronavirus is being felt by virtually every industry.
The COVID-19 pandemic, which amassed 182,100 cases and caused 7,305 deaths globally as of March 17, has led to the disruption of everyday life, with local governments enacting strict measures to contain the virus’ spread.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio have made such orders to prohibit large gatherings, including closures of restaurants, bars, gyms, nightclubs and other businesses. These measures have affected myriad fashion and beauty businesses, many of which are now closing their doors for an indefinite period of time.
Read More: How Coronavirus Has Impacted the Fashion Industry
From major event cancellations and fashion week disruptions to the lengthy list of store closures, here are seven ways COVID-19 is impacting fashion, beauty and retail.
1. Fashion Stocks Plummet:

A stockbroker in Frankfurt, Germany 
Michael Probst/AP/Shutterstock

The stock market has experienced significant declines for the last few weeks as COVID-19 has rapidly spread across the globe.
On March 16, trading was halted shortly after markets opened and the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1,820.41 points (or 7.9 percent) to 21,365.21, further pushing the market into bear territory.
Among those hit hardest by the decline are G-III Apparel Group (down

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5 Key Questions to Consider When Bringing CBD Into Adult Retail

In the last two years, CBD has taken the world by storm and caused quite a stir among consumers thanks to its reported health benefits and unique selling points. – Opinion

How Will You Elevate Your Retail Business in 2020?

2020 has a futuristic ring to it. With technology advancing like never before, why aren’t our retail customer experiences advancing as well? – Opinion

How to Connect With Retail Customers on Social Media

Perhaps the biggest difference between running a business 10 years ago and running a business today is the role social media can play in your success. – Opinion

How to Execute a Successful Retail Store Event

In-store events, specifically where product is given away, need to make sense monetarily for your business and anyone partnering with you. – Opinion

A Month-by-Month Guide to Drive Retail Sales Throughout the Year

New year, new you, right? Depending on how you feel about New Year’s resolutions, January could be the perfect time to goal up for 2020. – Opinion

How Email Marketing Can Boost Retail Customer Retention

There is more to marketing than just acquiring new customers. What’s vital to the success of any business is something called client retention. – Opinion

XBIZ Honors Celebrates Adult Retail Community With Glitz, Glamour

Close to 300 of the adult retail industry’s top execs and representatives from leading companies gathered last Wednesday evening at the W Hollywood hotel to celebrate each other’s successes at the inaugural retail edition of the XBIZ Honors ceremony. – Pleasure & Retail

How to Build a DIY Retail Website From Scratch

If you’ve ever thought about building a sex toy website — whether you are already in the pleasure products business or not, you should — and you can. – Opinion

XBIZ Announces 2020 Retail Industry Award Winners

The 2020 XBIZ retail industry award winners were announced Wednesday night during an exclusive ceremony, presented by Satisfyer, at the W Hotel Hollywood. – Pleasure & Retail

Adult Retail Industry Kicks Off 2020 at ANME

ANME got off to a rockin’ start with a Saturday night ‘80s party with a special live performance by Neon Jeans. – Pleasure & Retail

Top 4 Tips for Boosting Holiday Retail Sales

With the season of giving fast approaching comes the hectic scramble to find the perfect holiday gift. This annual ritual often translates to endless hours of pacing the mall, aimlessly browsing online, or, worse, falling prey to last-minute gift ideas that neither show nor tell the receiver you were thinking of them. – Opinion

Consider These Simple Adult Retail Store Improvements

Over the span of 17 years in this industry, I have traveled to many of our locations, local and across the country. I’ve seen some locations numerous times to help assess where we can improve and increase sales. – Opinion

How to Prepare Your Retail Store for the Holidays

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a business and no one seems to know anything about the products they’re selling? – Opinion

The Answer to Boosting Retail Sales

One of America’s most Googled sex questions according to Business Insider is “Where is the G-Spot?” How does this type of online information impact and translate into the adult world? – Opinion

Direct-to-Consumer Jeweler Aurate Plants First Two Retail Stores

Aurate has begun putting its $ 13 million in funding to use. The direct-to-consumer jewelry label, which in June revealed a significant series A funding, will open its first two permanent retail locations on Saturday in New York City.
The brand, which has been operating a pop-up shop in Manhattan to test the market, will open stores in SoHo and on Madison Avenue.
The uptown store at 1015 Madison Avenue measures 916 square feet, while its location at 154 Spring Street is slightly larger at 1,242 square feet. Both locations feature experiential technology that introduces consumers to the raw materials and production methods enlisted to create Aurate jewelry. The stores were designed by female-led architecture firm Alda Ly, which is also responsible for the viral women’s coworking space, The Wing.
“Being that Aurate is a direct-to-consumer brand we have the freedom and flexibility to implement experimental strategies, and opening retail locations is no different. The installations, paying homage to the natural and sustainable elements of our jewelry, throughout the store create a truly immersive experience and are a testament to the brand’s innovative nature,” said Aurate cofounder Bouchra Ezzahraoui.
Cofounder Sophie Kahn added: “By using data collected in-store to help create the finalized experience, we’re

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How to Survive, Succeed With Growing Mainstream Retail Competition

When I started my management-consulting career at 26, having sold my network technology company to Andersen Consulting — the world’s largest consultancy (now called Accenture), I really had no understanding of any industry. – Opinion

Could CBD, Hemp Seed Oil Save Retail?

According to Coresight Research, U.S. retailers have already shut down more than 6,000 stores in 2019 and are expected to shut down 12,000 by the year-end due to a significant decrease in foot traffic. – Opinion

Rolling Stones Retail Experience Pops Up at Maxfield L.A.

A tongues-and-lips logo Artipoppe baby carrier, Bird scooter and Ladurée macarons can be yours at the new Rolling Stones x Bravado pop-up shop at Maxfield L.A. this week.
Timed to the band’s “No Filter” tour, which stops at the Rose Bowl on Aug. 22, when half of Hollywood is expected to rock out, the store features an assortment curated by Sarah Andelman of Paris boutique Colette and the consulting company, Just an Idea bringing together special products inspired by and celebrating The Rolling Stones, including Cactus Plant Flea Market T-shirts with the new barbed wire tongue-and-lips logo, Edward Bess lipsticks, Casetify Iphone cases, Yeti coolers and more.
L.A.-based multimedia artist Matt McCormick, who draws inspiration from Western Americana, painted the installation that resides in Maxfield’s pop-up space across the street from the flagship. And there are plenty of gigantic fiberglass lip sculptures for Insta moments, of course. The multicity experience, which kicked off last month at Bergdorf Goodman, is the brainchild of Universal Music Group’s Bravado merchandising arm.
The pop-up is open 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. through Saturday, Aug. 24, at 8825 Melrose Avenue.

Rolling Stones “No Filter” tour pop-up at Maxfield. 

Rolling Stones Bird scooters. 


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Relationship-Building Is Only the 1st Step to Closing Retail Sales

Our success in this industry revolves around the ability of retail associates to build relationships with customers… – Opinion

How to Bolster Sales Year-Round With Retail Holidays

With “Anal August” coming up, it had me thinking about the different retail holidays that are generally celebrated and how they translate from mass to adult retail and vice versa. – Opinion

Ian Kulp Joins Lora DiCarlo as Senior Retail Marketing Manager

Ian Kulp has joined premium sex tech brand Lora DiCarlo as the senior retail marketing manager. – Pleasure & Retail

Sliquid Adds New Educational Retail Material For ‘Sliquid 101’

Sliquid has announced the addition of educational in-store retail material to their marketing and educational campaign, Sliquid 101. – Pleasure & Retail

5 Reasons to Green-Up Your Retail Space

Don’t mistake modern weed smokers for their lazy, media-driven stereotype. Marijuana culture has come a long way since the free-lovin’ 1970s and the sketchy driveway drug deals flashed on the Hollywood big screen. – Opinion

EXCLUSIVE: Saint Laurent Debuts New Retail Format in Former Colette Location

PARIS — Colette has left the building, but its spirit is alive and well: the space that housed the Paris concept store for 20 years will reopen on Saturday as Saint Laurent Rive Droite, a new retail format developed by creative director Anthony Vaccarello that will sell everything from Jean Prouvé chairs to Saint Laurent-branded condoms.
Billed as “a creative and cultural destination,” the new boutique and its sister unit on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, opening the same day, represent a departure for Saint Laurent, known for its minimal stores featuring acres of veiny marble and gleaming shelves.
In addition to offering a wide range of products — including limited-edition collaborations and rare books and vinyl — alongside women’s and men’s ready-to-wear and accessories, the Paris space will also house a takeaway coffee counter and a club that can be turned into an event space.
The ground floor is chockablock with novelty branded items including gold skateboards, yoga mats, water bottles, earphones, Frisbees, phone cases, lighters, stationery, matchboxes, cocktail sticks and USB keys — there will even be biscuits featuring founder Yves Saint Laurent’s drawings.
“The idea was to propose a larger vision of Saint Laurent beyond the clothes, accessories and campaigns,” Vaccarello

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Bridget Foley’s Diary: Marc Jacobs on THE Retail Launch, THE Collaborations, THE Future

It has been teased since December, most recently on Tuesday night when Marc Jacobs posted three new photographs to Instagram. Today, the designer’s new collection, THE Marc Jacobs, makes its debut at retail.
The launch marks a major milestone for the Jacobs brand. The timing seems perfect, Jacobs having put together a string of strong runway collections, including fall’s masterful outing, along with an interlude that fascinated across generations, in the form of resort 2019’s look-for-look redux of the seminal grunge collection he designed for Perry Ellis for spring 1993. That collection got the wheels turning for THE Marc Jacobs, which, for those familiar with the history of the designer and his brand, registers as something of a redux itself. Not in line-for-line reissues (although there is an archival component), but in its positioning both within the greater market, and within the Marc Jacobs brand itself.
“I want either a beautifully made version of a very simple thing or I want something very out there. That’s it, that’s what I like,” Jacobs said during a phone chat on Tuesday afternoon, describing his consumer approach to fashion.
The dichotomy applies as well to his long-standing vision of his work. He and his, longtime business

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Validating the Trans Community in Adult Retail

Over the last few years, I’ve walked into stores and wandered around looking at how products are categorized and merchandised. – Opinion

Don’t Underestimate the Retail Power of Sex Enhancers

Like most people in the pleasure products industry, I started out as a consumer. Since my husband worked at Fascinations, I tested out all kinds of toys and lubes, and soon there were products I found indispensable. – Opinion

Foolproof April Marketing Tips for Springtime Adult Retail Sales

You may feel a bit lost staring into the dark abyss that exists until the holidays start to pick up after summer vacations come to a close. – Opinion

Kylie Jenner Gets Retail Therapy After Travis Scott, Jordyn Woods Dramas

Kylie Jenner seems to be putting the Jordyn Woods scandal, and Travis Scott’s alleged cheating drama on the back burner … because there’s shopping to be done, damn it! Kylie and bestie Heather Sanders (yep, they’re still tight) hit up…


TMZ Celebrity News for Fashion

The Vampire’s Wife Turns Cult Following Into Global Retail Hit

LONDON — London-based label The Vampire’s Wife quietly came onto the scene four years ago, but quickly seduced women with its lavish fabrics, romantic prints and signature ruffles.
What started as an insiders’ secret — favored by British fashion editors, models and friends of the brand’s founder Susie Cave, who is a former model and the wife of musician Nick Cave — turned into global retail hit, with stockists including, Browns, Dover Street Market and Moda Operandi.
Cave’s success recipe is simple: offering product that fits well and makes women feel good.
“There is certainly a community of women who are loyal to The Vampire’s Wife, but this is simply because the dresses just look beautiful when on — women respond to this,” Cave said. “The pieces are easy-to-wear but have a maximum impact and there’s a disruptive quality to them, a sort of seditiousness. They are simultaneously demure and outrageous, turning the wearer into a walking event.”
Despite the brand’s soaring popularity both at retail and on the red carpet — fans include everyone from Keira Knightley, to Dakota Johnson, Jennifer Aniston and Ruth Negga — Cave has been treading cautiously when it came to growing the brand’s offer.
Her aim is to

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Hodinkee Adds Chief Commercial Officer to Scale Retail Operations

Hodinkee is ramping up its retail presence.
The omnichannel destination for watch collectors — offering a blog, podcast, e-commerce site, a print magazine, and an events and conference program — has hired Russell Kelly as its first chief commercial officer.
Kelly, who joins Hodinkee from Tudor Watch USA, where he served as brand manager and helped oversee Rolex’s relaunch in the U.S., will lead the company’s retail division. Kelly’s first day is today and he will report to Hodinkee chief executive officer and founder Benjamin Clymer.
Kelly will devise Hodinkee’s retail strategies to build its presence in the market, oversee customer service personnel, manage wholesale partnerships and brand collaborations, help develop new products and ensure overall consumer satisfaction.
Clymer said of the key hire: “As Hodinkee continues to evolve, we were looking for the right individual to join our team to help us expand the offerings and services we provide to our readers and customers. Russell is a well-respected executive, one with an extensive knowledge of the watch industry, meaningful relationships throughout and understands the impact a partnership with Hodinkee can mean to a brand.”
Kelly said of his appointment: “Over the years, I have seen the positive effect Hodinkee has had on the watch

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Adult Retail Community Gathers to Toast XBIZ Exec Award Winners

Among the most memorable events of last week’s XBIZ Retreat was the 2019 XBIZ Exec Awards, which for the adult retail industry have become more like a beloved annual family gathering. – Pleasure & Retail

Aneros Named ‘Best Product or Retail Site’ by Cybersocket

Leading sexual health and wellness company Aneros has been named Best Product or Retail Site for its website at the 2019 Cybersocket Web Awards. – Pleasure & Retail

Embracing Intellect Over Emotion in the Retail Space

Working in this industry, one quickly discovers that there is very little room for squeamishness. – Opinion

How to Do Your Own Retail Market Research

In last month’s column, I was opining about costly sex toy or lingerie “industry reports” and my subsequent doubts about their value to the average erotic retailer. And for the record my trepidation still stands until I’m offered the opportunity to see one of these reports — in full — for myself. I’ll keep you posted, but don’t hold your breath on this! – Opinion

Zalo Strikes Deal With Lover’s Lane Retail Chain

The full Zalo line of pleasure products, including the XBIZ Europa Award-winning Queen, is now available at Lover’s Lane locations. – Pleasure & Retail

Artist Mirabelle Marden Installs ‘Garage Sale’ Retail Project

Mirabelle Marden, an artist by practice, trade and lineage, continues to toy with nostalgic elements of the retail experience.
Today she will reveal a new shoppable installation, “Garage Sale,” inside her gallery Plain Pleasures, which is located on the second floor of an unnamed Chinatown mall in Manhattan. Over the last two years, the two-story building at 75 East Broadway has evolved into a nexus for experimental retail, spearheaded by artists, designers and thinkers.
Marden opened her first effort there, called Plain Pleasures Market in December — setting a colorful holiday souk stuffed with traveled souvenirs, friends’ craftworks and vintage odds and ends. In the months since, her mall space has become a revolving door of art shows and guest pop-up shops from friends like Stella Schnabel.
For Marden, keeping store at Plain Pleasures is about replicating travel experiences and “creating an environment. I’m making an expression of how I see things. Whenever I go somewhere I like to look at the markets and everyday stores — they let you experience a place.”
Garage Sale will include items sourced and rummaged on trips to Lisbon, Nevis, Marrakesh, Mexico City and Paris. “I wanted it to look like a storage space, I hung up old

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Tumi Sets Date for Annual Retail Campaign

Charity, Anyone?: Tumi’s annual retail promotion that supports All Hands & Hearts is slated to run this year from Sept. 13 to Sept. 23. Shoppers enjoy 20 percent off full-price retail items at Tumi stores and at, with 5 percent of total sales earmarked for donation to the charity.
All Hands & Hearts is a nonprofit organization founded by model Petra Nemcova to help rebuild safe and resilient schools in areas hit by natural disasters.
Last year’s event saw Tumi donate $ 400,000 from the customer-sales campaign to the organization, which used the funds to rebuild The Rhodes School of Performing Arts in Houston. The Rhodes School, damaged last year by Hurricane Harvey, is a tuition-free campus that caters primarily to low-income, minority communities.
In addition to the donation, the travel brand helped All Hands & Hearts gather volunteers to work on reconstruction efforts. Tumi also partners with St. Jude Children’s Hospital and Waves for Water.
Nemcova, part of the relief efforts in Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, said she heard of the school’s plight from local partners.
“Once we saw firsthand the damage and destruction, we knew we had to find a way to help rebuild the school and were fortunate that our

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Soludos Tests Physical Retail Concept

Internet-native shoe brand Soludos has opened its first physical store.
The pop-up — located in New York’s SoHo shopping district at 25 Prince Street — will remain open through October.
With an espadrille-heavy offering, Soludos is primarily regarded as a summer shoe brand — hence the label’s decision to leverage the season to test its first retail concept. The brand was founded in 2010.
In the coming months, it will host events at the boutique as well as various digital activations throughout New York.
Soludos founder and chief executive officer Nick Brown said of the endeavor: “As a digital brand, we wanted to extend Soludos into a tactile experience where our customers can experience the product first-hand. We were patient with our growth, and feel this is the perfect time to move forward with a brick-and-mortar experience. The Summer Shoppe opened its doors in time for shoppers to buy for the summer season and are thrilled to give our customers a chance to see the design details and fabrics in real life.”

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Marketing Strategies for Retail Success

Sun Tzu famously opined: “Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” If he’d been alive today he’d have wept at the state of modern marketing, including that within the erotic retailing sector. – Opinion

Overcoming Frustrations, Enjoying the Rewards of Retail Merchandising

Merchandising. In retail, this can be a dreaded word. So much of a store’s business is dependent on how products are placed in the retail space, and for most businesses, how a store is merchandised is dictated by corporate guidelines — usually by someone who has never worked a day of retail in their lives. – Opinion

How to Survey Retail Customers and Reap Benefit

With the peak Christmas and Valentine’s Day periods now past, some of you may have enjoyed a moment’s rest. But if you’re a lingerie or pleasure products company that formulates your next marketing plan after this peak period, don’t spend too long with your feet up on the desk! – Opinion

The Lure of Big-Ticket Items During Couples’ Retail Season

St. Valentine’s Day is all about romance, sex and (obvs) sex toys, and it’s the ideal time of year for shoppers to consider big-ticket items and out-of-the-box products marketed for better, next-level sex. – Opinion

Z Supply Enters Retail Fray With Fashion Island Store

Z Supply LLC has opened its first store with plans of growing its retail footprint over time.
The 1,362-square-foot temporary store at Fashion Island in Newport Beach carries the company’s namesake basics brand and is also set to be used to test categories from the line.
The assortment includes the women’s collection in addition to some pieces from the Z Supply men’s line. The company will also sell items from its Zoo Supply line for pets, which launched last year.
The Fashion Island pop-up is scheduled to be open for a period of three to six months.
Z Supply chief operating officer Heidi Muther called the timing right to look at retail, as the company follows the game plans of a number of born-online brands or businesses with traditional wholesale models exploring direct-to-consumer through physical retail in a bid to learn more about their respective consumer bases.
Z Supply, the brand, has seen steady growth since its 2013 launch and is in more than 2,000 stores in the U.S. It’s part of a portfolio of brands created by Z Supply LLC that includes Black Swan, White Crow, Others Follow, Rag Poets, Icons of Culture and Pirate Surf. In total, the company closed 2017 with $ 50

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How to Inspire Retail Sales During the Valentine’s Day Shopping Season

It’s the season for love (as if our customers weren’t aware) and that means it’s time to gear up stores with eye-catching, romance-inspiring (and purchase-inspiring) displays. – Opinion

XBIZ Announces 2018 Retail Industry Exec Award Winners

Executives from the tight-knit pleasure products industry came together in droves last night to honor this year’s winners of the XBIZ Exec Awards. – Pleasure & Retail

EXCLUSIVE: Giambattista Valli Moves Into Activewear, Sets Retail Expansion

PARIS — Giambattista Valli is launching an activewear capsule collection and gearing up for a retail push, marking the first steps of his label’s planned expansion under its new partnership with the billionaire Pinault family.
Known for his flirty cocktail dresses and sculptural evening gowns, the designer has steered his brand in a more casual direction in recent seasons, showing taffeta jackets with Nike running tights for fall and introducing logo-printed denim for spring 2018.

Backstage at Giambattista Valli Couture Fall 2017 
Delphine Achard/WWD

Now Valli is joining the ranks of luxury brands vying for a portion of the thriving athleisure market. According to Euromonitor, sports-inspired footwear and apparel is growing at a rapid pace, registering 10 percent and 6 percent increases in 2016, respectively.
Following the end of his decade-long partnership with Italian luxury outerwear firm Moncler as creative director of its Gamme Rouge line, he will unveil his namesake activewear collection of 50 to 60 pieces — including coats, puffer jackets, sweatshirts and track suits — to buyers in January.
“It’s a capsule collection where we will express a more functional side of the brand, while remaining faithful to the atmosphere of contemporary chic that is part of its DNA,” Valli told WWD in an exclusive

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Experts Offer Tips for Autumn Excellence in Retail

As summer draws to a close, pleasure retail whirrs back into motion and stores hum with the sound of returning customers. Trade show orders are filled, holiday planning is under way, and shop shelves are ready to showcase last July’s most promising sex toys. – Opinion

Forward by Elyse Walker, CFDA Link for Retail Mentorship, Capsule Collections

Online retailer Forward by Elyse Walker and the Council of Fashion Designers of America have linked to launch the CFDA & Forward Rising Talent Retail Program, in which Walker, her buying team and partners Mike Mente and Mike Karanikolas of will mentor up-and-coming luxury fashion designers with retail strategies as well as guiding them in the development of exclusive capsule collections for Forward.
Designers Juan Carlos Obando, Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis of Suno and Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard of Veronica Beard were hand-selected by both parties for the inaugural program, a two-day workshop in Los Angeles on best practices across various verticals through a retail market lens to achieve the next stage of growth. There will be a celebratory cocktail party Tuesday in Los Angeles at the Lombardi House.
“Forward has always been a champion of emerging designers, and with the current shake-ups in the fashion industry, from e-commerce and fast fashion to social shopping, it’s a challenging time for early talent to achieve that critical next stage in their growth,” said Walker, fashion director of Forward. “We really care how their brands are evolving and want to sit back outside the hustle and bustle of fashion week

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XBIZ Announces Retail Industry Nominees for 2016 Exec Awards

XBIZ is pleased to announce the finalist nominees for the retail industry edition of the 2016 XBIZ Exec Awards. | Top Stories

Matsuda Tests Retail, Unveils Sun Collection With Pop-up in Wittmore

STAGING A COMEBACK: A pop-up that’s one part gallery retrospective and another part commerce from Japanese eyewear brand Matsuda has opened at men’s wear boutique Wittmore.
The 40-year-old Matsuda brand, originally started in Japan with men’s and women’s wear, was relaunched about three-and-a-half years ago with the optical business and more recently began its expansion into sunglasses.
Matsuda’s pop-up, at the front of the Wittmore store entrance facing Santa Fe Avenue in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles, is the company’s first endeavor into retail in 15 years and its first showing of the sunglass offering. It’s also Wittmore’s first time partnering with a sunglasses brand.
The sun collection features materials such as titanium and 24-carat gold along with details such as hand-engraved filigrees and adjustable nose pads. Pairs range at retail from $ 380 to $ 1,500.
The company’s headquarters, now in Santa Monica, where chief executive officer James Kisgen is also based, made Wittmore’s Arts District store a suitable location, he said.
“I love the idea of doing it here in this up-and-coming area,” Kisgen said. “We obviously have very close ties to the arts.”
The location at Wittmore also made sense because of its unique merchandising mix, according to Kisgen.
The boutique, founded by Paul

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Hemant and Nandita to Retail in Neiman Marcus

EXPANDING STATESIDE: Indian designer duo Hemant and Nandita have hit what they call “a benchmark”: being picked up by Neiman Marcus. Their collection will be carried in 20 Neiman’s stores this month, as well as on the retailer’s Web site. “We see it as a big opportunity,” said Hemant Lalwani, adding that it would also open the window for other Indian designers and help build their “label into a brand.”
He said the retailer will carry 1,200 pieces of the resort collection, ranging from tunics to short dresses and maxis and retailing for $ 220 to $ 430.
“The resort line gives us a huge scope for design,” said Nandita Raipurani, who oversees design for the brand, which was launched in 2009. The label, which often uses silks and had a recent collection with Neoprene with Indian prints, has worked with light cotton and embroidery for the resort collection, along with silk.
The brand, which has been sold in the U.S. at retailers such as Anthropologie for the last five years, also launched on Amazon in the U.S. in July with  loungewear, including embellished sweatshirts, shorts and sweatpants, at prices ranging from $ 207 to $ 357.

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Retail Report: Rebecca Minkoff’s Tech-Savvy L.A. Flagship Opens

Located on Melrose Ave, the NY-based designer’s storefront also houses the first-ever Uri Minkoff shop.

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Remodeling, Revamping the Look of a Retail Store Setting

At the Deja Vu Love Boutique in Las Vegas, we have been working around the clock on a complete makeover. We decided it was time to freshen up and give our boutique a new look. Besides rotating the stock every few days, we overhaul the design and layout of the stores to keep our look fresh. | Feature Articles

Fabletics to Make Big Push Into Retail

DOORS OPEN: Fabletics, the activewear brand that counts Kate Hudson as a cofounder, is aggressively pushing into bricks-and-mortar this fall.
The brand, owned by El Segundo, Calif.-based JustFab Inc., will open six stores in September and October at malls owned by Westfield and General Growth Properties Inc.
The company is set to open its first two doors simultaneously Sept. 3 at General Growth’s The Mall in Columbia and Bridgewater Commons in New Jersey. That will be followed up by an already announced third store Sept. 17 at the Village at Westfield Topanga.
Another three will open at General Growth’s Christiana Mall, Saint Louis Galleria and Kenwood Towne Centre by early October.
The brick-and-mortar growth for the brand, which is currently sold direct to consumers online, follows the recent launch of its men’s athletic line FL2.

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Ami Ramping Up Retail

PARIS — Ami is making a big leap into retail.
The buzzy French men’s wear label designed by Alexandre Mattiussi is slated to open three freestanding stores before year-end — in Paris, Tokyo and London — adding to the existing two stand-alone units and 277 wholesale accounts worldwide.
“More than 80 percent of our business is achieved abroad,” said Nicolas Santi-Weil, Ami’s chief executive officer, over a cup of hot milk and honey at Paris’ new canteen, Maison Plisson, a stone’s throw from the company’s Marais headquarters.
“Ami started as a wholesale brand, which was a pretty sane strategy because it limited the risk — we only produced what we sold beforehand. But it’s time now to focus on retail in order to get our message across and get direct feedback from the client, which I consider a key factor in building a brand. We are young but very international,” said Santi-Weil, who joined the firm in 2013 from The Kooples, a fellow French label he helped launch in 2008.
France still represents 20 percent of Ami’s annual turnover, but the next Paris boutique has its sights set on tourists flocking to the Saint-Honoré district and the area’s high concentration of luxury brands.
Tucked in between

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Nickelodeon Opening Flagship Retail Store in London

The destination store featuring SpongeBob, Dora, Turtles and other merchandise is located in Leicester Square, the top foot traffic location‎ in all of Europe.

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XBIZ Retail Retreat Event Dates Announced

Fresh off the heels of the third annual Hollywood edition of the XBIZ Retreat, XBIZ is pleased to announce the upcoming Miami XBIZ Retreat is set for May 31 to June 4. | Top Stories

Sony Shutting Down All Retail Stores in Canada

Fewer TV and mobile phone sales has the electronics giant focusing on a national retail network and its online store.

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Who Are Your Retail Customers? Exploring the Benefits of User Data

It’s very easy to get caught up in the steady flow of incorrect assumptions our own industry sometimes makes when it comes to pleasure shoppers. However, there’s good news – assumptions are not necessary, so let’s all stop making them. | Feature Articles

Boston Sees Uptick in Retail Development

The Shops at the Prudential Center are about to get a major overhaul complements of Boston Properties.

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Boston Sees Uptick in Retail Development

The Shops at the Prudential Center are about to get a major overhaul complements of Boston Properties.

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Retail: Heroes on the Floor

I’ve always thought that the hardest part about being a “caped crusader” would be having to maintain a secret identity. (Also, wearing a cape. I look horrible in capes.) | Feature Articles