We now know why Eminem performed at the Oscars — sort of

If you want Eminem at your function, all you’ve got to do is ask. Maybe he’ll say yes on the second try.

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GamersGate: The World's Largest Online Game Store

Nike Coming Back (Sort of) for ComplexCon Long Beach 2019

After a hiatus, Nike looks to be making a small comeback at this year’s sneaker and streetwear convention ComplexCon.
The megabrand participates annually in numerous conventions focused on sneaker culture and streetwear (of which there are more every year), including Sneaker Con. But last year it skipped ComplexCon entirely for the first time since the event started in 2016 as a huge combination of brand product drops, panels, creative events and music acts. Nike at the time said there was no specific reason for it not participating.
A bit of new Nike Inc. product will be back this year, albeit in a far lesser capacity than earlier years. The brand apparently will again have no booth at the event and it is again not an advertiser, either, but it does have two co-branded products dropping. Last year it had none.
The first is a limited edition (126 pairs) of the Nike Kyrie 5 done with Sneaker Room. The second drop is a Nike collaboration with Atmos, the Harlem-based sneaker boutique. The release of the color-driven capsule collaboration, dubbed “Pop the Street,” is coming through Atmos’ presence at the convention and includes T-shirts, hoodies and Nike Air Force 1 sneaker. Similarly, the Nike products

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Kitson Returns to Robertson — Sort Of

YOUR MOVE NEXT: Kitson has made a comeback of sorts on Robertson Boulevard in a move some might say could be fanning the flames with founder Fraser Ross’ aim to reclaim the name.
Ross late Wednesday had the Kitson sign, which he salvaged at the time of the chain’s closing two years ago this month, placed atop his storefront on Robertson Boulevard. Ross had been operating a new concept there called Kitross, which he launched in the spring of last year. The renamed store is now Kitson Kitross.
“It’s what’s rightfully mine that was taken away in circumstances that should never have been allowed,” Ross said of the decision to add Kitson to the store name.
Ross alleged in a lawsuit filed last summer the company was taken fraudulently from him by the retailer’s former chief executive officer Chris Lee, an accusation an attorney for Lee has denied in court. The chain was liquidated in 2015 and sent into general assignment with Kitson’s global trademark acquired by an entity called Kitson Co. Ltd. in late 2016. Ross has since added Kitson lenders Salus Capital and an affiliate of giftables retailer Spencer Spirit to his lawsuit alleging the financial firms pumped the stores with

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O.J. Simpson Happy About Prison Release … Sort Of

O.J. Simpson’s actually got some misgivings about his impending release … he feels a bond with his comrades in lockup and is finding it hard to say goodbye. O.J.’s lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne, tells TMZ … Juice has been bored and sad in his current…


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‘VV Cream’ Is Sort Of Like BB Cream, But For Your Bikini Line

Is this really something we need right now?
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What Sort Of Evil Did Scott And His Pack ‘Let Out’ On Teen Wolf?

What mysterious ‘Teen Wolf’ villain is on the loose in Beacon Hills?

The Tesla Model 3 Is Finally Here. Sort Of.

Tesla has just delivered the first 30 models of its most crucial car, the Model 3. The new addition to the Tesla family is supposed to be the “affordable” car, starting at $ 35,000. Tesla CEO Elon Musk says over half a million people have already paid $ 1000 to reserve their Model 3.
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Azealia Banks Explains Why She “Sort Of” Agrees With Donald Trump On Immigration

(AllHipHop News) Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump faced heavy criticism when he suggested most Mexican immigrants were rapists and criminals. However, Trump’s stance on immigration has partly led to him leading in the polls against his Republican rivals.

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Always outspoken music artist Azealia Banks recently offered her thoughts on what Trump has to say about illegal immigration. The Harlemite wrote on Instagram that she “sort of” agrees with the billionaire businessman. She explained her opinion in several follow up posts.

Read Banks’ IG messages below.


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The Third Way on Immigration (Sort of a Trump Post)

Readers have objected to my prediction that Trump will win the nomination and then the general election because…

1. Trump needs about 40% of the Latino vote to win.

2. Only 13% of Latino voters support Trump, largely because of his immigration plan.

No politician can close that gap. Therefore, say the people that have been spectacularly wrong about all-things-Trump, he must be playing some sort of power game with no real intention of winning the whole thing.


I can see both the math and the reasoning behind that point of view. I’ll bet it would be hard to persuade you that Trump can close that kind of gap in such a short time.

Game on. 

What follows is a blatant, manipulative play on your emotions that is engineered to make you believe Trump can beat the odds on Latino voters. It looks impossible to you now. You might update your opinion if you read to the end.

Please stop reading now if you don’t want to be part of the experiment. I’m not joking when I say I’m about to rewire your brain. It might feel a bit freaky, but I think it is worth it for you to get a visceral understanding of the power of persuasion.

— persuasion starts here —

Before I talk about Trump’s persuasion strategy for closing the Latino voter gap, I should reveal my bias on the topic so you can factor that in.

And I like to preface this sort of topic by saying you should not get any important opinions from cartoonists. This blog is for entertainment only.

The immigration issue has calcified into two camps, as far as I can tell. Trump’s plan forms one extreme, and includes building a wall, ending automatic citizenship for babies born on U.S. soil, and rounding up 11 million illegal aliens and deporting them. 

The opposing camp believes it would be impractical, uneconomical, and inhumane to do any part of Trump’s plan. I assume many of Trump’s critics favor some sort of path to citizenship for illegal aliens.

I can see both sides. And I think both sides are missing the point by a mile.

In my view, this is one of those times when we get to pick who we are as a country. You don’t get many of these moments in a lifetime. I would hate to waste it.

Most of you heard the recent story about the Americans who helped disarm a gunman on a train in France. The young men heard trouble and they ran toward it. The story touched people in this country because it is a reminder of who we are.

I don’t think anyone in America can argue with the criticism that we can be assholes. Hey, no one is perfect. But when the shit goes down, you probably want some Americans nearby. We accept your criticisms, my international readers, but we still have your back. That’s how we roll.

I know each of you Americans reading this have your own notions about the identity of the United States, and that is my point today. The immigration issue gives us a chance to either confirm who we are or modify it. It matters that we get it right.

My view of the 11 million illegal immigrants is that anyone who wants to be on my team badly enough to commit a crime is my kind of American. My impression is that they bring up the average. I understand why some of my fellow citizens don’t want to compete with them for jobs. And good luck competing with the second generation that have their parents’ immigrant DNA and an American education. I want those kids working for my start-up. 

I hear everything folks are saying about the importance of the rule of law, about fairness, economics, and crime. Countries need secure borders or they fail to remain countries. Those are important considerations. But do we want to define yourself by those worries?

We can. But it is entirely optional. 

I prefer an America that knows when to use a hammer and when to use a hug. With immigration, I understand the hammer. But I prefer the hug. Not because it is right, in some intellectual sense, and not because it is economical, but because it is who I want to be.

And about that birthright law – the one that says a baby that draws its first breath in this country is an American forever? In the history of all laws made anywhere, in any age, that one is by far the coolest. It gives the country a magical vibe that feels part of our nature. I don’t want to lose that. 

You can look at the immigration issue through a filter of money, law, safety, or compassion. But none of those speak comprehensively to who you want to be. You are far more than those things.

And this brings me to Donald Trump, alleged racist son-of-bitch and hater of all law-breaking, brown babies. How the hell does that guy convince millions of Latinos to vote for him?

No politician could do that.

But Trump is not a politician. He is a business person and one of the top wizards of persuasion on the planet. And he has one enormous advantage that I have never seen for any candidate: He can change his mind and show his work.

As I said in a prior post, Trump is dropping a negotiation anchor with his super-aggressive plan that includes a wall, a change to the constitution for birth rights, and deportation of millions. He has no intention of doing all of that. He is simply creating some false choices to trade away later. But not until he has the Republican nomination in the bag. So be patient.

If Trump follows form, what he really wants is a “Trump Wall” that is so “fabulous” that it becomes its own money-making tourist attraction and carries his name forever. I doubt he cares about deporting anyone or tweaking the constitution. Those are the items he plans to trade to get Trump Wall.

I expect that Trump will eventually ask the Latino community to come up with its own plan for dealing with the 11 million illegals. And that plan might include having legal citizens “sponsor” an illegal alien including absorbing some of the risk. For example, as a sponsor I might have to buy a performance bond to protect against the risk that the illegal I am sponsoring causes any damage to the country. That’s just one idea. The main point is that Trump could put the Latino community on the spot to come up with their own plan.

Then Trump supports the new plan for sponsoring illegals, showing he is a man of reason, but keeps his Trump Wall plan and tells you it will turn a profit.

Another way he can game the system is by turning out massive numbers of young, white voters who normally would not vote. A President Trump would provide more hours of free entertainment than Netflix and Snapchat combined. And I do believe it will have a big impact on voter turnout.

Update: And look for Trump to pick a second-generation Latino as his running mate. Did you see that coming?

No one can know what the future holds. But I’ll bet a Trump presidency looks a lot more feasible than it did when you started reading this.

And that’s what persuasion looks like. If you have read my prior posts on persuasion and Trump, you can start to see the method in what I wrote. For new readers, check the comments  and I expect you will see my persuasion method dissected for fun. 

My disclaimer for new readers is that I am not endorsing Trump as president because I have no idea how that would work out. I am only interested in his genius of persuasion.


If you enjoyed reading this post you will probably enjoy my book about systems versus goals.

In Top Tech Blog, check out a Microsoft claim that it can take 3D photos with your regular phone. Are you believing that?

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Melania Trump Speaks (Sort Of)

Melania Trump Speaks (Sort Of)

Melania Trump Speaks (Sort Of) 2:28
Donald Trump’s wife Melania finally lets you know the truth about her husband.
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What Sort Of Horrible Facebook Comments Will Appear Below This Article?

What Sort Of Horrible Facebook Comments Will Appear Below This Article?

What Sort Of Horrible Facebook Commen…
Are you going to be the first dumb idiot to post “Die”? Did you even read this two-sentence description before commenting?
Submitted by: John Harris
Keywords: Facebook Will Rainbowify Your Profile Photo To Celebrate Marriage Equality You can put a rainbow filter over your Facebook profile photo in one click On Facebook White House dons rainbow hues to celebrate gay-marriage victory White House updates Facebook profile image to reflect Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage Flying the flag! Facebook celebrates LGBT Pride with rainbow profile picture function Facebook Has a Super Easy Way to Let You Celebrate Gay Pride Facebook prepares for a flood of new instant articles Facebook Diversity Report Shows Company Is Still Mostly White and Male Facebook only hired seven black people in latest diversity count Barack Obama has quite a week
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Netflix Warns About The Dangers Of Binge-Watching — Sort Of

Netflix has a message for you: Binge responsibly.

That’s the gist of an April Fool’s day campaign from the streaming video giant.

If you live in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. or Ireland, and on Wednesday stream more than two consecutive episodes of a show on Netflix, a video will suddenly appear, and an actress or actor from one of the company’s original shows will warn against the perils of binge-watching.

Perhaps Linda Cardellini, who stars in the recently released “Bloodline,” will implore you to take a shower. Or “Orange is the New Black’s” Selenis Leyva will yell at you, in Spanish and in English, to get your homework done.

Maybe Michael Kelly, who plays Doug Stamper in “House of Cards,” will chillingly remind you that yes, you have to get to work. (Seriously, do what Doug says.)

There are 13 binge-watching announcements in all.

Netflix has long encouraged binge-watching, and the Los Gatos, California-based company makes it easy by releasing all episodes of its original shows at one time.

In 2013, the company hired the anthropologist Grant McCracken to research how people watch TV, given the rise of on-demand streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime Instant Video. McCacken found that 61 percent of people who stream regularly said they binge-watch, and 73 percent reported “positive feelings” about binge-watching.

Don’t worry — you don’t have to binge-watch “Friends” or the latest season of “House of Cards” in order to see the Netflix warnings. You can search for “Binge Responsibly” on Netflix, and you’ll be able to see them all.

But you better do it now. Because come April 2, they’ll be gone — sort of like what happens if you cross Doug Stamper.

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Sergei Polunin’s ‘Distant Cousin’ Sort Of Slays Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church’

Remember that hauntingly beautiful viral video of ballet dancer and pinacle of half-naked beauty Sergei Polunin dancing his broken heart out to Hozier’s “Take Me To Church“? Well, if you loved that, you may sort of kind of like his distant cousin’s rendition.

Actor and dancer Tim Lacatena plays Polunin’s so-called cousin, and, while he’s no Polunin, he’s not half bad. Donning a similarly revealing nude ensemble, Lacatena prances through the streets of Los Angeles, twirling through the Santa Monica Pier, leaping before the Church of Scientology and freaking a lot of people out in the process.

Dance on, bro.


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‘Big Voice’, a Sort of ‘Glee’ in Real Life, to Premiere at American Documentary Film Festival


In the most recent episode of Nicholas Snow Live, I welcome American Documentary Film Festival Founder and Director Theodore “Teddy” Grouya, as well as filmmakers honored to have their films selected for the 2015 fest taking place March 26-30, 2015. Named “One of the World’s Top 25 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee,” by MovieMaker magazine, and then “One of the World’s Five Coolest Documentary Film Festivals,” by the same publication later the same year, AmDocs is located in the beautiful resort community of Palm Springs, California. Ideally located 90 minutes east of Hollywood, this film mecca boasts a favorable viewing audience and a proven track record of supporting independent films.

Many LGBT-themed films are among this year’s lineup.

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Glee in Real Life! Among this year’s lineup, Big Voice (trailer above), an inspiring feature documentary about a year in the life of a demanding high school choir director who pushes his students to become “one big voice”.

Nicholas Snow Live is produced and hosted by Nicholas Snow. Over 1.7 million downloads in just over 2-1/2 years. The show’s motto: “Connecting the Circuitry of Humanity.”

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From Magic to Science (sort of)

When I was young and trying to figure out the world, nearly every piece of popular “advice” people offered was complete bullshit. Let’s look at a few.

Advice is Useful: I used to think there was such a thing as “advice” that existed as little nuggets of valuable knowledge. If you were lucky enough to have lots of these advice nuggets you could piece them together and create and awesome plan that was likely to pay off.

As an adult, I can see that generic advice for specific individuals almost never makes sense. Every situation is unique. If I taught you everything I know it would not help you become the next Dilbert cartoonist. The environment changed since I made my run. And your mix of natural talents is unlikely to be similar to mine.

You’re probably thinking that some sorts of advice are universally applicable, such as the idea that hard work produces good results. But if I look around me, two of my richest friends work the fewest hours because they picked careers that allowed that to happen. I know rich people who have broken laws, become drug users, been dishonest, you name it. If you throw darts at a board with good and bad advice ranging from “get good grades in school” to “knock up your high school girlfriend” I can find examples of folks who made every situation work.

What do all successful people have in common? Beats me. I haven’t seen a correlation. I’ve seen lots of business plans in the past year and one of the best was from a guy that had a hard time getting through high school.  The entrepreneurs with advanced degrees are pushing science forward and taking their 10% chance of commercializing products that can change the world. The high school graduate looked at the legal weed business and said, “I can do a lot of things wrong and still make money as a legal grower because the margins are so high.” Which entrepreneur do you bet on? If you think you know the answer, you don’t understand the nature of start-ups.

Be Yourself: You used to hear the “be yourself” advice a lot. Apparently there is some sort of “real” you buried beneath the layers of social training. And that personality you keep hiding is amazing. The reality of course is that there is no real you anywhere. You are just a coincidental outcome of nature plus environment. (Optionally, add God to the mix if you like.)  If you were dumb enough to act “yourself” you would be a horrible friend. You’d be naked, unwashed, and rude. And you’d be masturbating in public way too much. So do us all a favor and keep your genuine self a secret, please.

Follow Your Passion: I won’t belabor this point because you’ve read my thoughts on this. Again, most of my rich and successful friends exhibit nothing that looks like passion. They had talent and energy and a desire to do whatever worked. Passion is magical thinking. Passion can’t be managed and it can’t be defined. And in my experience, passion is what you get when something works. When I was a kid, I was passionate about playing in the NBA. So were a million other kids. Passion isn’t a substitute for being tall, smart, or anything else. In fact, passion is the one thing you can remove from most success stories and get exactly the same result. In my case, Dilbert was one of several dozen business ideas I’ve tried. It worked because the timing was right, not because of my passion. I had about equal interest in everything I tried.

Willpower: I write about willpower as if it is real. But that’s a limitation of language. Science says you can manage your willpower by how much sugar you eat. And science says willpower is a limited resource during any given day.

The reality is that willpower is like the horizon. You can see it and talk about it, but in the end it is a perception and not something that exists in the physical world. My view is that we’re all particles bumping around according to some mysterious rules of physics. When your hunger is high, you eat. When it isn’t, other activities are more inviting. There is no willpower; there are just options and for a variety of rational and irrational “reasons” we choose one over the other. The end.

Have Goals: I wrote a whole book on why goals are for losers. I won’t repeat it here. The summary is that goals are perfectly harmless and sometimes helpful for simple situations, such as getting a good grade on a test. But when planning your multi-decade future, everything is an unknown, so your best bet is a system that improves your odds in some general way.

You Can Pick Winners: We used to think we could look at a business plan and use our impressive intellects to pick winners out of the pack. Now we know it can’t be done except probably by chance. There are always too many unknowns, and luck is always the biggest factor among the worthy candidates for success.

Fast Forward to 2015…

Today we have replaced a lot of the magical thinking of old with something that looks a lot more like science, at least in terms of testing ideas and seeing how they turn out, and not believing in things that can’t be seen or measured. Now you see more of this sort of talk…

Systems vs. Goals: Develop a system that improves your value in the world in a general way and make it easier for luck to find you.

Habit: You can rewire your brain by repetition and reward. So rewire your brain in ways that can improve your odds of success.

Manage Willpower: Willpower isn’t real in the old-timey sense that we can scrunch our foreheads and generate more of it when needed so long as our parents raised us right. But it does seem true, according to studies, that using your so-called willpower in one situation leaves you less self-restraint for the next, in any given day. So the modern view is that you manage willpower like a limited resource instead of a super power you can summon on command.

No One Can Pick Winners: Today, investors in the start-up world understand that no one is smart enough to consistently pick winners. You can’t think your way to success. Sure, you can weed out the totally-bad business ideas from the rest, but within the universe of plausible start-ups, no one is good at picking winners. So the scientific workaround for that is…

A-B testing: You keep trying different things in rapid succession and track how users respond.

Pivot: Start-ups start with one idea and quickly pivot to another if the first doesn’t work out. Your odds of success are still low with each idea, but every attempt betters your skillset and your odds.

I’m telling an incomplete story here, but the general idea is that a scientific mindset is slowly replacing the magical thinking about “success” that dominated my generation.

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