How to Connect With Retail Customers on Social Media

Perhaps the biggest difference between running a business 10 years ago and running a business today is the role social media can play in your success. – Opinion

Fans Really Feel You on Social Media, When You Feel Yourself

Starting a career as an adult performer wasn’t a difficult decision for me — I always knew I wanted to work in the industry. – Opinion

Kendall Jenner Shares the Importance of Staying True to Herself In the World Of Social Media

Kendall Jenner, Longchamp, New York Fashion WeekKendall Jenner is sharing her wisdom about social media and being a role model.
The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star opened up about what it’s like to be in the spotlight and…

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Cardi B Responds To Offset Social Media Hack, “We Good Over Here”

ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season 17

Source: Randy Holmes / Getty

Migos member Offset was on the receiving end of some heavy side eyes after some questionable tweets and messages were sent from various social media accounts.

On Tuesday (Nov. 3) fans were a little taken aback after some suspicious tweets were posted from Offset’s Twitter account stating that the rapper was “gay” along with a slew of highly suggestive tweets that have since been deleted.

In addition to the questionable tweets, hackers also allegedly sent a DM to Tedashii 69’s girlfriend Jade, writing “Miss you fr.” Jade took to social media in a since deleted post to blast the rapper tagging Cardi B and calling out Offset for the alleged disrespect.

“Your wife @iamcardib has a OPEN CRIMINAL CASE, why are you writing me you don’t respect her? Theirs a lot of shit I have exposed yet, but theirs a time for that.”

Cardi B has decided to speak out against the alleged hack via IG Live letting fans know that she isn’t worried about the hack and that the two are living their best life together as a family.

”Everybody know he done some dumb sh*t, but come on now, n*ggas ain’t dumb, n*ggas ain’t crazy,” Cardi B said. “We’ve been so good. We had a sweet weekend. Life has been good. He’s not even going to play himself like that. That’s why we’re not entertaining it. That’s why I’m not getting rowdy.”

Offset also took to Cardi’s live video to validate the hack claim, showing various emails from the two platforms notifying him of the unusual activity.

“I’ve been doing good man, Thanksgiving just passed and I’m with my family only to wake up to some bullsh*t.”

Cardi has been having issues with Jade since 2018 after the “Press” rapper was accused of ordering an attack on Jade and her sister Baddie Gi after rumors spread that she slept with Offset. Police say members of Cardi’s crew showed up to the club where Jade and her sister Baddie Gi worked and threw bottles and other items at the two women.

Cardi was later arrested in October 2018 on misdemeanor charges of assault and reckless endangerment. In April, Cardi appeared in court and offered a plea bargain that she ultimately rejected, Cardi is set to head back to court in 2020.

Check out Cardi’s full response below.


The Latest Hip-Hop News, Music and Media | Hip-Hop Wired

How to Deal With Social Anxiety From Camming

For socially anxious people, the fear of being judged or criticized can be overwhelming, so much so, that any social interaction can seem threatening. – Opinion

Waiting Game – Terri Lyne Carrington & Social Science

Terri Lyne Carrington & Social Science - Waiting Game  artwork

Waiting Game

Terri Lyne Carrington & Social Science

Genre: Crossover Jazz

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: November 8, 2019

© ℗ 2019 Ajari Music, LLC under license to Motema Music LLC

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Jazz

Tula Launches Social Media Campaign With Body Positivity Influencer Mik Zazon

Tula is continuing its mission of body positivity and empowerment through a new social media campaign.
The probiotic-based skin-care brand is launching a 30-day challenge to encourage followers to take small actions to improve their own self-confidence. Tula is continuing its relationship with body positivity influencer Mik Zazon for the campaign.
“I was actually a health and weight-loss coach and behind the scenes on social media, I was struggling with multiple eating disorders, depression and anxiety,” Zazon said. “It all came to the surface and I realized I couldn’t do it anymore. I dropped all of my sponsorships and had no income and I decided instead to take people on this journey of recovery for me, and Tula was one of the first brands to reach out to me during that whole process.”

View this post on Instagram

I used to hear my acne scars speak to me when I would wear more revealing shirts.⁣ ⁣ Every time I would pass by someone my skin would say, “Mik, they are looking at you. They think you are disgusting. Cover me up. I want to hide.”⁣ ⁣ It’s taken a decade for me to fully embrace the skin I’m in.⁣

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IsMyGirl to Showcase Adult Social Media Network at Sex Expo NY

IsMyGirl will be in attendance at Sex Expo New York 2019, showcasing its premium adult social media network. – Pleasure & Retail

A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media

In a previous column, I talked about how to boost your brand using social media. In response, several messages came in from new cam models wanting to build a social media presence from scratch, having no idea where to begin. – Opinion

Meek Mill, Meghan Trainor, And Rapsody Front The NFL’s New Social Justice Campaign

Meek Mill, Meghan Trainor, and Rapsody lead the NFL’s new social justice campaign, Inspire Change. It involves a free concert in Chicago on September 5 along with other aspects of it that will carry on throughout the season, such as Songs of the Season.

A Social Call – Jazzmeia Horn

Jazzmeia Horn - A Social Call  artwork

A Social Call

Jazzmeia Horn

Genre: Jazz

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: May 12, 2017

© ℗ 2017 Concord Music Group, Inc.

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Jazz

Social Media Has a Lot to Say About Nars’ Phallic Lipstick Campaign

Nars is taking risqué marketing to the next level.
The 25-year-old beauty company, best known for its Orgasm blush — among other shade names that are sexual innuendos — has social media abuzz over its newest campaign.
Nars posted the raunchy video — which shows a nude lipstick melting into the phallic shape — to its Instagram account with the caption: “When the nudes keep you up all night.” Social media was quick to react, with many expressing their shock at the campaign. Model Chrissy Teigen, for one, poked fun at the campaign on her Twitter account.

honestly in love with this color and now I must have it to soften my boner
— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) August 12, 2019

“The View” cohost Meghan McCain for another, responded to the video campaign, claiming the brand’s blush is her favorite to use.

It’s my favorite blush 😕
— Meghan McCain (@MeghanMcCain) August 12, 2019

Beauty influencers, including Nicolette Mason and Manny Gutierrez, have also reacted to the campaign, praising the brand for its unique marketing.

Francois Nars is our sex positive makeup king!!!!
— nicolette mason (@nicolettemason) August 12, 2019

Honestly I live for NARS branding lol ❤️ #orgasm
— Manny MUA (@MannyMua733) August 13, 2019

While some are amused by Nars’ marketing tactic,

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Social Media Backlash Ensues Against Real Estate Developer Stephen Ross

The social media backlash has been swift toward real estate developer Stephen Ross.
The developer behind Hudson Yards, Ross is facing criticism from celebrities and fashion designers over news that he is reportedly hosting a fundraiser for President Donald Trump at his Hamptons home on Friday. According to The Washington Post, tickets for the fundraiser range from $ 100,000 to $ 250,000.
Ross is also the chairman of real estate company, Related Cos., which owns SoulCycle and its parent company, Equinox, and is the owner of the Miami Dolphins. Many celebrities, including Chrissy Teigen, Sophia Bush and Billy Eichner, have taken to Twitter to express their outrage over Ross’ fundraiser, taking aim at his many companies.

oh and fuck soulcycle but I thought that way before this anyhow
— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) August 7, 2019

Whelp. Buh-bye @soulcycle. Won’t miss ya! ✌🏼
— Sophia Bush (@SophiaBush) August 7, 2019

Fashion designers have also joined in the outcry, including Prabal Gurung, who posted a three-part Instagram Story to call out Ross for supporting the president following the two mass shootings that took place in Texas and Ohio this past weekend, which many Democratic presidential candidates have claimed were caused by Trump’s racist rhetoric. Ross’ Hudson Yards is also speculated

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Ariana Grande Shoots Lasers Out Of Her Boobs In ‘Boyfriend’ Video With Social House

Ariana Grande and Social House release their new song “Boyfriend” alongside a hilarious new video.

R. Kelly’s Alleged Sex Slave Coming Alive on Social Media, Family Hopeful

One of R. Kelly’s live-in girlfriend is looking a lot like her old self on social media — which has her family incredibly encouraged they can get her back. Azriel Clary — one of the singer’s girlfriends, who’s stood by his side to this day — has…


TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Justice

Social Cues – Cage the Elephant

Cage the Elephant - Social Cues  artwork

Social Cues

Cage the Elephant

Genre: Alternative

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: April 19, 2019

© ℗ 2019 110 Entertainment LLC, under exclusive license to RCA Records

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Alternative

Episode 593 Scott Adams: PART 2of2 Census Controversy, Conspiracy Theories, Social Media Summit at WH


  • Creators Social Media Summit at White House tomorrow
    • CNN prepping the world to not take attendees seriously
      •   Isn’t CNN primarily fake news conspiracy theories?
  • Are the Democrats ruining “Brand USA”?
    • Losing our patriotism, what are the consequences?
  • Brainwashing children is necessary and good
    • Current Democrat unintended consequences

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The post Episode 593 Scott Adams: PART 2of2 Census Controversy, Conspiracy Theories, Social Media Summit at WH appeared first on Dilbert Blog.

Dilbert Blog

Social media detox: Chargers’ Isaac Rochell implores us to take notice

In letter to ESPN, the Chargers defensive end writes about the “unhealthy relationship” he had with his phone and what he decided to do about it. – NFL

Ariana Grande Lends Her Spectral Vocals To Social House’s ‘Haunt You’

Social House release the ghostly new song “Haunt You” featuring Ariana Grande.

LAPD to Dodgers, Stop Flashing Your Money On Social Media!

The elite commercial crimes division of LAPD met with the L.A. Dodgers recently to give advice on how to avoid being hit by scumbag burglars … and the message was simple, STOP FLEXING ONLINE!!!  It’s not exactly rocket science … cops say…


TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Justice

Episode 547 Scott Adams: How to Win on Social Media for 2020

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Start your day feeling good…your whole day just seems to go great

Middle East is better situated for peace possibilities then ever before

President Trump and Chairman Kim having fun at Joe Biden’s expense

The Netflix of online education, a free market system for classes

Online education CAN become good enough to replace regular classes

Anti-Abortion states and the financial impact

Candace Owens is making something obvious to African-Americans

What to do about social media determining who wins in 2020

WaPo has conflated crime and black people…that’s just wrong

The post Episode 547 Scott Adams: How to Win on Social Media for 2020 appeared first on Dilbert Blog.

Dilbert Blog

Episode 540 Scott Adams: Slaughtermeter Reset to Zero Due to Social Media Manipulation, Pelosi


  • Slaughtermeter downgraded from 140% to 0%
    • Currently, no chance President Trump will win re-election
    • Currently…social media thumb on the scale, will prevent it
  • Zero visibility into algorithms, no explanations, no independent appeal
  • “Doctored” videos of Pelosi slurs removed as misleading
    • Enemy press then labels ALL Pelosi slur videos “doctored”
    • Why not show undoctored and doctored vids for comparison?
  • 2 topics are undiscussible…I can’t even say the words
    • Some people undiscussible…I can’t even mention their names
    • Doing so, risks suspension, banning, demonetizing, censorship
  • Am I being Shadowbanned on Twitter?
    • I can’t tell, I can’t know, there’s no way to know
  • Social Media was caught off-guard by candidate Trump in 2016
    • His “Island of Misfit Toys” supporters are VERY effective
  • Social Media will NOT be caught off-guard in 2020
    • 4 years to prepare and hide behavior
  • Social Media CAN determine election results if they wish to do so
  • Brad Parscale’s new “Promises Kept” website
    • Select a topic and search for President’s accomplishments
    • Excellent facts and data resource for political debate
  • My viral tweet yesterday, “3 Things to Know
    • Professional trolls were activated, attacked me
  • Democrats baffled that President Trump doesn’t want his tax info public
    • Will his taxes be willfully misinterpreted for political gain?
    • Are there illegalities…that the IRS failed to notice?
    • The public won’t know what’s BS and what’s true from the news
    • Pundit after pundit will push a narrative on his taxes
  • Assange story is interesting
    • People WITHOUT facts or understanding, have very strong opinions
    • Why can’t Assange do what NYT does every single day?
    • He released names of people may have caused their death
      • Can that be established as a legal standard?
    • The press publishes things that endanger people, every day
  • AOC receiving pushback…weather is NOT climate change
  • AOC and President Trump in the same room discussing climate change
    • Imagine what would happen
    • They BOTH agree…pursue nuclear, ALL possible solutions
    • Smart play even if climate change isn’t a concern
    • Develop, test, see what works best and deploy it
  • The “Bully Factor” and President Trump
    • Why do some Democrats fear President Trump so much?
    • Were they deeply impacted by bullies in their lives?
    • Do they see him as the tormentors from their own lives?
  • Schumer and Pelosi aren’t really bothered by President Trump
    • They’re professional politicians just doing politics
    • Others in Congress…show irrational emotional hatred

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Social Media Star Fatboy SSE Arrested for Possession of Weed

Fatboy SSE — the comedic social media influencer co-starring with Master P in his “I Got the Hook Up” sequel — hooked up with cops who busted him for marijuana and outstanding warrants. According to cops in Jersey City, Fatboy was pulled over…


TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Justice

Justin Bieber And Ed Sheeran Turn Social Anxiety Into A Breezy Bop With ‘I Don’t Care’

Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran return with the upbeat new song “I Don’t Care.”

A Social Call – Jazzmeia Horn

Jazzmeia Horn - A Social Call  artwork

A Social Call

Jazzmeia Horn

Genre: Jazz

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: May 12, 2017

© ℗ 2017 Concord Music Group, Inc.

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Jazz

Social Cues – Cage the Elephant

Cage the Elephant - Social Cues  artwork

Social Cues

Cage the Elephant

Genre: Alternative

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: April 19, 2019

© ℗ 2019 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Alternative

Let’s Try the After, Vol. 2 – EP – Broken Social Scene

Broken Social Scene - Let's Try the After, Vol. 2 - EP  artwork

Let’s Try the After, Vol. 2 – EP

Broken Social Scene

Genre: Alternative

Price: $ 4.99

Release Date: April 12, 2019

© ℗ 2019 Arts & Crafts Productions Inc.

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Alternative

Mood. – EP – Social Club Misfits

Social Club Misfits - Mood. - EP  artwork

Mood. – EP

Social Club Misfits

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Price: $ 4.99

Release Date: April 5, 2019

© Capitol CMG Label Group; ℗ 2019 Capitol Christian Music Group, Inc.

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Hip Hop/Rap

Boosting Your Brand With Social Media

Modern day cam models are more than just performers who get paid to look pretty in front of the camera. – Opinion

Eldorado, Doc Johnson to Host ‘Social Media Trends’ Live-Stream Event

Eldorado has partnered with Doc Johnson for a Facebook Live event on March 7, which will discuss the power of social media and how retailers can utilize social media to connect with new and existing customers. – Pleasure & Retail

Let’s Try the After (Vol. 1) – EP – Broken Social Scene

Broken Social Scene - Let's Try the After (Vol. 1) - EP  artwork

Let’s Try the After (Vol. 1) – EP

Broken Social Scene

Genre: Alternative

Price: $ 4.99

Release Date: February 15, 2019

© ℗ 2019 Arts & Crafts Productions Inc.

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Alternative

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth marry – social media

Singer-songwriter and music producer Mark Ronson congratulates the ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’ singer and the Australian actor in a Tweet. Rough cut (no reporter narration).

Reuters Video: Entertainment

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth marry – social media

Singer-songwriter and music producer Mark Ronson congratulates the ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’ singer and the Australian actor in a Tweet. Rough cut (no reporter narration).

Reuters Video: Entertainment

Find your Soulmate Live webcam chat!

Social Animals – Jonathan Ignatius Green

Jonathan Ignatius Green - Social Animals  artwork

Social Animals

Jonathan Ignatius Green

Genre: Documentary

Price: $ 12.99

Rental Price: $ 4.99

Release Date: December 11, 2018

A daredevil photographer, an aspiring swimsuit model, and a midwest girl next door are all looking for the same things from their Instagram account–a little love, acceptance and of course fame. And they’ll do just about anything to get it. With an observational eye, Social Animals peeks into the digital and real worlds of today’s image-focused teenager, where followers, likes and comments mark success and self worth.

© © 2018 No Filter Picture, LLC

iTunes Store: Top Movies in Independent

The True SEO Impact of Social Media

One of the most common misconceptions in online marketing involves social media and its relationship to search rankings. The common belief is that having a lot of social followers and posting regular updates also contributes to your SEO efforts. – Opinion

Shaniqwa Jarvis Teams With X-Girl to Drop Capsule Collection at Social Studies NY

STREET-SMART FASHION: The streetwear brand X-Girl has lined up portrait photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis for its latest collaboration.
Compact to the degree that only three items are offered, the styles are available through Sunday at Social Studies NY, a multipurpose space and pop-up. To help spread the word about the collaboration, photographer Chandler Kennedy shot the painter and model Monica Hernandez wearing the assortment. A “Mini Me” crewneck sweatshirt retails for $ 95, the $ 50 “Too Many Rich People in NY” T-shirt and the $ 50 “Less, Less, Less” tote bag, which was hand-dyed by Jarvis, are up-for-grabs.
Jarvis, who has shot for Gap, Supreme, Riposte and others, dove into the capsule collection sector last year for the launch of her Baque Creative Press-published book. Started by musician Kim Gordon and stylist Daisy von Furth in 1994, the X-Girl brand has renewed its focus on New York, and is on the lookout for new talent and creatives that align with the brand. The company has more than 100 stores in Japan and has loyalists like Chloë Sevigny and Sofia Coppola. Early on, the Lafayette Street-rooted label rallied young feminists and that ethos remains.
Housed in Milk Studios, Social Studies NY builds from the success of last year’s Social

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Sex Toy Patents Tell Story of Evolving Social Norms

Last month, part one of this column covered the first-ever sex toys that were patented (claiming various non-sexual uses). – Opinion

Peyton Manning, LeBron James among notable social reaction to Brees setting record

Drew Brees received an outpouring of congratulations when he unseated
Manning as the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards. – TOP

Hip Hop Week In Review: Kanye West Leaves Social Media

Plus, exclusive interviews with Adult Swim's Jason DeMarco and IDK, Atmosphere's Slug and production duo FnZ.

HipHopDX News

Sex work to social work at Frieze London

The 16th edition of Frieze Art Fair London opened on Wednesday (October 3), and like with 2017, it featured a special themed section for women artists.Rough cut (no reporter narration).

Reuters Video: Entertainment

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Jennifer Lawrence Reveals She’s Secretly Lurking On Social Media: ‘I Watch, I Don’t Speak’

Jennifer Lawrence is a social media voyeur! After years of staunchly staying off major digital platforms like Twitter and Instagram, the “Red Sparrow” actress told InStyle that she now has her own secret accounts, where she keeps tabs on others but never posts. Find out why Jen has decided to stay silent online.

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Nike’s Decision to Back Colin Kaepernick Rooted in Social Change as Well as Business

Nike’s decision to make its bold deal with Colin Kaepernick was partly a shrewd business move, but sources involved in the negotiation tell TMZ Sports a big part was also cultural. Our sources say Nike was fully aware there would be outrage by embracing…


TMZ Celebrity News for Fashion

Martin Luther King III Proud Of Aretha Franklin’s Social Activism

[[tmz:video id=”0_s40scvow”]] Aretha Franklin taught us all the meaning of “Respect” … and the iconic singer truly lived by those words …  so says the son of Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King III says Aretha was committed to the…


TMZ Celebrity News for Music

Social Media Star Manny MUA Debuts First Product From New Makeup Line & Fans Are Already Obsessed

Social media sensation and beauty savant Manny MUA is finally ready to debut the first product from his very own makeup line, Lunar Beauty.

Access Hollywood Latest News

Hugh Jackman Admits He Loves ‘Deadpool 2’ In Latest Ryan Reynolds Social Media Exchange

Hugh Jackman has reluctantly admitted he loves “Deadpool 2” following a series of hilarious social media exchanges with his former “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” co-star Ryan Reynolds.

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Tristan Thompson Ends His Social Media Silence Amid Cheating Allegations

Tristan Thompson breaks his silence . . . sort of.

Access Hollywood Latest News

Kanye West to Launch Donda Social to Help City of Chicago

Kanye West has hatched a plan to rescue hundreds of thousands of Chicago residents, and his circle of super famous friends is also getting in on the action.  Sources close to Kanye tell us the rapper created the idea of an organization called Donda…


TMZ Celebrity News for Music

#RIPPrince: Fans Across Social Media Honor The Purple One, Prince

Prince At The Ritz

Source: Gary Gershoff / Getty

The loss of talented all-around musician Prince Rogers Nelson two years ago on this date still has a heavy effect on his fans and past collaborators. Across social media, the Purple One was honored as is fitting for a star of his caliber and discography.

Earlier today, the trending topic #RIPPrince began cropping up on Twitter and Instagram with folks sharing loving thoughts, images, songs and the like. Prince was just 57 years at the time of his passing, which was brought on by complications related an overdose of pain pills. A new wrinkle in the case developed just this week when it was revealed the singer was given a faked prescription that was thought to be Vicodin.

While the tragic circumstances of Prince’s passing will forever be a point of contention, most are choosing to remember him for his musical contributions today. We’ve collected some of those responses below and on the following pages.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Photo: Getty

The Latest Hip-Hop News, Music and Media | Hip-Hop Wired

Bernie Sanders Happy to Have Cardi B Join Fight for Social Security

[[tmz:video id=”0_8b1chhus”]] Cardi B standing shoulder to shoulder with Sen. Bernie Sanders – something he’d love to see if she’s serious about her love of the Social Security Administration.  We got the Vermont senator Thursday at…


TMZ Celebrity News for Music

These Eerie Social Media Stars Aren’t Even Real People

Style and Beauty – Fashion News, Celebrity Style and Fashion Trends
FASHION NEWS UPDATE-Visit Shoe Deals Online today for the hottest deals online for shoes!

Episode 12: YouTube shooter,, trade war, and overcoming social anxiety


YouTube shooter

Trade war update

How the Post Office makes money and covers their losses without taxpayer funding

Lesson on overcoming social anxiety (this is the best part and comes in the final third of the podcast)

The post Episode 12: YouTube shooter,, trade war, and overcoming social anxiety appeared first on Dilbert Blog.

Dilbert Blog

Justin Theroux Breaks Social Media Silence After Jennifer Aniston Split

Jennifer Aniston, Justin TherouxYou can’t go wrong with puppies…
Justin Theroux has broken his social media silence after announcing his shocking split from Jennifer Aniston last week and he did it in an unusual,…

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Nicki Minaj Ditched Social Media to Focus on Epic, New Album

Nicki Minaj isn’t missing, hiding or lying low because she’s pregnant — she’s just been in beast mode working on making her next album a masterpiece. Sources close to Nicki tell us … she decided to ditch social media at the end of 2017 to fully focus…


TMZ Celebrity News for Gossip Rumors

Serena Williams Asks Other Mommas For Parenting Help In Sweet Social Post

Williams is looking for help from her social media-sphere full of mommas!

Access Hollywood Latest News

Matt Lauer Mostly Scrubbed from ‘Today’ Show Social Media After Firing

Matt Lauer, formerly the face of NBC, is already a ghost as far as the network’s online presence is concerned. Lauer’s been replaced on the “Today” cover photos for the show’s social media — specifically Facebook and Twitter. They used to feature Matt…


TMZ Celebrity News for Stars In Heat

Broken Social Scene On World Cafe

Broken Social Scene inside the World Cafe Performance Studio at WXPN in Philadelphia, PA.

A performance session that brings a reminder of comfort in chaos, and community alike.

(Image credit: Galea McGregor/WXPN)

Rock : NPR


Anthony Bourdain Supports Girlfriend Asia Argento In Social Media Posts

Anthony Bourdain is speaking out on behalf of his girlfriend, Asia Argento, after she came forward and accused movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein of sexually assaulting her in the past. 

Access Hollywood Latest News

Buena Vista Social Club: Adios – Lucy Walker

Lucy Walker - Buena Vista Social Club: Adios  artwork

Buena Vista Social Club: Adios

Lucy Walker

Genre: Music Documentaries

Price: $ 14.99

Rental Price: $ 4.99

Release Date: May 26, 2017

The musicians of the Buena Vista Social Club™ exposed the world to Cuba's vibrant culture with their landmark 1997 album on World Circuit Records and Academy Award-nominated documentary Buena Vista Social Club. Now, against the backdrop of Cuba’s captivating musical history, hear the band’s story as they reflect on their remarkable careers and the extraordinary circumstances that brought them together.

iTunes Store: Top Movies in Concert Films

Selena Gomez Gets Refreshingly Real About Social Media: ‘I Like Being Vulnerable’

Selena Gomez opens up to Time magazine about the upsides and pitfalls of social media.

#OscarsSoWhite creator starts social media campaign to stop ‘Confederate’

The woman behind the #OscarsSoWhite movement has set her sights on a new quest: to get HBO to say #No to “Confederate,” a recently announced series from the creators of “Game of Thrones.” – RSS Channel – Entertainment

GamersGate: The World's Largest Online Game Store

Rob Kardashian Returns to Social Media With Daughter Dream Following Blac Chyna Legal Drama

Dream Kardashian, TwitterRob Kardashian is returning to social media with a very special someone.
On Friday evening, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took to Twitter where he shared a brand-new photo of…

E! Online (US) – Top Stories
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Hug of Thunder – Broken Social Scene

Broken Social Scene - Hug of Thunder  artwork

Hug of Thunder

Broken Social Scene

Genre: Alternative

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: July 7, 2017

© ℗ 2017 Arts & Crafts Productions Inc.

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Alternative

Rob Kardashian’s Lawyer Will Promise Restraining Order Judge He Won’t Bully Blac Chyna on Social Media

Rob Kardashian’s lawyer will appear in court Monday morning and tell the judge … his client will voluntarily refrain from attacking/bullying Blac Chyna on social media. Sources connected with Rob tell us, he’ll be represented by Robert Shapiro of OJ…


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Gothic charcoal ice cream takes social media by storm

Dessert takes a trip to the dark side as an LA shop serves up black ice cream. Jane Ross reports.

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What Motivates A 20-Year-Old’s Outrageous Social Media Behavior?

Tracey, 20, says she loves negative attention so much, especially online, that she’ll do everything she can to solicit it.

“I love posting crazy things just to get people’s reaction,” explains Tracey, who has shared details about her body, her hopes of marrying “a rich white guy,” and her experience having unprotected sex on social media, for which she says she’s proud she received more than 80,000 “likes.”

“I even posted I wanted to get raped just to get attention. Then, I said being raped felt amazing,” she says in the video above, pointing out that her post received more than 26,000 likes and 4,000 comments. “Ninety percent of the comments were negative, but I loved it.”

Not only does she seek negative attention through her posts, but she also admits she enjoys connecting with people who mistreat her. “I deal with guys who are abusive, and cuss and yell at me,” Tracey says. “That’s how I feel loved.” She even posted: “I like abusive men, and I like to be manhandled.”

Tracey confides that at age 14, after being bullied in high school, she sought revenge by creating a fake profile which she admits she used to bully about 200 of her alleged bullies online. “I told people they’re ugly, they’re fat, they deserve to die. I even told someone to go kill themselves,” she says matter-of-factly. “When I was bullying people, I felt good. It made me feel tough.”

But are there underlying issues that could be driving her behavior?

Dr. Phil tells her, “I spend most of my time hearing what people don’t say … It’s interesting that everything you do — the way you describe the guys you want, the things that you portray yourself to be on the Internet … the way you seem to have this fixation on negative input, the way you run from positive input — all tells me that you love being in a victim role and that you love being in a situation where you’re punished and put down. That tells me that you have absolutely no self-worth, no self-esteem and no self-respect.”

When Tracey claims that her self-esteem is high, Dr. Phil responds, “Anybody who has self-esteem, self-worth and self-respect would not allow random guys to use their body as a playground. They would not allow random guys to entertain themselves in such a way that could leave you with a disease, or with a pregnancy or a situation or circumstance where you were hurt, killed or left in a life circumstance that you would pay for years to come … No one with self-worth or self-esteem would allow themselves to be used and manipulated that way and then delude themselves that this is something they want.”

On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, will Tracey get real about her outrageous behavior? Check local listings here.

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Buena Vista Social Club to Perform at the White House

Buena Vista Social Club will perform at The White House on Oct. 15. The Cuban music veterans, who after almost 20 years of touring the world are… Music News

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Sexual Harassment on Social Media: Women Attacked on Their Own Phones

It's no surprise that impolite people (read: internet trolls) have turned a lot of the social media landscape into minefields of bullying, harassment, and downright scary, extremist soapboxing. From a purely observational, anecdotal standpoint,…

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Social Media Obsessed Teen Says ‘I Can’t Breathe Without WiFi’

Seventeen-year-old Khloe admits that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are her best friends.

“I’m completely obsessed with social media,” she says, explaining that she sleeps with her phone in her hand and starts her day at 6 am by immediately checking Facebook. “When it’s not with me, I don’t feel complete and I feel very scared,” she says about her phone. “I can’t do anything without it.”

Khloe recognizes that her social media addiction has gotten out of control, and fears that she’s missing out on personal relationships. “I do get panic attacks when I leave my house and there’s no WiFi,” she says. “It’s very hard to have conversations in real life. It’s so much easier to just text message or Facebook.”

In the video above, she explains how her self-esteem is tied to social media. “The amount of attention I get on Facebook feels like a rush to me,” says Khloe. “On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, I get 500 to 1,000 likes on each picture … It makes me feel really good about myself!” She estimates that she knows only about 50 of those people, but says, “They really feed my self-esteem.”

Turning to Dr. Phil for counsel, she says, “I’m always on my phone 24/7. I need help. I want a normal life.” Find out what he thinks the underlying issue is for Khloe, and how he proposes she break her addiction on Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Social Media Obsessed Teens: I Can’t Breathe Without WiFi.”

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Dreamgirl Announces Halloween Social Media Campaigns

Dreamgirl International has launched the “My Dream Halloween” Challenge on Pinterest and the “Once Upon a Giveaway” Sweepstakes on Instagram to increase consumer brand awareness for its 2015/2016 Costume Collection. | Top Stories

‘My Husband Is Obsessed With Sexting, Social Media And Our Daughter’s Friends’

Richard, a 47-year-old married father of two, has posted provocative photos on his social media pages, including a woman wearing a bra made out of whipped cream, a woman bent over a bicycle wearing a G-string, and a poster that reads: “The perfect wife: quiet, obedient and naked.”

When Is It Time To Walk Away From A Marriage?

His wife, Tammy, and their two daughters say his posts make them sick to their stomachs.

“Over the past five years, Richard has become obsessed with social media,” says Tammy. “Richard constantly is posting sexual content of other women … it’s inappropriate!” She adds, “Richard has sexual conversations with many women online. He has a tendency to friend my daughters’ friends … It makes me ill.”

Why Your Relationship May Be In Trouble (And How To Fix It)

Richard, who says he has been relegated to sleeping in the basement of his own home, says, “I’ve always been a social butterfly … I think it’s a release. I just feel like a man again. I’m not kissing anybody. I’m not in bed with anyone.”

But his grown daughters say his behavior is “embarrassing,” and he has become the “creepy old man” who makes them and their friends feel uncomfortable.

Tammy says she has even discovered that Richard is in a private online group with three women, where they have explicit sexual discussions. In tears, Tammy says, “I’ve been asked many a time, ‘Why am I still married to him?’ The perfect life that I once had is ruined.”

5 Questions You Need To Ask Before You Decide To Divorce

Can Richard log off of social media long enough to repair his family, or is it too late? Watch more from Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil here. 

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EXCLUSIVE: Crooked I Criticizes Black Rappers For Being Afraid To Talk About Social Issues (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) With police brutality being a national news story for over a year and the 2016 presidential campaign dominating coverage, some Hip Hop artists have used their status to address social/political issues. According to Kxng Crooked I, more rappers need to step up and speak on the things taking place in America today.

[ALSO READ: Kanye West Talks The Delay On “SWISH” Album & Being A Fan Of Presidential Candidate Ben Carson]

“I just hate the way that Black rappers are scared to talk about what’s going on in America,” said Crooked. “They’re so tune into syrup, pills, weed, cars, women. If you take those subject matters away from them, they don’t rap about sh*t.”

The Slaughterhouse member also mentioned he is thinking about no longer using the word “n*gga.” In Crooked’s view, non-Black people are over abusing the n-word.

“When I say I don’t think you should say that, they say ‘well, you say it’.’ You Know what? I have to give some kind of credit to that comment,” explained Crooked.

[ALSO READ: Post Malone Says Sorry For Dropping “N-Word”]

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The Problem with Social Product Reviews

When you are an author, and you dare to write on topics outside your main field, folks who disagree with you swarm to to give your latest book a bad review that sounds real.

As a hypnotist, I look for three tells (that could be false-positives):

1. Review starts with “I am usually a big fan of this person but…”

2. Criticism is in the form of “War and Peace doesn’t have anything about Russia in it.” (Meaning the reader did not read the book but might have skimmed a page or two.)

3. A 2 or 3-star review, to make the ploy seem less obvious than a 1-star review.

I do not allege that these two newest reviews are fake. But these are the types you would look for right about now, with all three tells, as I start angering people with my Trump writing. But as I say, these could be false-positives. They just happen to fit the form perfectly.

I will ask those of you who read my book to confirm in the comments that these reviewers appear to have not read it. (The real readers understood the book to be about systems versus goals, not advice. The book clearly says it is not advice.)


Am I wrong?

Update: The tell on the second review is the two words “old hat.” That person either skimmed the book or did not read it. I think the folks who did read the book can confirm in the comments that the VERY POINT of the book is that it is contrarian advice. A real criticism might have looked like this: “His new ideas do not appeal to me.”

And any reference to “already been done” without a link or a book title where it has already been done is another eyebrow-raiser.

Scott Adams Blog

Random Hand – Leeds, Brudenell Social Club – September 4th 2015 Live Review

Contactmusic Ltd | Latest 40 posts

Hundreds of Men are waiting for You!

Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ And Feeling All The ‘Feels’ In Age Of Social Media

Misery loves melody – or why this wistful chart-climber is the perfect song for Twitter after dark.

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Not Listen to Social Media Gurus



The social media Guru who said “Twitter should be used in moderation” could also probably stop at eating one Cheeto, or even open their eyes while sneezing. It’s a mindless addiction that screams “try and stop me!”.

Now, assuming you’re like most of us on Twitter, you live in a bunker, and manifest symptoms of mild autism and megalomania. You also have an abiding need to get something pointless and stupid off your chest.

So seriously, how do you start? Which key launches the nukes? It seems an endless salad bar without the spit guard. Somewhere you can come back for seconds, gloriously naked under that trench coat, and of course, wearing wet shoes.


Not to harsh your Twitter mellow, but what do you naturally aspire to? Ghost of soapy Tyler Durdan? Bikini Model spokesperson? Do you happily lick donuts? Well all you have to do is just close your eyes and click your heels, and take a shot of ether and get in touch with your weird side. It’s all waiting for you on the Internet’s wild wacked west.

You can be your own fantasy. The only thing limiting you are your limitations, and even that can snowball uphill on this thing.


So for kicks, the first thing you do is follow some profoundly respected celebrity account, because by gosh, you’re both on Twitter and now practically related in an inbred way. You even feel kind of chummy, so you say ‘Hi’ to a Hilary or Katy or Kanye or Fitty, then wait for a response, and wait, all the while slipping deeper and deeper into Nyquil-tini haze.

The good news is you’re not alone — We all got our taste for Nyqil-tinis much the same way.

(At this point, most Twitter virgins experience Twitter fatigue, and must pop Twitter viagra. Just kidding, there is no Twitter viagra. Meth. We use meth).


So now that you’ve been rebuffed, repulsed and repelled, any rational human, medicated or otherwise, would go for the pro-tip. Time to check in with the social media gurus. Y’know, the Swami guys with folded legs, sitting on mountain tops just typing on their laptops — right? Well, social media gurus are the Internet’s bottom feeders: they’ll just bite you on the butt, and feed on your bottom.

It’s the blind leading the blind into an open manhole. Bungee jumping into a burmese tiger trap. The Third base coach waving the runner into a snowblower.

I freely admit an unabashed lusting to become one of them. They’re like the High Priests of some primitive idolatrous cult. Hanging out on the deck of a Temple, just shooting the breeze after a hard day’s flinging sacrificial virgins into the volcano, and fertility rites. You just know you want into that action.

But let’s face it, Twitter is the dog run of social media. Land mines everywhere. You’re bound to step into a simmering pile of tweeting faux pas. Thankfully, with its attention span of a Jello shot, and collective memory loss, it’s always just like shaking the etch-a-sketch clean.

So it begs the question: Do you really need the social media guru sagacity and wisdom?

Here are some of my favorite rules not to follow very closely:


Because on Twitter, we aren’t people, we’re brands, and anything we post or do online affects the people following us. So be very careful not to give a sh**. Follow indiscriminately. Hit your daily following limit. Go directly to Twitter jail.

It’s a numbers game, and you only miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t drink. So bottoms up!



Your follower count is the dipstick of your relevancy — if you’re down a quart, you might as well leave it in the shop.

Again, Twitter is a numbers game — no one knows what’s really going on, so it’s the only indicator of your “eating at the cool table” factor. I can’t stress enough the importance of this, and it justifies its accomplishment by the most ruthless means possible. Attending Moabite fertility rites with stomach flu. Shipping off your in-firmed Eskimo grandparents on an ice floe as an amuse-bouche for polar bears. Promising you’ll call after a date and you don’t. It doesn’t matter. It’s for the greater good, your greater good.

And by the same token, if someone is not following you back after three days, unfollow them. If you have the time, block them. And if you have more time, also stick knitting needles into the ears and nostrils of their voodoo doll

Although personally, I start with the knitting needles on Day 2.




Whoa! Seriously? Never DM anyone! Never! Not even to poison control after Bill Cosby roofied you with radioactive Polonium 210.

Twitter is like self-medication for a broad spectrum of interesting characters, from the lithium-addled, insomniac vampires, to the bi-polar narcoleptic dominatrixes. No one wants to get a direct mail from a barnacle with suction cups, and a prescription for an electro-shock bite stick. The kind of stalkerish nut job who needs your opinion on what color thong is appropriate for an afternoon wedding. (Note to the style challenged: it’s all good).

Especially if you yourself have a nagging conscience. Blocking a Twitter crazy conjures up guilty visions of sugar plum fairies dancing on the subway platform, just before they jump. So avoid DMs as if it were the plague with bad breath.




Very few celebrities will send the elevator of success back down to the basement for us methane-breathing troglodytes. Unless they’re extraordinary human beings like Jim Gaffigan, who is quite literally the Dr. Albert Schweitzer of Comedians — just a kind, generous, giving human being and utterly hilarious — no wrong answers. But sadly, Jim can’t field everyone, so you have to blaze your own trail, while avoiding self-immolation like a Vietnamese Monk on a bender.





There is no honor among thieves, and no respect between Twitterers. Trust me, you will inevitably be disappointed, and the “Block” button will seem so wussy and ineffectual, especially compared with what you really want to do to them. Instead of RTing, just hit the ‘I told You So’ button.

This is so high school, that is, if you graduated from John Wayne Gacy High with degree in clown costumes. It’s lousy with fond memories of anti-social non-reciprocation: The old: ‘I’ll scratch your back, and you excoriate mine with a raclette swivel’.



(to be continued)

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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Mobile Mania: Connecting to a Brave, New Social World

I am amazed every time I meet a new business partner in the mobile industry who does not have a Facebook profile or another social media account. | Feature Articles

Filing for Ex-Spouse Social Security Benefits: Does Your Ex Have to Be Involved?

Dear Carrie,

I’m turning 65 in a few months, and getting close to retiring. My ex is also turning 65, and as far as I know, he’s still working. I’d like to file for my ex-spouse’s Social Security benefits, but don’t really want to talk to him about it. Does he have to be involved?

–A Reader

Dear Reader,

I’m getting a lot of questions about ex-spouses and Social Security lately, so I’m going to try to broaden my answer to yours to cover a few more bases.

The direct answer to your question is no, your ex doesn’t have to be involved for you to collect benefits based on his record–assuming that your marriage and divorce status qualifies under Social Security rules governing ex-spouse benefits. He doesn’t even have to have filed for benefits himself; he only has to be eligible (at least age 62). As long as he’s eligible to collect, you’re eligible for a spousal benefit.

Your own age plays a part in how much that benefit will be. Once you’re 66, or what the IRS calls your full retirement age (FRA), you’re entitled to 50 percent of your ex’s full primary insurance amount (PIA), which is the benefit he would get at his FRA. So if your ex’s PIA were estimated to be $ 1,600, at your FRA you’d collect $ 800. But if you collect early, there’s a penalty in the form of a reduction of 25/36 of 1 percent for every month you’re ahead of your FRA. Therefore, collecting at your current age of 65 (12 months early) would permanently reduce your benefit by just over 8 percent. Based on this example, you’d collect about $ 733.

Unfortunately, if you aren’t in touch with your ex and don’t know his PIA, you won’t know exactly what your spousal benefit will be until you file. The Social Security Administration (SSA) can’t tell you anything in advance.

Bottom line, the fact that your ex doesn’t have to be involved can be a plus–but figuring out how to maximize your benefit requires a closer look.

Digging into the details

Your age, the length of your marriage and your current marital status all factor into whether you qualify for an ex-spousal benefit. I’ve described these in another column, and chances are you’ve read them before, but I think they bear repeating. In a nutshell:

  • You must be at least 62 years old.
  • You must have been married for a minimum of 10 years.
  • If your ex hasn’t yet filed for benefits but is eligible, you must have been divorced for two years.
  • You must be currently unmarried.
  • If you did remarry, that marriage must have ended.
  • If you’re under your FRA, the benefit based on your own work record must be less than the spousal benefit from your ex.

If you have more than one ex-spouse (with a minimum 10-year marriage), you can collect on either spouse’s record, but not both. Likewise, you can’t collect simultaneously on your own work record and an ex’s. It’s one or the other.

Important tips about timing

If you meet these basic qualifications, the next step is to decide when to file. Here’s where it can pay to do some strategizing. To help clarify, let’s look at a couple of scenarios.

Filing before FRA–Helen and John have been divorced for seven years after a 20-year marriage. She wants to collect a spousal benefit on John’s record at age 62, and then switch to her own benefit at her full retirement age.

Unfortunately, this wouldn’t work. When you file for ex-spousal benefits before your FRA, you can’t then switch to your own benefits. Not only that, at age 62 your benefit would be the greater of either your own benefit (reduced because you filed early) or the spousal benefit (also reduced). As you can see, filing before your FRA not only lowers your benefit amount, it limits your options.

Filing at FRA–Todd and Gwen divorced after 10 years of marriage. Gwen remarried but Todd didn’t. Todd is now 66 and Gwen is 64. Even though Todd’s full benefit is higher than Gwen’s, he wants to collect on her work record and let his own benefit grow until he reaches 70.

This is a realistic strategy. First, Gwen’s marital status doesn’t affect whether or not Todd can collect on her record; only his own marital status is important. Also, even though Gwen is younger, at age 66 Todd can collect 50 percent of the full benefit she would receive at her FRA. And because Todd is at his FRA, he can choose to collect the spousal benefit now and switch to his own benefit later. Every year he waits to collect on his own work record, he’ll earn delayed retirement credits of around 8 percent until he reaches 70.

As you can see, the main issue is whether you file before or after your FRA. In my opinion, it’s generally best to wait unless you’re in a financial bind. But never postpone a spousal or ex-spousal benefit past FRA because it maxes out at that age.

An extra word about remarriage–and survivors’ benefits

The issue of remarriage can be confusing because the rules are different for spousal and survivors’ benefits. As I said, you must be unmarried to collect any ex-spousal benefit. However, with survivor benefits, if you remarry after age 60, you can collect on your ex’s record no matter your marital status. Plus, if you’ve survived more than one spouse, you can choose to collect on the one with the higher benefit–and even switch between them if, for instance, a spouse with a lower benefit dies before a spouse with a higher benefit.

The SSA does a pretty good job of explaining the details at, however, if you still have questions, you could look for a financial advisor who specializes in Social Security issues. You don’t want to leave money on the table!

For more updates, follow Carrie on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Looking for answers to your retirement questions? Check out Carrie’s new book, “The Charles Schwab Guide to Finances After Fifty: Answers to Your Most Important Money Questions.”

This article originally appeared on You can e-mail Carrie at, or click here for additional Ask Carrie columns. This column is no substitute for an individualized recommendation, tax, legal or personalized investment advice. Where specific advice is necessary or appropriate, consult with a qualified tax advisor, CPA, financial planner or investment manager.


— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

Divorce – The Huffington Post

Need to File for a Divorce!

14 Women Who Bared It All On Social Media

The time-honored tradition of thirst trapping is one thing, but to completely take it off for Instagram or Twitter is a completely different level.

Kim Kardashian

photo: Instagram

Nevertheless, these 14 women who bared it all on social media disrobed in the name of attention seeking, activism, or sometimes just to show off the work they’d put in at the gym.

Photo: Instagram

The post 14 Women Who Bared It All On Social Media appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired.

Hip-Hop Wired

Social Media Laments Loss Of Christian Taylor [Photos]

As the details surrounding the police shooting death of 19-year-old Angelo State University football player Christian Taylor, questions have been continuously mounting on what actually happened. With reports saying that the officer who killed Taylor was still in training, social media has used the unfortunate moment to lament the loss and demand justice.

Officer Brad Miller, which the Dallas News writes is a 49-year-old trainee, just graduated from the Arlington Police Academy this past March and was working under an officer’s supervision. As we reported Friday evening, Miller was responding to a burglary call at the Classic Buick GMC dealership around 1:00 a.m. Friday morning. Reports say that Taylor was inside a showroom after using a vehicle to drive through its glass front. There was a reported altercation of some sort, which is when Miller gunned Taylor down.

What makes this case curious is that friends and family of Taylor say he wasn’t the type to steal and that his Christian faith was something he valued more than anything. Most believe that Taylor wasn’t there to steal a car and there’s little evidence to support claims on either side. Arlington police don’t have body cameras and the video inside the dealership didn’t reveal what happened in the shooting.

Social media users, especially on Twitter, have chimed in with their own thoughts about what happened with Taylor. As the incident happened in Texas, there were some mild comparisons made to the Sandra Bland case as well. Although many theories abound, police say they are still investigating the matter. However, skeptics feel that this is another in a long line of white police officers taking Black lives.

View the following pages to see social media band together and discuss the unfortunate case of Christian Taylor by way of the #ChristianTaylor hashtag.

Instagram Photo

Photo: Angelo State University Athletics

The post Social Media Laments Loss Of Christian Taylor [Photos] appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired.

Hip-Hop Wired

Steve Grand on Life After Kickstarter Campaign & Navigating ‘Toxic’ Social Media Landscape

A little over two years ago, the unsigned singer/songwriter Steve Grand dropped out of the sky with his viral video for “All-American Boy” and… Music News

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American Voices: ‘Thigh Reading’ Trend Takes Hold On Social Media

In an effort to subvert mainstream beauty standards and celebrate all bodies equally, thousands of women are promoting the hashtag #thighreading and posting pictures of their thighs to social media, many of which depict stretch marks, scars, and cellulite. What do you think?

The Onion

Study: Dressing-Room Selfies Are on the Rise, Women Buy Based on Social Media Likes

If you've ever found yourself taking a selfie in a dressing room while shopping, it turns out you're not the only one. According to a study from social marketplace Shopa, more and more women and…

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VidCon 2015 Social Media Star Frenzy

There are so many social media stars that they have their own convention called VidCon. Access highlights some of YouTube’s biggest sensations!

Access Hollywood Latest Videos

Inside The Secretive, Exclusive Social Networks Of Hollywood

“Information has always been currency,” says Shane, who insists on sharing only his first name. He’s an assistant to a television director. Hollywood, where Shane works, is like any other industry town—built on professional connections, on who you know as much as what you know.

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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What the Most Stylish Women Wear 9 to 5: Meet Fashion Blogger and Social Media Director Juliana Salazar

Juliana Salazar 9 to 5

Juliana Salazar always loved fashion; she just never saw it as a career. “I always thought of fashion as a pastime,” says Salazar, who studied business at George Washington University instead. “I guess I wasn’t really thinking of my actual future when I should have been, because it got to the point where I hated all my classes and all I was doing was looking at stuff online.” One day, bored in class and particularly smitten with a dress she glimpsed online, Salazar decided to start a blog, Made in Chicistan, to chronicle her passion. When that site started taking off, Salazar realized she might be onto something: Fashion could be more than a hobby. And the rest, as they say, is history—after college, she went on to work for Intermix and eventually landed at luxury store Hirshleifers, where she is social media director. Here, the jill-of-all-trades tells us how she approaches dressing for everything from market appointments to Instagram shoots to Fashion Week after-parties.

Mood Dressing
I’m social media director at Hirshleifers, a specialty luxury store. Within the past year since I started, I think our digital audience has increased by 300 percent. I also help with buying and with creative projects too—ways to up our social presence so we can progress and stay modern. I’m kind of a social brand ambassador—Hirshleifers is a huge business but it’s very tightly run, so going to fashion shows is not something they did before I came on board. It’s funny, people ask me what I do and I never know exactly how to explain it—it doesn’t fit that neatly into a job title.

I dress depending on my mood and what I have going on for the day. Today it’s raining and gross out, so I’m wearing slouchy pants [from Calypso St. Barth] and a slouchy denim button-down [from Current/Elliott] and sneakers [from Saint Laurent]. I feel like I’m in my pajamas. I wear a lot of denim shirts—they’re just easy to throw on. My Canadian tuxedo is like my sweatsuit—like when I don’t want to think about anything but I can’t wear sweatpants to work, that’s what I throw on. I’m all about comfort. I never wear anything where I feel like I can’t breathe, but I don’t like looking like a bum either.

Last week, I was having a terrible week and I thought, I need to do something to change this, so I put on these bright yellow silk wide-leg pants from Rag & Bone—like, hopefully this brings the sunshine in. I wore them with a denim top from Gap and strappy sandals from Dolce Vita. People say dress for the job you want—dress for whatever it is you want—and it’s kind of true. For instance with the yellow pants, I got so many comments on them; even guys on the street were making funny little comments about my bright yellow pants. It’s things like that that can actually help take your mind off of whatever is actually bothering you. Fashion is not a serious thing at all; it should be fun.

Juliana Salazar 9 to 5


Photo: Courtesy of Juliana Salazar

Juliana Salazar 9 to 5


Current/Elliott The Perfect denim shirt, $ 89;; CP Shades Talula plaid linen culotte pants, $ 225;; Saint Laurent leather and fabric sneaker, $ 595;

Photo: (Clockwise from top left) Courtesy of; Courtesy of; Courtesy of

Instagram Style
Hirshleifers is such a hidden gem and my job is to expose it as the jewel that it is. My day-to-day usually involves shooting pieces for our website, Instagram, and blog—I’m also basically the in-house model so there are days when I’m trying on clothes all day. When it comes to our Instagram, I notice that people are really into labels—I’ll post a Louboutin and even when it’s nothing special, that red sole will still get a thousand likes. Same with the Alexander McQueen skull scarves. Whereas then I’ll post a really sick Céline scarf and it won’t even break 100 likes. I guess you have to know your audience, especially if what you’re after is user engagement.

For my personal Instagram, I try not to think about it too much. If I really like what I’m wearing, I’ll post my little selfie in my hallway. But if I think too much about it then I second-guess myself and I feel dumb. Instagram, when it’s personal, has to be done on a whim for me. I’ve actually gotten styling gigs through friends who have seen me on Instagram.

Contrast Is Key
I’m all about contradictions—I love, for example, a really feminine flirty skirt or a little lace dress with sneakers. Or if I’m wearing boyfriend jeans and a T-shirt, I’ll wear really sharp oxfords. I rely a lot on statement accessories. I’m obsessed with these Dries Van Noten shoes that have cowrie shell straps—one strap is red snakeskin-stamped leather, with a wooden sole. They’re such a standout shoe, but I wear them with everything. Another recent go-to is these Sophia Webster heels that are pretty crazy—they’re black and white with pink racing stripes. They look amazing with just a plain white T-shirt and jeans.

During the workweek I wear a pretty big bag because I have to carry my laptop: The bag I’m carrying right now is from Ready-made, a Japanese company that uses all U.S. Army recycled materials. It looks like a Birkin but it’s made from all this vintage army material and in a way, it’s so much cooler—I Googled some of the sayings on mine, and it turned out that it was made from material from a warship in World War II.

Juliana Salazar 9 to 5


Photo: Courtesy of Juliana Salazar

Juliana Salazar 9 to 5


MiH Grace denim overalls, $ 345;; J.Crew vintage cotton tee in metallic, $ 35;; Dries Van Noten leather sandal, $ 250;; Ready-Made bag, price upon request;

Photo: (Clockwise from left) Courtesy of; Courtesy of J Crew; Courtesy of; Courtesy of

Wearing H&M to Chloé
Then there are days when I’m going to market appointment after market appointment, and there, I’m representing Hirshleifers so I try to wear things that are more current instead of just my favorite shirt from however long ago. During market week recently, I wore this off-the-shoulder blue top that I really love. It’s from H&M, if you can believe it. I was literally stopped at every appointment—I felt so bad, I was in Chloé telling them about my shirt from H&M. But when it’s good, it’s good! I wore it with these Zara wide-leg gaucho pants in a baby-blue denim.

All day I’m surrounded by all these really amazing clothes—but let’s face it, I can’t afford everything. So I’ll do my research and see what’s out there, what my best option is. If anything is too much of a designer knock-off, I won’t buy it.

During Fashion Week I have access to a lot more things that I wouldn’t normally get to wear because brands will lend me: I got to wear this awesome Chanel tweed dress that was my favorite thing ever; and another day I wore a full Céline look. But if you feel comfortable in something it exudes confidence, and sometimes actually just a basic outfit will do that best. Recently during Fashion Week, I had shows all day and then I went to a Kanye West concert, and then to the Stella McCartney after-party. I wore a black blazer, boyfriend jeans, and comfy Chelsea boots—very laid-back. It wasn’t that special, but I felt very cool in it. You know how some clothes you put on and you kind of have a “pimp walk” in them? That makes all the difference.

Juliana Salazar 9 to 5


Photo: Courtesy of Juliana Salazar

Juliana Salazar 9 to 5


H&M off-the-shoulder blouse, $ 40;; Zara denim culottes, $ 20;; Dolce Vita Breeze sandal, $ 60;; Organic Saturation pink party confetti explosion iPhone case, $ 40;

Photo: (Clockwise from top left) Courtesy of H&M; Courtesy of Zara; Courtesy of; Courtesy of

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5 Things Same-Sex Couples Need To Know About Social Security

Until the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling requiring states to recognize same-sex marriages, Social Security was a crapshoot for gay couples. The Social Security Act says that in order for a surviving or former spouse to receive benefits from a worker’s record, the state that couple lived in needed to recognized their marriage. So if a same-sex married couple were legally married in one state but lived in a state that didn’t recognize their marriage, no spousal benefits could be claimed.

But the recent court ruling changed all that. States are now required to allow same-sex marriage and to recognize those marriages when they occur in other states. And that recognition opens the door to Social Security’s spousal and survivor benefits — considered to be among the most valuable features of the program.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that now same-sex couples can be as confused as heterosexual couples are when it comes to tapping into the SSA. Here are five things everyone should know:

1. For all things Social Security, it pays to be married — literally.
At your full retirement age, your benefit as a spouse can be equal to one-half of your mate’s full retirement amount. Claiming Social Security benefits as a married couple (instead of as two single individuals) can increase additional lifetime benefits significantly — in some cases, to the tune of $ 100,000 or more.

2. When your spouse dies, you will be provided for.
There are a ton of rules around claiming survivor benefits, but in a nutshell, if you are married and your spouse dies, you can claim Social Security benefits based on their working record instead of your own. So, if your spouse earned way more than you did, you would be eligible to receive their higher earned benefit for the rest of your life — which, again, wouldn’t be possible if you claimed Social Security as two single individuals. If you and your spouse earn about the same, the impact of this benefit will be minimal. But prior to the Supreme Court ruling, not having your marriage recognized meant no money paid to a survivor.

3. To have loved and lost beats never having loved at all.
Put more directly: Divorce beats never marrying. That’s because if you are divorced, you can still collect Social Security benefits from the work record of your ex. Doing this won’t impact how much his/her present spouse collects. This only works if you are single though. Once you remarry, this money faucet turns off. To get benefits as an ex-spouse, your marriage must have lasted at least 10 years.

4. Opposite-sex couples may still get more Social Security money than same-sex couples.
Financial Engines recently estimated that the value of spousal and survivor benefits is even larger for heterosexual couples because there are greater age differences among spouses in opposite-sex marriages. These age differences increase the potential values of marriage benefits, especially survivor benefits. Women outlive men and spend more than 11 years on average as widows, according to the Society of Actuaries, so survivor benefits are enormously important to them.

5. Social Security is like a tree trunk with many branches.
Let’s start with a principal earner who is eligible for Social Security retirement benefits. A little-known feature of the Social Security system is that in addition to paying retirement benefits for the retired worker, it may provide benefits to the worker’s spouse, an ex-spouse if the marriage lasted at least 10 years, and dependent children and grandchildren, depending on the circumstances. Moreover, these benefits can be paid all at the same time.

Anyone have any other pieces of wisdom to share when it comes to Social Security? Please tell us about it in comments.

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Issa Addresses Rape Suspect Impersonating Him On Social Media (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Issa Thompson was unexpectedly brought into a criminal case in Alabama. A 20-year-old man was arrested in Tuscaloosa for allegedly pretending to be Issa in order to sexually assault women.

According to police, Aaron Hall created a fake Facebook page impersonating the Atlanta-based performer, and tricked fans into meeting him. He then reportedly abused and robbed the women. Hall was charged with rape, sodomy, and burglary.

[ALSO READ: Man Impersonating Atlanta Rapper Issa Thompson Arrested For Rape & Sodomy (VIDEO)]

Issa recently uploaded a video to YouTube addressing the situation. The This Summer project creator began by speaking directly to anyone that was affected by Allen’s actions.

“I just want to send my prayers and apologies out to the victims and the families. I can only imagine if something like this happened to my daughter, mother, sister or any of the women in my life. It’s truly a devastating story to hear,” says Issa.

He later adds, “If anybody has contacted you saying that they’re me, or pretending to be me, on any social network, please, please contact your local police.”

Issa Thompson’s official social media pages for Twitter and Instagram are @ISSAIAM. His official Facebook page is

[ALSO READ: Premiere: Issa – “Makaveli”]

Watch Issa’s official statement below.

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Sage The Gemini Is Deleting All Social Media Over Alleged Cheating?

Photo via Jordin Spark’s Instagram

Is it that serious? It looks like Sage The Gemini is done with social media after rumors begin to swirl that he tried to “holla” at a girl on Twitter. He says it’s a bad case of Photoshop. Maybe we believe him. After all he couldn’t be that stupid right? Is Jordin Sparks behind his social media cleanse?

Screen shot 2015-07-02 at 2.24.15 PM

Screen shot 2015-07-02 at 2.24.48 PM

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Maine Musik – “Social Media Gangsta”

No Limit Forever has the next generation of street talent. Main Musik, Baton Rouge’s finest hip hop star has been through the struggle but put it all in his talent. As he gives the streets nothing but real struggle music. “Social Media Gangsta” is exposing these “internet thugs” and it basically the truth what the game has been missing.

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#RichKids Of Beverly Hills’ Social Media 101

‘#RichKids Of Beverly Hills’ stars, EJ Johnson and Morgan Stewart, give Access’ Billy Bush and Kit Hoover lessons in social media lingo.

Access Hollywood Latest Videos

20 Times Solange’s Instagram Gave Us New Social Media Goals

She’s more than just Bey’s little sister — she’s a singer, a mom and the curator of one of the coolest Instagram accounts we’ve ever seen. To celebrate her 29th birthday on June 24, we’ve rounded up some of her best ‘grams that are so good they hurt.


SCOTUS Legalizes Gay Marriage: Fashion Folks React on Social Media

Jeremy Scott, Cara Delevingne and Rachel Zoe are among fashion’s biggest names sharing their support for SCOTUS’ decision with an outpouring of love on social media.

read more


News in Brief: Report: Only 47,000 Social Justice Milestones To Go Before U.S. Achieves Full Equality

WASHINGTON—Following the Supreme Court’s landmark decision making same-sex marriage legal nationwide, sources confirmed Friday that only 47,000 social justice milestones need to be reached before the U.S. achieves full equality. “This is a watershed moment for civil rights that finally brings the dream of living in an equitable society one tiny fraction of a step closer to reality,” said civil rights lawyer Helene Najjar, adding that the country could now turn its attention to closing the income gap, ending racial discrimination in law enforcement, and providing equal educational opportunities for all children, among tens of thousands of other issues. “We have been striving for this victory for decades, and we will continue to fight for a more just society until we have reached all 47,000 human rights milestones that still need to be achieved. This win proves that we are inching toward living in a …

The Onion

What Divorced Retirees Should Know About Social Security – TheStreet

NEW YORK (TheStreet) – Your marriage may be over, but there’s still a chance Social Security will pay you for the years you put in.

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WIRED Live – Creating an International Social Soundtrack with Twitter Amplify

Glenn Brown of Twitter Amplify explains how the social media service is giving brands and users a digital megaphone to tweet during broadcasts and major events.
WIRED Videos – The Scene

This Is What It’s Like To Watch Your Ex Fall In Love On Social Media

These days, cutting ties with your ex after a breakup is easier said than done. You could go cold turkey — delete them entirely on Facebook, Instagram and all the other social networks — but Facebook stalking checking in on him or her occasionally is just too hard to resist.

The BuzzFeed video above — an adaptation of a great essay by Kirsten King — captures the experience perfectly: the way you generally visit your ex’s page late at night, the shock of seeing him with some new mystery woman, how you then end up Facebook stalking her.

Our favorite part of King’s story? The way she gradually moves on and finds the silver-lining in revisiting past relationships.

“Visiting him reminds me that I am capable of love, and that I am worthy of love,” she explains. “It reminds me that when you truly care for another person, it never really goes away.”

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Taraji P. Henson Discusses ‘Empire’s’ Successful Debut, Season Two and Social Injustice

Taraji P. Henson is on a mission: To take her brand global following the success of Fox’s hit show Empire – and her breakout character Cookie… Music News

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Chet Haze — Tom Hanks ‘Don’t Be Gettin’ Social Media (VIDEO)

Chet Haze is not getting any blow back from his famous parents over his penchant for using the n-word, but Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have given him a strong warning which Chet has not heeded. Haze was out in Santa…


TMZ Celebrity News for Music

Miranda Cosgrove — Stalker Goes Cyber … Ordered Off Social Media

The man convicted of stalking Miranda Cosgrove got a big break when the psych hospital where he was confined gave him a pass to leave for a few days … and guess what he went and did? Joshua Stockton got a furlough a week ago … it was a…


TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Justice

Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment, ‘Familiar’

Chance The Rapper and his band offer a clever take on a tired topic with the help of fellow Chicagoan King Louie and Migos’ Quavo.

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Social Music – Jon Batiste & Stay Human

Jon Batiste & Stay Human - Social Music  artwork

Social Music

Jon Batiste & Stay Human

Genre: Jazz

Price: $ 6.99

Release Date: October 15, 2013

© ℗ 2013 Jon Batiste under exclusive license to Razor & Tie Recordings, LLC. Manufactured and marketed by Razor & Tie Direct, LLC.

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The Social Network – David Fincher

David Fincher - The Social Network  artwork

The Social Network

David Fincher

Genre: Drama

Price: $ 9.99

Rental Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: September 30, 2010

On a fall night in 2003, Harvard undergrad and computer programming genius Mark Zuckerberg sits down at his computer and heatedly begins working on a new idea. In a fury of blogging and programming, what begins in his dorm room soon becomes a global social network and a revolution in communication. A mere six years and 500 million friends later, Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in history… but for this entrepreneur, success leads to both personal and legal complications. From director David Fincher and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin comes The Social Network, a film that proves you don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies. The film is produced by Scott Rudin, Dana Brunetti, Michael De Luca, and Ceán Chaffin and based on the book "The Accidental Billionaires" by Ben Mezrich.

© © 2010 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. and Beverly Blvd LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Chance The Rapper & Donnie Trumpet Release Free Star-Studded The Social Experiment Album “Surf”

(AllHipHop News) Chance The Rapper has been promising the release of his latest work with the group Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment for weeks. Surf has now arrived. The 16-track album dropped on iTunes overnight.

The Social Experiment consists of Chance, Nico “Donnie Trumpet” Segal, “Peter Cottontale” Wilkens, and Lido. Guest features on the LP include B.o.B., J. Cole, BJ the Chicago Kid, Busta Rhymes, Eyrkah Badu, Janelle Monaé, King Louie, and Quavo of Migos.

To download Surf for free visit iTunes. Check out the tracklist and the video for “Sunday Candy” below.

[ALSO READ: Chance The Rapper & Nico Segal Discuss The Social Experiment’s “Surf” Album]

"Surf" Cover Art

“Surf” Cover Art

Surf tracklist:
1. Miracle
2. Slip Slide
3. Warm Enough
4. Nothing Came To Me
5. Wanna Be Cool
6. Windows
7. Caretaker
8. Just Wait
9. Familiar
10. SmthnthtIwnt
11. Go
12. Questions
13. Something Came To Me
14. Rememory
15. Sunday Candy
16. Pass The Vibes

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The Bohicas – The Social, London

Very much looking the part, The Bohicas hit the stage for the last show of their 4 date residency at The Social and immediately RSS feed
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Chance The Rapper, Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment “Surf” Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist, Download & Album Stream

UPDATE: Chance The Rapper’s "Surf" album is now available to stream.

HipHopDX News

Social Media: The Next Generation of the Salem Witch Trials

Everybody’s heard of the Salem Witch Trails of 1692-1693, right? If you haven’t, you need to get your ass to a library right ASAP. Many history teachers use the Salem Witch Trials to teach their students about the dangers of what can happen when mass hysteria takes over communities. Most of us think when hearing these stories: “this is crazy, it could never happen in modern day.” But, with social media keeping us more connected than ever and Americans getting offended at nearly everything they read — it’s almost as if we’ve forgotten the lessons our history teachers tried to instill in us as children because the Salem Witch Trails happen everyday on our computer, we just don’t realize it.

This past weekend, my Facebook page was sent into a tailspin when someone in Alabama saw a t-shirt with an upside-down American flag on it for sale at a PacSun outlet store. Torch carrying Americans took to social media to express their outrage. With a thirst for blood not yet quenched, (it was a slow Memorial Day news weekend) people took to social media to all-but-destroy PacSun, anyone who wore their clothing and anyone associated with the brand. It was a witch trial of a different sort. I like to call it: “#tshirtgate2015.” Let’s take a look:

Salem 1692: Two girls begin rolling around on the floor, seemingly possessed. When a doctor can’t figure out what’s wrong with them (there is no physical evidence of illness) he jumps to the logical conclusion that witches have been f-ing their shit up. Because…what else could it possibly be?

Modern Day: Someone shopping in an outlet store in Alabama (I could make a joke, but that one just wrote itself), sees a t-shirt with an upside flag on it for sale at a PacSun. This outrages said shopper. They take a picture of it and post it on social media, expressing said outrage. Because there is literally nothing else horrible going on in the world today (black kids getting shot by cops for no reason, global warming, world hunger — no time for that!) the image goes viral. PacSun is ruining America with their upside-down American flag shirt. [An upside down American flag is a signal for extreme danger of life or property.] How could PacSun do this on Memorial Day when we are supposed to be honoring our veterans by getting blackout drunk and having a BBQ? WTF PacSun? WTF, indeed.

Salem 1692: Word spreads that two girls have been overcome by the power of witchcraft and other girls in town begin to say that they have been having similar issues. Soon thereafter, several of the towns most undesirable women (beggars, non-churchgoers and women of rival families of the girls who were original possessed) are arrested for witchcraft.

Modern Day: Word spreads that PacSun is selling a t-shirt with an upside down flag on it via social media and others begin to say that they too are offended by said t-shirt. Soon thereafter, several of the worlds most prestigious media outlets begin covering the story because a t-shirt with an upside-down American flag on it is by far the most disgraceful thing that has ever happened (today) and someone must pay. Meanwhile, somewhere in California the creators of House of Cards are probably chilling being like: “Um, an upside-down American flag has been our shows logo for three years and no one has said word one about it. Way to pick and chose, guys.”

Salem 1692: The women convicted of witchcraft are arrested and tried before a court of law. They really don’t stand a chance because in 1692 America, you can be executed for witchcraft based on the hearsay of a group of teenager girls.

Modern Day: PacSun is put on the stand and the judge, jury and executioner is the general public. They really don’t stand a chance because in 2015 America, you can have your life ruined or entire business crumble based on a biased group of people with loud mouths and nothing better to do.

Salem 1692: Many of the women convicted say they love the Lord, would never dance with the devil and have never practiced witchcraft. It doesn’t matter as the court has little-to-no evidence to convict them, so being practical, they send them to their deaths. On the flip, several of the women convicted throw their hands in air, give up and say “fuck it, I’m a witch.” Thinking they’ll be exonerated if confessing to witchcraft, they lie and say they’re witches. Well played ladies, but it doesn’t work. They too, are executed.

Modern Day: PacSun is put in a difficult situation. Apparently everyone fighting this social media war is either a direct descendent of Betsy Ross, a veteran or American flag aficionado and will not relent. This upside-down flag situation is the worst thing that’s happened in American history. Possibly worse than 9-11. If they don’t apologize, they will look like assholes. But this is 2015 and you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Soon after #tshirtgate2015 starts, PacSun apologizes, basically saying, “we give up, we fucked up. Sorry, we’ll pull the shirt from stores.” But it’s not enough. It’s never enough. People are still pissed and call for an all-out boycott of PacSun. Why stop at accepting an apology when you can financially cripple a company and possibly put hundreds if not thousands of people who are just trying to make ends meet out of work? It’s not like you’ve ever done something wrong or made a mistake in real life and asked for forgiveness. Meanwhile, forget trying to put this amount of effort into fighting for equal pay for women — all affiliated with PacSun must pay.

Salem 1692: Mass hysteria reaches a fever pitch and the young girls begin claiming that everyone from infants to clergymen to the elderly are witches. Things have gotten out of hand then suddenly — it all stops. People cease claiming accusations of witchcraft and the townspeople return to their everyday affairs as if nothing happened.

Modern Day: Mass hysteria reaches a fever pitch. People are pissed. Social media statuses such as: “How un-American of Pac Sun!” “They should close all of their stores!” “I will never shop there again!” clutter Facebook and Twitter. Then suddenly — it all stops. People seemingly forget #tshirtgate2015 ever existed because the internet has made us all have the attention spans of five year-olds. However, instead of the good people of social media going back to their everyday affairs, they find something else “truly offensive” and begin complaining about that and the social media circle of life continues. Meanwhile, this is the most anyone has talked about PacSun since 1997, so hopefully their PR department can spin this to their benefit.

Guys, we simply cannot be outraged about inconsequential things on a day-to-day basis. It makes us no better than the two teenage girls who cried “witchcraft” because they wanted attention back in 1692. If everything we see and hear is deemed offensive, we are not only disrupting freedom of speech, we all also have some serious rage problems we need to deal with. Perhaps if we could channel that rage into something productive like fixing the environment, figuring out what to do with California before they run out of water or a better way to handle veteran affairs (everyone was crying “what about the vets?” when this whole t-shirt debacle was going down — how about not treating them like shit when they return from defending our country? They would probably appreciate that more than crying over a t-shirt) we could be in better shape as a country. Or, we could just find something a celebrity said, take it out of context and completely ruin their career. Really, either works.

I apologize in advance for any witches who were offended in the creation of this article.

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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How to Pick Up Girls at the Bar – The Social Tornado

Here I share a technique to help you magnify yourself. Whether you are at a party, bar or club it is still relative.
Relationships:Dating Articles from

On Being a Social Pariah. Part 2- Things I’ve Learned

…. Continued from “On Being A Pariah (part 1) Perception is Powerful but Compassion is calm.

“There are three sides to every story:
Mine, Theirs, and the truth.”

The inability to acknowledge or see this by so many people I know is…well, funny. I laugh and let go. Not in sarcasm, but in confusion and self-preservation to accept people are all different and if their truth is black and white, who am I to say how THEY should see things?

That would be ME being hypocritical, no? It’s interesting to see how the hypocrisies play out.
Here are a few facts I’ve gathered through observation:

1. The men throwing a fit and putting up a show of shock and overly enraged fury are… cheating.
Not always, but to be clear: I do believe most men and women are different in many ways. A more normal response from men when they hear of an affair: “Shit. That sucks. I hope the kids are ok. That’s terrible.” If it’s extreme or highly emotional with gesticulations, it’s probably for the benefit of an angry wife or in fear of seeming too indifferent. (Precisely because most men ask themselves, rationally, “how does this effect me?”)

2. It’s “inconvenient” to everyone else.
This one shocked me. People are “annoyed” I’m not acting more normal, being more social or doing things I used to do. Conversely, if I do show up (school events, parties for people I care about, meetings) most peers are frustrated because THEY don’t know how to treat me in public. Huh? How is this my fault? IF how to “handle” or engage me is something you have to think about, you probably are doing or not doing it for the wrong reasons. Period. Ponder that.

3. In time, true and valuable people find their way to you. The flimsy fall out and flee.
When any scandal hits, true and fair humans tend to sit back, collect data and then reach out with reliability, compassion or both. I feel so blessed and surprised to see and re-meet some of my peers that I never knew were so authentic, and genuinely good people.

4. It’s a double standard of gender.
Men don’t punish each other. They barely acknowledge marital issues to each other and certainly don’t ascertain assumptions they can’t confirm. Women make it a cold war with me, but are fine talking to men with full knowledge they have committed the same “crime.”

5. Kool-aid is pretty sugary and fun. Perception seems powerful.
Like anything if you say it enough, it becomes “true.” I’ve never seen it more. Even some of the parties involved started drinking their own Kool-Aid and need to be swiftly reminded, in truth, what pure water tastes like but ultimately I hand them all a huge pitcher of whatever flavor they want. It’s their thirst.

Here’s what I know: I am never going to change anyone. I am not even mad when people look down, instead of face my husband and I at a school event or bow out of pre-planned, public play dates because I will be there. I just laugh and let go. I focus on pride in my children.

My oldest daughter initiated a group now officially offered at school called “Banana Splits” to get kids together to talk about divorce and support each other weekly. My middle daughter is excelling at reading, writing, drawing and is comfortable with our situation because WE ARE. We own it and define it.


I apologized, accepted fault, took full accountability, even more than I should have, because I seek calm. I am fully aware that what makes me who I am, is far more and far bigger, far deeper than my mistakes, my poor decisions and my choices.

A lot has happened in six months. I have broken, battled, changed, healed, rebuilt. I truly have compassion for anyone going through anything similar, or judgments, or alienation, or feeling lonely, or any number of things that happen in all facets of life.

I have compassion for the harshest of judges because something in me elicits enough emotion to justify the energy taken to punish, ignore, or waste time talking about me. Perhaps they think I threaten an ideal? Maybe my mess is scary? Do my mistakes or the surface details trigger their own pain, fear, mistrust from some entirely unrelated event?

Or worse: Like a soap opera, do my exposed vulnerability and failures make people feel better about themselves?

Whatever the case, I truly meant no harm to anyone- that’s the truth. I didn’t set out to punish or ruin or lie. I assure you those were never my goals, had I seen the future and the following collateral damage, I’d probably not be here. Irony. That’s the point.

I have huge truckloads of compassion and empathy. I always have. That wasn’t my biggest problem….no. Clearly, I had others. But compassion and love are not something I lack, neither is objectivity.


I beg the question: “If they WERE compassionate, empathetic, or honest with themselves,
Wouldn’t they, at the very least, be indifferent; if not understanding?

So I laugh and let go.

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

Divorce – The Huffington Post

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On Being A Social Pariah – Part 1 “Perception is Powerful. Compassion is Calm.”


There comes a time in life when you have a choice…to laugh and let go. Don’t get me wrong, there are times I want to fashion the biggest mirror possible, and hold it up to the people with the thinnest of projections; but I don’t. I’d love to spread fiery gossip about the alcoholics, gamblers, cheaters, female(and male)-verbally abusive-parents, negligent, and multi-faced. I’ve thought about it. I always, however, gravitate back to one thing:

“I have no idea what that person’s life looks like for real. In truth, it’s none of my business.”

Historically I have found solace or temporary comfort in the circles of phony relationships, and common-grounds of children. I did this even though I know it is a sacred agreement to participate in true friendship. It is a trusting, seemingly safe place to reveal yourself, give yourself and expect the same in return. For the good friends I have, I am so grateful!

Those attributes in a friendship are tested when life gets sticky. Why I laugh is because there are women who I’ve literally heard say: “Oh, she is the dumbest person I know” or “She’s a miserable, fat waste of humanity.” Run to each other in alliance against me or any one else to point fingers at. Again I laugh and let go. I’ve seen women who spat venom about each other build ties in times of trouble like death, illness, or disappointments that were obviously unsought by the receiver. This is ultimately beautiful to me. Bygones and petty differences were muted away on a human level to support and lift each other.

At first, the destruction of my life served as salacious and fun fodder for all. I accepted it. I even stepped into the fire instead of hiding. I was exposed, and I let them be angry, disgusted and furious, including my lover’s wife. She got two hours to ask, belittle, and say her piece. I cried through the whole thing, but I truly believed if she could run to her friends and say: ” I gave it to her”, she might find some power and some solace. Not so, and I accept that. She has every right to be angry, just as I was when it happened to me. The difference is that when I was on the other side of it, I asked myself how I played a part, because…how could I not?


There were lines drawn, good and evil, disdain and pity, sides to take. This was no shock. I predicted it quite accurately. I didn’t predict how long, how far reaching and deep the efforts taken would go to alienate, punish and exclude not just me, but my children. I didn’t predict how personally people would take decisions I made, mistakes I am paying for in MY life that do not effect them at all.

Let’s throw it out there: If you cheat, you are no longer any other part of yourself. That remains the only label by which you are known. All or any attributes of yourself are dismissed or a “wash” in perspective to being a “lying cheat.” That is the apparent rule where I live. There is no need for back story nor inquiry of the truth. There is no empathy nor understanding that marriage is in fact hard and no marriage ends because of one thing.

In fact, empirical data states that infidelity is sadly, a mere symptom of greater fundamental issues. Ask any lawyer. Why so many “no fault” states? It was nearly always impossible to drill down the “cause” or “fault” of the complicated, multi-layered fusion of two peoples lives and true psychology behind it without living with them. Its word against word.

What divorce courts, myself, even my soon-to-be ex husband knows:

“There are three sides to every story:
Mine, Theirs, and the truth.”

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Celebs Take To Social Media To Celebrate Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day, and heartwarming tributes to the special women in our lives are flooding social media feeds everywhere.

Here are some adorable Twitter and Instagram posts of celebrities honoring their mothers:


Eva Longoria

Zach Braff

Goldie Hawn


Reese Witherspoon

Tyra Banks

Nick Cannon

“I always love my mamma, she’s my favorite girl”

A photo posted by Nick Cannon (@nickcannon) on

Lena Dunham

Mama, thank you for watering us like little flowers. There’s nobody fiercer than you @lauriesimmons

A photo posted by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on

Behati Prinsloo Levine

Hugh Jackman

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mum!!!! And to all yours too.

A photo posted by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on

Sarah Silverman

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to my Momma, Beth Ann O’Hara

A photo posted by @sarahkatesilverman on

Wilmer Valderrama

James Franco

❤️Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers! Damn, I got a GOOD ONE!

A photo posted by James Franco (@jamesfrancotv) on

Justin Bieber

And here are some photos of celebrity moms with their babies:


Sending love to Mothers around the world.

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Britney Spears

Hilaria Baldwin

Happy Mother’s Day to this very special woman.

A photo posted by Alec Baldwin (@iamabfalecbaldwin) on


Happy Mommys Day To All Of The Moms Out There! #IGotYou #FirstMothersDay #MothersDay

A video posted by Ciara (@ciara) on

Melissa Joan Hart

Mayim Bialik

Happy Mothers Day from me and the people who made me a mom.

A photo posted by mayim bialik (@missmayim) on

Jenny Mollen

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

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In Memoriam: The Social Relevance Of Tidal

Jay Z’s artist-owned streaming service Tidal claims to preserve sound quality and give musicians the profits they deserve, but after skeptics attacked the company, Tidal hasn’t yet seen the success to which Hov is accustomed by now. In this week’s edition of In Memoriam, “The HuffPost Show” remembers the rise and swift fall of interest in Tidal.

Check out more from “The HuffPost Show” here.

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Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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Stay Off Social Media (Or Risk Divorce), New Survey Says

Want to keep your “in a relationship” or “married” status on Facebook? You might want to log off Facebook.

One in seven people said they’d considered divorce because of their spouses’ questionable activity on Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, Twitter or What’sApp, a recent survey of 2,000 married Brits found.

Almost a quarter of those polled by the law firm Slater and Gordon said they had at least one argument a week related to social media use, with 17 percent admitting they fought about it every day. (Those numbers are high, but in all honesty, there’s endless fodder for arguments with this: “Was it really necessary to friend request an ex-girlfriend from freshmen year?” “We saw ‘Taken 3’ together — why’d you just check yourself in at AMC?”)

Also interesting to note: Fifty-eight percent of those polled said they knew their partner’s passwords, even if their spouse was unaware of it.

Meanwhile, back here in the states, divorce attorneys agree that social media has increasingly played a part in marriage breakdowns. In 2010, 81 percent of divorce attorneys surveyed by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers said they’d seen an increase in the number of cases using social networking evidence in the five years prior. The attorneys said Facebook was the number one source for finding online evidence, with 66 percent admitting they’d found evidence by combing the site.

Way to ruin marriages, Mark Zuckerberg.

Keep in touch! Check out HuffPost Divorce on Facebook and Twitter. Sign up for our newsletter here.

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Divorce – The Huffington Post

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Amber Rose’s 19 Sexiest Social Media Snaps

Amber Rose may have topped even herself on Wednesday, when she shared nearly nude pictures of herself on the beach in Hawaii. Seriously, they might be the sexiest of her supersexy snaps on Instagram.
Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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What Karrueche Tran Learned About Oversharing on Social Media | OWN

Chris Brown’s ex Karrueche Tran tells Iyanla Vanzant what she learned about sharing her relationship drama on social media.


Oprah Winfrey Network is the first and only network named for, and inspired by, a single iconic leader. Oprah Winfrey’s heart and creative instincts inform the brand — and the magnetism of the channel.

Winfrey provides leadership in programming and attracts superstar talent to join her in primetime, building a global community of like-minded viewers and leading that community to connect on social media and beyond. OWN is a singular destination on cable. Depth with edge. Heart. Star power. Connection. And endless possibilities.

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What Karrueche Tran Learned About Oversharing on Social Media | OWN
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A Chat With Social Media


Photo: Jason Howie

If you peruse Twitter or any other social media platform, chances are you’ll run into a few “social media experts” out there offering to improve your social media presence for a fee. While it’s always good to get advice from an expert, I thought I’d go straight to the source and have a chat with the gender nonspecific, extremely affluent (and oftentimes overly intrusive and grossly inappropriate) entity know as “social media.” I’m doing this in order to find out why so many people are so enamored with a phenomenon with such fickle tastes and beliefs.

Here are the best parts of this somewhat fictional, yet fairly enlightening conversation:

Carl Pettit: Hello, Social Media. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with me.

Social Media: I’m happy to do so. Do you want to see a picture of my cat?

Not right now. First off, I’d like to ask you how you’ve managed to accumulate so much influence and power in such a relatively short amount of time?

In essence, I derive my amazing power from the fact that I’m a constantly changing, updating, rapid and extremely flexible mass and personal communication concept that allows various groups — as well as the digitally connected planet as whole — to express the zeitgeist of a particular moment in time or the altering landscapes of the local and global collective consciousness as espoused and defined by the French sociologist Émile Durkheim in the late 19th century.

Hey, do you want to see some photos of a bunch of naked fat people fighting against body shaming and negative body stereotypes?

Thank you, I’ve already seen them.

How about a lion cub and a dog that are best friends?

Seen it, I think.

How about 30 extremely gruesome execution videos, back to back?

Lord, no. I think we’re getting off track…

Apologies, I forget myself sometimes. Just trying to keep you engaged. Here are a couple of photos of Kim Kardashian eating a —

Do you believe you do more good than harm when it comes to bringing about positive social change?

The answer to that question really depends on my mood and where I happen to be hanging out at the time. Back in 2011, I was pretty gung-ho about the whole Arab Spring thing. These days, not so much. Overall, I think I’m a fairly tolerant entity, although when I head to the Deep South, my racist, xenophobic and homophobic sides tend to come out. I guess I’m susceptible to peer pressure, like anyone else. I just want to fit in and be accepted… and hurl insults at folks sometimes.

Would you like to see a slideshow of some celebrity nip slips?

No thank you.

How about a celebrity sex tape? I’ve got a new one that’s going to cause quite a storm.

Who’s in it?


The sex tape?

Sorry, got lost there for a moment. Looked like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber were about to get into a Twitter feud.


False alarm. What sex tape?

Never mind. How do you see yourself changing over the next decade?

Did you know that aliens from Alpha Centauri and a group of Sephardic Jews are trying to take over the government?

That’s not true.

Did you know that Scientologists and Orlando Bloom secretly run the World Bank?

Not true either.

Zoroastrians and a cabal of Elvis impersonators want to enslave anyone with a surname ending in the letter Q, X, or Z, as well as anyone who speaks with a lisp or pronounces the letter R as W. It’s called the Elmer Fudd Exclusion Act.

Now you’re just pulling fiction out of your ass.

I do that a lot. Tons of time and media space to fill. Wanna see a video of cat nursing a brood of adorable ducklings? It’s irresistible.

You really love cats and cuddly things, don’t you?

God yes. I really do. Love, love, love cats. And porn. And indignation. Cats, porn and indignation are my stock and trade.

What about social causes?

Love ’em, too.

Which ones?

All of them. Especially the good ones…

Who do you think is going to win for best actor at the 2017 Oscars?

Hard to say, since those movies haven’t come out yet and most of them probably haven’t even been made.

I think it’s going to be a transgender person. It’s about time they get the recognition they deserve. That’ll really mess with all of those narrow gender definitions in the best acting categories. Can’t wait.

Why do you care?

Oh, I just like to imagine the online media battles and controversies of the future. It’s a hobby of mine.

Do you support the transgender community?

Absolutely. I’m their biggest fan. Except for when I’m lollygagging about in Kansas with those folks from the Westboro Baptist Church. Then I sing a slightly different tune.

What are your thoughts about hate speech, Internet trolling and online bullying?

Love it all. Can’t get enough. Bullying and hateful comments in support of hateful causes are my stock and trade.

I thought cats and porn were your stock and trade?

Those, too. Hey, do you want to see a video of a kid falling off his skateboard and landing on his nutsack?

Seen it.

Not this one. It’s from, like, 20 minutes ago.

I’ll pass.

Elitist snob. Don’t worry, I’ll still love and hate you, even if you think you’re too good for the rest of us.

Social Media, it’s been a pleasure.

Global warming is a hoax.

This article was originally published in The Blot Magazine.
Comedy – The Huffington Post
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The Social Hazards Of Taking A Digital Detox, Explained

Believe it or not, there are some of us who have actually heeded the ubiquitous advice to unplug and recharge. The benefits, after all, can’t be ignored: Studies have shown that those who unplug every once in a while will get better sleep, be less stressed and have more fun! Unplugging can also help you to be more mindful, which will keep you in touch with your inner thoughts and help you to live in the present moment.

Sounds great, right?

Well, while we definitely encourage all you screen addicts to try it, those of us who love to ditch our devices also know that there’s a fine line between unplugging and disappearing off the face of the earth.

Below, we present, the trials and tribulations of straying from your smartphone:

While you’re enjoying the benefits of a little time away from your phone, not being able to get in touch may upset your loved ones.

And when you finally do text them back, they might want nothing to do with you, you absent fool.

Leaving the Internet behind for just a few hours means being painfully out of the loop on pop culture happenings.

On the bright side, your Instagram is an infinite feed of new pictures every time you open it.

Unfortunately, you have a mere 32 followers since you post maybe once a week.

Going to a new restaurant without knowing its Yelp score might sound like an exciting adventure — but be prepared to learn that Yelp exists for a reason.

Your weekends are relaxing as all get out, but you won’t have a workweek for long if you miss enough of your boss’s emails.

But an informative out-of-office note can go a long way, as can reminding your coworkers that having time to recharge improves productivity in the long run.

After a relaxing technology hiatus, returning to normal life can be really hard.

But even though you love to escape from it every now and again, you have to admit that your smartphone can make life a whole lot easier sometimes.

In the end, it’s all about balance.

You got this.
Comedy – The Huffington Post
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World Cafe Next: The Bright Light Social Hour

The Austin-based psychedelic rock band talks about their new album, Space Is Still the Place.

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Romantic Over 40 Social Network

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Jaime King Wonders If Social Media Is Our ”Downfall” After Huge Instagram Misunderstanding—Get the Details!

Jaime KingWhoops! Jaime King is on damage control.

The pregnant actress tweeted a semi-apology tonight after being part of a huge Instagram misunderstanding. “Social media may b the downfall…

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Kelly Clarkson’s Body Shaming: Social Media Weighs In

British journalist Katie Hopkins spewed hate at Kelly Clarkson over her figure. Kelly responded – but so did Access’ social media followers!

Access Hollywood Latest Videos

Celebrities Take To Social Media To Show Support For #LeanInTogether

Since the launch of Sheryl Sandberg’s #LeanInTogether initiative, the campaign has amassed quite the celebrity following.

In partnership with the NBA and WNBA, #LeanInTogether encourages men to help women in the fight for gender equality and emphasizes the economic and social benefits both genders can gain from equality. Everyone from entertainers to athletes and politicians have spread awareness for the campaign on social media.

Celebrities like Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow, Warren Buffett and Dwayne Johnson have posted images and words of support for the #LeanInTogether campaign. Athletes including Chris Bosh, Stephen Curry, Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova have also backed the initiative with #LeanInTogether posts.

Check out some of the posts below:

I’m for gender equality because it should’ve never been any other way! #LeanInTogether – pass it on

A photo posted by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on

In for equality? Pass it on by either posting an image to social media showing why you’re for equality or an image of a man in your life who’s leaning in for equality with the hashtag #LeanInTogether.

Divorce – The Huffington Post

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Christie Brinkley Answers Social Media Questions

At 61, Christie Brinkley is still an undeniable bombshell! So, what’s her secret? You asked on our Facebook page. And now, Christie answers!

Access Hollywood Latest Videos

Oscars 2015: Lady Gaga’s ‘The Sound of Music’ Medley Dominated Social Media

Graham Moore’s moving speech also lit up Facebook, Shazam’s top-queried performance was Adam Levine’s “Lost Stars” and Twitter’s most mentioned movies were ‘Birdman’ and ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel.’
Music News Headlines – Yahoo News

Is Social Media Killing Your Marriage?

Today I have a few questions for you: Are you in a relationship? When you are cozy on the sofa, watching your favorite TV show, where is your partner’s cellphone? Is it next to yours on the coffee table? Or does he keep it in his pocket, locked with a passcode and while it rings and beeps, throughout the evening and he checks it only when you get up to refresh the popcorn? Why does it matter? Continue reading and you’ll find out.

Social media is evolving at an alarming speed, with smartphones replacing simple cell phones, offering a whole new world of fast, direct and discreet communication options. Serving as multimedia datacenters, smartphones manage every kind of relationship. Social media applications lower inhibitions and barriers, making it simpler than ever to find contact nearly anyone. Why make a phone call when you can send private message with a picture or video to better engage the recipient?

Countless apps exist to exchange provocative pictures and messages, so that it is easier than ever to maintain multiple ‘virtual’ and real life relationships in secret. Emotional and physical affairs are now delivered on demand thanks to social media and technology. When talking with my clients the cellphone is often an important subject. Fascinated by the subject, I started to do a bit of research.

Facebook & Social Media
The website is devoted to helping those struggling in their marriage due to an unfaithful partner’s use of Facebook. The site claims that Facebook is to blame for 1 in 3 divorces. But is this really accurate? According to a Boston University study Facebook is ‘a significant predictor of divorce rate and spousal troubles, in the United States’. “People who use social media are 32% more likely to leave their spouse”. The researchers added: “We believe being aware of this situation will empower Facebook users to better understand the implications of their activities and then allow them to make much more informed decisions.”

The Twitter effect & WhatsApp
Others are talking about the Twitter effect. A doctoral student at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, found that active Twitter users are far more likely to experience Twitter-related conflicts with their romantic partners. The research shows that these conflicts can lead to emotional and physical cheating, and even end in breakup and divorce. Outside the United States Gian Ettore Gassani president of the Italian Association of Matrimonial Lawyers, told the Times of London that ‘forty per cent of adulterous divorce cases in Italy cite WhatsApp messages as evidence of unfaithfulness. Mr Gassani added: “Social media has boosted betrayal in Italy by making it easier, first through texting, then Facebook, and now WhatsApp.”

Based on the research above and my own experience with thousands of distressed couples, I agree that social networking is linked to marital happiness cheating and divorce. Social media makes it much easier to have emotional and physical affairs. On the other hand times are changing and we live in a digital era where everything is accelerating continuously. Social media is increasingly a part of our daily lives and cutting off all use is not a realistic solution.

So how do we figure out what is a normal use of social media and what could spell danger for relationships?

If your partner consistently makes his cellphone invisible to you, locks his phone with a passcode or never uses it in your presence, he may have something to hide. The distractions and temptations presented by the digital world force us to work harder for healthy relationships. That is why it’s essential to insist on openness and clear communication, instead of succumbing to the fantasy on your smartphone.

There is hope. We know that a leading cause of a relationship break down is the lack of communication between spouses. As a result, many are distracted by social media in search of a third person to meet their emotional and mental needs, which ultimately leads to cheating. Mutual communication and listening are the essence of any good relationship; without them separation and divorce are inevitable.

Do we all become a victim of the ‘social media monster’?

Do not allow your relationship to become a victim of ‘the social media monster’. My advice is to invest time in your relationship. Communicate and share what’s on your mind, and even more importantly listen to your partner. The future of your relationship depends on it.

Email, tweets, likes, photos and comments can wait, especially since they are no substitution for actual human contact. And if you are just too easily distracted, there is always another option: put your phone on silent.
Divorce – The Huffington Post

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#IAmNigeria: Social Media Takes A Stance Against Boko Haram Massacre [Photos]

Has the international community turned a blind eye to the Boko Haram massacre in Nigeria? The answer is yes, if you scroll through social media.

Early estimates placed 2,000 people as being slaughtered in a massacre so violent, that the Nigerian military was ill-prepared to fight it. As Boko Haram continues to occupy the small  Northern Nigerian town, photos of victims (some of which are allegedly fake) have been circling the web, to maybe raise the level global concern.

To contrast, millions — including world leaders — came together and marched against terrorism in response to Paris terrorist attacks that killed 17, last week.

While Nigeria hasn’t received anything close to the outpouring of love that France has seen, the “#IAmNigeria” hashtag could change that.

The social media movement has been picking up steam online, with Tracee Ellis Rosss, Khole Kardashian, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill, and other celebrities  showing their support for Nigeria.

Check out some of the #IAMNigeria tweets below.

Photo: twitter

The post #IAmNigeria: Social Media Takes A Stance Against Boko Haram Massacre [Photos] appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired.

Hip-Hop Wired

The Social Climber’s Bible: How to Make the Most of a Cocktail Party

If life is one big popularity contest, then The Social Climber’s Bible is your secret weapon to win the grand prize. Written by novelist-screenwriter Dirk Wittenborn and his niece, Johnson & Johnson heiress Jazz Johnson, the LOL-worthy guide ($ 20, offers practical tips for stepping up your social game and landing the privileged elite friends […]
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Social Shopper: 8 Brand New Hollywood It Girls for 2015 and How To Get Their Looks

Elizabeth Olsen

From fresh faces to bona fide stars, each new year sweeps in a new crop of Hollywood It girls, and luckily for us, 2015 is proving to be one very starry scene. From indie wunderkind Elizabeth Olsen (set to wow audiences in I Saw the Light) to Academy Award–winner and major movie star Lupita Nyong’o (set to break the banks in Star Wars: The Force Awakens) to Emma Watsons practiced poise (she’s appearing in Alejandro Amenábar’s thriller, Regression), Felicity Joness awards-circle lap (the critically lauded The Theory of Everything, the upcoming True Story with James Franco), Margot Robbie’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof style grifter thriller Focus to Lily James as the next Cinderella, we’re flush with bright young things to emulate. Here, the next big names—and how to get their looks.

The post Social Shopper: 8 Brand New Hollywood It Girls for 2015 and How To Get Their Looks appeared first on Vogue.

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Social Celebs: Week’s Best Pics – Christmas 2014 Edition

The best celebrity social photos from the week of Christmas 2014

Access Hollywood Latest Photos

Year In Review: Top Social & Streaming Artists

Technology has revolutionized the way fans consume music – and this year’s charts reflect that.

Access Hollywood Latest Videos

Social media hails release of ‘The Interview’

As soon as word broke that “The Interview” will hit some theaters, celebrations erupted across social media — including from the stars of the film. – Entertainment

GamersGate: The World's Largest Online Game Store

The Essential Skill Of Social Confidence

You can’t get very far without real confidence. Here’s how to get some.
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