Trinidad Jame$ “Jame$ Woo Woo,” Jacquees “Round 2” & More | Daily Visuals 2.12.20

For a minute there it seemed like Trinidad Jame$ was ascending to the top of rap popularity when he dropped his hit “All Gold Everything,” but then NYC OG Mysonne G-checked the Trinidad for speaking ill of New York and we ain’t heard much from him since.

Nevertheless, the ATLien is still on his rap grizzly and returns with some new work in “Jame$ Woo Woo” in which he channels the spirit of the late-great James Brown and puts on a show worthy of the Apollo… in the 60’s. The Sandman would’ve came for him had this been a few decades later. Just sayin.’

Jacquees meanwhile looks to get another shot at winning over a young lady’s heart by beating her in the box (y’all see what we mean) in his visuals for “Round 2.”

Check out the rest of today’s drops including work from Eric Bellinger, Yungeen Ace, and more.











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Kaepernick Is ‘Spokesperson for the Black Culture,’ Says Trinidad James

Colin Kaepernick isn’t just an athlete with a platform — “he’s the spokesperson for the black culture” … so says rapper Trinidad James.  After Kaepernick reached out to Nike with concerns about their Betsy Ross Flag shoe, Trinidad says the…


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Trinidad James Would Still Buy Yeezys, Just Not Now

[[tmz:video id=”0_71vq4sqk”]] Trinidad James doesn’t think Kanye West’s recent rant about slavery or wearing his MAGA hat will hurt Adidas’ bottom line in the long run, although it seems to have put a dent in Yeezy sales overseas already. On May 5, a…


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Trinidad James Gives Back With Celebrity Basketball Game & Sneaker Drive [Photos]

Trinidad James is a lot wiser than most people give him credit and he knows that his golden status can be used for the greater good of the Hip-Hop culture. He also loves his basketball and he blended his celebrity and sports savvy for a dope event early this month.

On June 7, the Atlanta rapper put on for his adopted home of Los Angeles for a dual charitable occasion for a celebrity basketball game and sneaker drive. The gymnasium of Crenshaw High School was filled with the likes of Nipsey Hussle, Problem, Hit-Boy, Rosa Acosta, Michael Blackson, Kevin McCall, Compton AV, Stevie Williams, Lil Rome Diddy, Moniece Slaughter, Quarter Bird, King Keraun, Jay 305, Lisa B, Eastwood, Cameo, Reazon, OverDoz, Raquel Harper plus DJ Looney.


“Only God could understand how much of a blessing today was!! Thank you Crenshaw from the middle of my heart,” Trindad James exclaimed.

Power 106 was also in the building, providing the music. Brand new Air Jordans, basketballs, football helmets and more were also passed out.

Flip through the gallery to see all the highlights from Trinidad James’ contributions to society.

Photos: Echoing Soundz

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Trinidad James – Trips To Trinidad (EP)

Former Def Jam artist Trinidad James is back with new 4 track EP titled ‘Trips To Trinidad’.

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Trinidad James Battles Over The N-Word On CNN [VIDEO]

Trinidad James has seen his name surface in the headlines of late, but not because the southern rap artist is in the midst of a new campaign for an album. In the wake of the OU SAE video release, usage of the “n-word” in Hip-Hop is the topic du jour with the media of late with James in the center of a heated CNN debate.

Earlier Monday (Mar. 16) we reported on James seemingly defending the OU SAE frat mother, Beauton Gilbow, for singing the n-word as it appeared on his “All Gold Everything” hit. While James said that the criticism hurled at the elderly Gilbow should be relaxed, he wasn’t excusing the OU SAE frat brothers who spoke the racist chant as led by ousted student, Parker Rice.

James clarified his position once more with CNN’s Don Lemon Monday evening, stating that his issue was with the students and their hateful usage of the term. Joining James on the media panel were professor and journalist Marc Lamont Hill, and white conservative and CNN correspondent Guy Ferguson. Hill explained in his opening statements that only in Hip-Hop are artists expected to relax use of the word while directors like Quentin Taratino are never policed as heavily.

Ferguson challenged James on his usage of the n-word, even going as far to say that rappers make money because of it. James tried to gamely explain how the word is often used in the Black community, even noting the word’s nasty history. Before long, the discussion devolved into nothing more than a shouting match.

Watch the Trinidad James’ n-word discussion with Don Lemon, Marc Lamont Hill, and Guy Ferguson in the clip below. Hit the following pages to see another of the panel discussion and Lemon’s one-on-one chat with James.

Photo: CNN

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Trinidad James Hosts Art Gallery Event In Oakland [VIDEO]

Trinidad James is riding his independent wave from the surfs kicked up on No One is $ afe. Recently, the gold-plated rapper brought a successful culture clash of his Atlanta sensibilities with the vibrant climate of Oakland by hosting a Nic Nac Event Planning art gallery.

Oakland Hot Plate was the headquarters for the exquisite event that brought together many of the top creative artists from all over the Bay Area on March 6.

“We just wanted to bring a good vibe out her to Oakland,” James said to the packed house. “A lot of peace of light.”

Afterwards James posed for pictures and saluted all the artists for the work.

Peep the behind-the-scenes, Keoni Mars and Meez-produced video below.

Photo: GoldGangTv

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