Unwanted – Nathan Deen

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Nathan Deen

Genre: Fiction & Literature

Publish Date: August 30, 2019

Publisher: Nathan Deen

Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC

Raised to be a slave. Sold to the highest bidder. Her very existence is a crime. Will she be the one to turn the new world order upside down? In a dystopian America, the government's plans for population control are in effect. Georgia has spent every day of her life on the Atlanta outskirts in a government-run facility with other Unwanteds. They are children born outside of a federal child-restriction law, stolen from their parents, and used for the government's own purposes. Just days after her twelfth birthday, Georgia learns someone is coming to buy her. She'll have to do whatever they say. She'll be their slave. The only question that runs through her mind is, can the outside world be any worse than the one she's lived in? After being bought by a well-to-do family with a terrible secret and sold into sex trafficking, Georgia crosses paths with a male Unwanted named Kyle, who's been raised to be a soldier in a military experiment. Unable to leave Georgia in her circumstances, Kyle hatches a plan to free her from the captivity of a dangerous pimp. Along with two other Unwanteds, Georgia and Kyle go on the run in an unknown world where the bond they form may be the only thing that keeps them alive. They know they'll be hunted. They know they can't run forever. But freedom is worth the risk. In the vein of 1984, Unwanted is a fast-paced thriller chock-full of riveting suspense, touching moments, and engrossing characters living in a frighteningly realistic society gone wrong. Pick up a copy to begin the journey today. Sign up for my newsletter (nathandeen.com) and receive a free exclusive copy of Unconditional, the prequel novella to the Unwanted Trilogy. The Unwanted Series: UNCONDITIONAL (Prequel novella) UNWANTED (Book 1) UNBOUND (Book 2, coming summer 2020) UNDAUNTED (Book 3, coming winter 2020)

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