Are Sweatpants the Only Fashion Trend in America Right Now?

America has entered a period of self-isolation and stretch pants, and retailers across the country are reporting a surge in sweatpants sales during imposed lockdowns to curb the coronavirus’ spread.
While stores say that COVID-19 induced anxiety and dim economic forecasts have caused a steep drop-off in overall fashion sales, sweatpants appear to be an exception — their popularity spiking at a rate that may indicate they are the biggest (and perhaps only) trend in fashion right now.
With restaurants and nonessential stores closed by mandate and most professionals working from home, fashion status symbols have been rendered nearly useless. Consumers have few places to go that require any degree of style or savoir-faire, and in turn have begun dressing for comfort.
“There is a real shift in values within this moment,” said Scott Sternberg, founder of the sustainable basics label Entireworld, which saw its site traffic and sales conversion rate double last week, the first full workweek charted under quarantine.
Sweatpants have not appeared this relevant or widespread since the early-Aughts craze for Juicy Couture. Even the most devoted of fashion plates who have made a career out of getting dressed for the sake of it — including influencers Danielle Bernstein, Olivia Palermo

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The 12 Best Sweatpants You Can Buy Right Now

What are the best sweatpants for men? In high school, droopy basketball sweats may have gotten the job done. Today, athleisure is packed with far more functional, affordable, and stylish options for your legs.

Some of these souped-up sweatpants and joggers do the job of keeping you warm while you sweat. Others will just help you look good while you sit and watch TV or walk the dog. So, whether you’re in the market for function, fashion, or a little of both, we’ve got you covered.

Here are our picks for the best sweatpants and joggers for men.

1. Rhone Spar SeaCell Jogger

You want recovery? You got it. The Spar is made from a premium SeaCell fabric that boasts plenty of stretch, a moisture-wicking exterior, and zipper side and back pockets. 

[$ 82;]


2. Under Armour Sportstyle Joggers

Sweats aren’t just for the gym anymore, so you need a pair that will get you anywhere you need to go—and most anywhere else, too. These are sporty enough for whatever game you’re playing, smart enough for running errands, and cozy enough to hang around the house.

[$ 60,]   

under armour

3. Reigning Champ Slim Sweatpant

Breathable cotton feels just right in spring and fall’s cooler temperatures. Despite the slim cut, these sweatpants help you maintain mobility thanks to the gusseted crotch. Smooth flatlock seams reduce chafing if you decide to run all day.

[$ 110,]

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4. New Balance Gazelle Pant

Even if your workout is indoors this winter, you still have to go outside to get there. Suitable for all kinds of workouts (indoor and outdoor), these pants will also likely be your new go-to for braving the temps—even just during a commute. With tapered legs, they’re sleek but comfortable; and if you’re moving in the dark, reflective details ensure you’ll be easily spotted.

$ 70,

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5. Arcteryx Palisade Pant

Pants perfectly crafted for the all-weather hiker. With TerraTex fabric, these bottoms sport UPF 50+ sun protection and they dry quickly. Pockets are carefully placed to allow a pack and best of all, the crotch area is gusseted—which means you’re free to move worry-free no matter how steep you’re climbing. 

[$ 159,]


6. Todd Snyder + Champion Terry Slim Jogger

For Todd Snyder, a perfectly fitted suit makes the man. But he knows that even the most stylish guy takes off the suit at some point. These sweats are a collab with Champion; we chose the Royal Plum because, um, purple—but there are a dozen colors to choose from.

[$ 140,]

Todd Snyder

7. Patagonia Mahnya Fleece Joggers

A lightweight organic cotton blend provides endless all-weekend comfort in classic jogger pants with a drawstring waist and banded cuffs for an ideal fit. Three colors are available.

[$ 79,]

Threads 4 Thought

8. adidas Motion Pants

Go from the gym to street with these sweet adidas three-stripers. The regular fit is eased, but not sloppy, and perfect for anything from hard work to easy livin’. 

$ 55,


9. Puma Fleece Cargo Joggers

Didn’t you hear? Cargo pants are back. (Cargo joggers, anyway.) Maintain your stylish standards during down time with these fleece joggers. They come in four colors.

[$ 45;]


10. Belstaff Baytree Knit Joggers

Moto-inspired panels control the tapered fit of slim-cut joggers made from midweight cotton fleece, with a comfy striped rib waistband cinched by a drawstring.

[$ 195;]

11. Brooks Spartan Pants

Power through inclement weather and keep on running. The semi-fitted cut follows the contours of the body, relaxed through the leg and slightly-tapered at ankles. DriLayer fabric offers moistures-wicking capabilities that keep you cool and comfortable all-day long.

[$ 75;]



12. Faherty Dual-Knit Joggers

Sometimes the difference between looking good and looking like you gave up can come down to the cut of your joggers. We’ll keep you sharp and comfortable in our new sustainable fabric that combines organic cotton with a recycled poly blend for the ultimate softness and warmth without the bulk.

[$ 98,]



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What Your Girlfriends Won’t Tell You About Sweatpants: # 1 Cause of Divorce?

Eva Mendes, celeb-tress/spokesmodel partner of heartthrob Ryan Gosling made Twitter’s trending feed by commenting during an interview on Extra that sweatpants were the #1 cause of divorce, a statement her plus one attempted to clear up via social media.

Online media feeds off sound bites. My first reaction to Ms. Mendes was that she’s onto something. As the other of a newborn, she likely gets the challenge in maintaining sex appeal when you’re exhausted and covered with infant spittle.

No, sweatpants don’t cause divorce any more than yoga pants cause infidelity.

But the elastic waistband (replace with stained t-shirts, baggy panties, take your pick) is a definite passion killer.

The insouciant or even careless approach to appearance is like the comfort food of long term relationships, the sartorial equivalent to leaving the bathroom door open when you are “otherwise engaged.”

Men and women would like to believe the safety zone is built upon a love so strong no man can put asunder but maintaining passion is important to a relationship. Letting yourself go isn’t especially respectful to a partner. It’s like bait and switch.

Pregnancy, childbirth, and late night feedings don’t exactly call out “sex kitten” and more than a few men have turned the switch to think of a wife as a mom and no longer that playmate in a negligee. Keeping those fires stoked takes work on both sides. (So men, lose the ratty college sweatshirt and straight leg jeans!)

How we dress does impact how we feel about ourselves. Loose sweats and a stained tee shirt call out an evening on the couch with Netflix and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s much more than an evening of romance and passion. It’s pretty hard to get in the mood when you or your mate are dressed like slobs.

Well, unless your partner is Ryan Gosling!
Divorce – The Huffington Post

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Sweatpants Cause Divorce?!

Last night, I was greeted by Eva Mendes telling “Extra” that sweatpants being “the number one cause of divorce in America

Seriously, Eva? SERIOUSLY?!

Please, for the love of muffins, tell me you aren’t serious about this. That you even uttered it out loud makes me wonder about how different your version of reality is from the rest of us non-Hollywood people.

I mean, I get that you’re living a very different life than the average person, and that probably is even more glaringly different when it comes to such things as postpartum recovery and life with a baby.

Here’s the thing, Eva, from one “average” lifestyle Mom’s perspective:

Sweatpants? Let me tell you, the first few months after my babies were born? I’m not even sure I was wearing pants. Like, at all. The haze of sleep deprivations, hormones and my body leaking in ways nobody ever really warns you about, the last freaking thing I was worried about was clothes. Or makeup. Or working out. Or anything beyond survival… my baby’s and mine. And there were times where I seriously wondered, in my Dear-God-Let-Me-Sleep-For-Four-Consecutive-Hours addled brain, where I wondered if a person could actually die from sleep deprivation. If my brain would simply rupture, leak out my ears, and I’d be found in a puddle of brain matter, breast milk or formula. Frankly, ensuring I was fit for being out in public without being arrested was my husband’s responsibility. Cause I totally would’ve wandered out, baby puke not just on a shoulder, but possibly on my front, back, both shoulders, dribbling down a leg and maybe even between my toes.

I could totally have left the house without pants.

(Did I mention I don’t do sleep deprivation well? At all?)

Thanks, Eva, for putting more pressure on women, especially postpartum women. Cause it’s not enough that a woman has just pushed another human being out of her body, or had major abdominal surgery. Noooo! Let’s talk about them dressing nicely, working out and makeup. Oh, can’t forget the MAKEUP. A lot of postpartum women struggle with the changes in their bodies. Stretch marks, things swollen that they ever wonder if it will return to normal, breasts that are not only leaky, but considerably larger than they were before, a lot of us are shedding hair by the fistful, and wondering if they’ve managed a decent shower in the last week or two. For some of us “lucky” women, simply sitting comfortably seems like a distant dream.

Eva, us regular folk? We don’t have staff. We’re bouncing from one thing to another like sleep-deprived, insane pinballs. If baby is sleeping, we might be able to get a nap, or be doing laundry, grocery shopping, paying bills, cooking… there’s never a shortage of things that needs to be done when it comes to the average household, especially when there’s a new baby in the house.

Frankly, North American culture sucks when it comes to taking care of postpartum women. Birth has become something of a spectator sport, with family members asking, expecting and in some cases, even demanding a front row seat of the crowning baby. Then demands to visit, to feed and host family and friends. The idea of taking care of the new mother is something that has fallen off the radar for many people.

Someone who has just given birth deserves some care. Some rest. Without worrying about anyone’s expectations, wants or demands. Without anyone telling her that she should be doing something different or, God forbid, more.

So, thanks Eva. Thanks for making new moms even less appreciated, for giving them some more ridiculous standards to meet, some more guilt for them to carry, some more ideals that the average person can’t possibly hope to meet.


And then blame women for the divorce rates. Seriously? Women wearing sweatpants are cause of divorce? My husband, Wolf, wears sweatpants. Should I divorce him for it?

Oh, that’s right… you said WOMEN weren’t to wear them. Men weren’t mentioned.

Good freaking grief.

And, for the record, I don’t have a vested point of view when it comes to wearing sweatpants. Wear them, don’t wear them, but to put the responsibility on dressing to meet a standard on a new mother, to put the responsibility on survival of a marriage on how a woman dresses, is insulting to both men and women.
Divorce – The Huffington Post

Need to File for a Divorce!

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