Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber Were All Business on Valentine’s Day

It was apparently “Trademark Day” on Valentine’s Day for 2 big stars in Hollywood … ’cause Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber put love aside and got down to business. According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Kylie filed to trademark “Kylie Body”…


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How to Make a Connection With the Valentine’s Day Once-a-Year Customer

Ah, Valentine’s Day. That week where everyone needs to profess their love through gift. The week where you need a revolving door, double the staff and an on-site therapist for both employees and customers. – Opinion

‘Shameless Sex’ Hosts Instagram Valentine’s Day Contest

“Shameless Sex” podcast hosts Amy Baldwin and April Lampert are asking loyal listeners to offer up their best out-of-the-box ideas and plans for their 24-hour Instagram contest, “F*ck (On) Valentine’s Day.” – Pleasure & Retail

Episode 820 Scott Adams: Valentines Whiteboard Lesson on Winning Versus Losing Frames. (This Will Change Some Lives.)

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‘To All the Boys’ and ‘Zombies’ serve up Valentine’s Day sequels for teens

Two movies open in theaters this weekend promising romance for Valentine’s Day. But the real action is on television, with a pair of sequels, “Zombies 2” and “To All the Boys P.S. I Still Love You,” catering to a demographic where a sizable portion of the audience can’t even drive itself to the multiplex. – RSS Channel – Entertainment

GamersGate: The World's Largest Online Game Store

Lovehoney Preps Retailers for Valentine’s Day Last-Minute Shoppers

The Lovehoney team is sharing its tips for engaging last-minute Valentine’s Day shoppers in the days leading up to the romantic holiday. – Pleasure & Retail

Tank Says Sex Absolutely Counts as Acceptable Valentine’s Day Gift

Tank says some good old-fashioned bedroom lovin’ is more than an acceptable gift from a woman come Valentine’s Day — but there’s a catch … it’s gotta have a kick to it. We got the R&B singer heading to Delilah in WeHo Friday night for…


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Williams Trading Announces Valentine’s Sale on Top Product Lines

Williams Trading has rolled out a promotional sale on full lines from Evolved Novelties, including the Adam & Eve and Zero Tolerance Toys collections, Creative Conceptions, and for the first time, LELO, honoring the Valentine’s Day season. – Pleasure & Retail

Aussie Retailer Wild Secrets Offers Hotel Delivery for Valentine’s Day

Australian online adult retailer is offering discreet sex toy delivery to hotels. – Pleasure & Retail

Pipedream Touts ‘Never Out Top Sellers’ List for Valentine’s Day

Pipedream is tub-thumping an updated edition of its “Never Out Top Sellers” (NOTS) list ahead of the Valentine’s Day shopping crush. – Pleasure & Retail

Pipedream Touts ‘Never Out Top Sellers’ List for Valentine’s Day

Pipedream is tub-thumping an updated edition of its “Never Out Top Sellers” (NOTS) list ahead of the Valentine’s Day shopping crush. – Pleasure & Retail

Freeform’s Gay Rom-Com Just Saved Valentine’s Day

Freeform will premiere a gay Valentine’s Day romantic comedy called ‘The Thing About Harry,’ starring ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ actor Jake Borelli and Niki Terho, in February 2020.

Miley Cyrus Marks Valentine’s Day With A Series Of Sweet New Wedding Photos

Miley Cyrus marked Valentine’s Day by sharing sweet new photos from her December wedding to Liam Hemsworth.

Tiffany Young’s ‘Lips On Lips’ Is A Playful Valentine’s Day Surprise

Listen to Tiffany Young’s latest single, “Lips On Lips” — a playful love song with a trop-pop beat and the pop star’s signature breathy vocals.

Williams Trading Expands 2019 Expands Valentine’s Day Essentials Catalog

Williams Trading has expanded its product offering in the recently released Valentine’s Day Essentials Catalog, which features new items from Kheper Games, Little Genie, Blush Novelties, System Jo, Jimmyjane and a special bonus rechargeable full-size wand from Cloud 9 Novelties. – Pleasure & Retail

Arianny Celeste’s Valentine’s Lingerie Photos Will Engorge Your Heart

It’s now time to reevaluate who your Valentine is this year … because UFC star Arianny Celeste is doing a super hot lingerie shoot for Lovers Day … and she doesn’t know you exist. Celeste and her best pal Alejandra Boggiano dropped new smokin’…


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Nalpac Releases 2019 Valentine’s Day Catalog

Nalpac has released its 2019 Valentine’s Day catalog, which is now available online and arriving in customers’ mailboxes on Jan. 1. – Pleasure & Retail

Le’Veon Bell Wants A Valentine’s Day Date With SZA

[[tmz:video id=”0_7b7j3pn3″]] Le’Veon Bell plays football, but here’s proof he’s an expert in shooting his shot … ’cause he’s letting the world know he has a crush on R&B superstar SZA … just in time for Valentine’s Day. We got Bell leaving…


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Williams Trading Releases Valentine’s Day Lingerie Catalog

Williams Trading has announced that it has expanded product offerings in the newly released 2019 Valentine’s Day Lingerie Essentials Catalog. – Pleasure & Retail

The guide to Valentine’s Day grooming

So it’s finally Valentine’s Day, and you finally asked out that person you’ve been thinking about for weeks.

The post The guide to Valentine’s Day grooming appeared first on Men's Journal.

Men’s Journal Latest Style News

Le’Veon Bell Wants A Valentine’s Day Date With SZA

[[tmz:video id=”0_7b7j3pn3″]] Le’Veon Bell plays football, but here’s proof he’s an expert in shooting his shot … ’cause he’s letting the world know he has a crush on R&B superstar SZA … just in time for Valentine’s Day. We got Bell leaving…


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How to Inspire Retail Sales During the Valentine’s Day Shopping Season

It’s the season for love (as if our customers weren’t aware) and that means it’s time to gear up stores with eye-catching, romance-inspiring (and purchase-inspiring) displays. – Opinion

Je Joue Promotes Sexual Wellness With Valentine’s Day Cards

Je Joue has collaborated with Colourful Cocks & Quims to support the FPA, a sexual-health charity that recently had its funding cut by the U.K. government. – Pleasure & Retail

Honey’s Place Introduces 2018 Valentine’s Day Buyer Guide

Honey’s Place has released its 2018 Valentine’s Day Buyer’s Guide. – Pleasure & Retail

Williams Trading Co. Expands ‘Valentine’s Day Lingerie Essentials’ Catalog

Williams Trading has expanded the product offering in the newly released Valentine’s Day Lingerie Essentials Catalog. – Pleasure & Retail

Orion Wholesale Gears Up for Valentine’s Day

Orion Wholesale is preparing retailers for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday shopping season with a selection of romance-themed pleasure products. – Pleasure & Retail

Should Teen Mum‘s Jordan Have Bought Chloe A Valentine’s Day Gift?

During tonight’s ‘Teen Mum’ episode, Jordan didn’t get Chloe anything for Valentine’s Day.

Best Way to Prepare Your Valentine’s Day in 2017: A Few Tips to Be Romantic

Valentines day shouldn’t be the ONLY day of the year where you can show your romantic side. You need to work at that everyday of the year. However, your significant other or girlfriend would expect an extra push of effort on your side to show how much you care. The tips below can guide you through these challenges you may face prior to that day
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Battle Damage – Valentine’s Day Destroyed at 1000 Frames Per Second

Love is in the air—literally, 15 feet in the air. Erik and Justin get in the Valentine’s Day spirit by doing what they do best—smashing stuff, in this case a box of chocolates, a vase of roses, and a bottle of wine.
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Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just a Couples’ Celebration

‘Tis the season for love at your friendly neighborhood sex shop! This is not to say that there isn’t a particular sense of yearning and passion that haunts your stores the other 11 months out of the year. You just can’t deny that there’s something different about the vibe (pun intended) around Valentine’s Day. | Feature Articles

See Beyonce’s Super-Cute Valentine’s Day Post

As far as adorable Valentine’s Day messages go, Beyonce just might have everyone else topped. Sure, Madonna, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj and more A-… Music News

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Give Him What He Needs This Valentine’s – wishes you the sexiest Valentine’s day.
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Select Hustler Hollywood Stores Staying Open 24 Hours for Valentine’s Day

Hustler Hollywood says Valentine’s Day procrastinators are in luck this year: select Hustler Hollywood locations will open their doors Feb. 13, first thing in the morning, and remain open 24-hours until end of business on Valentine’s Day. | Top Stories

Eva Longoria Valentine’s Fun; Tim McGraw Sings At The Oscars

Eva Longoria has a blast at the Svedka Vodka’s Stupid Cupid Valentine’s Day bash. Plus, what’s Tim McGraw singing at the 2015 Oscars?

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Lauren Conrad Admits Her Laguna Beach Reunion Was a “Good Time,” Teases Top-Secret Valentine’s Day Plans

Lauren ConradWhoever said high reunion reunions have to be awkward or drama-filled clearly didn’t attend Laguna Beach High School.

Just two months ago, Lauren Conrad and her Laguna Beach co-stars…

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Valentines Day: Friend or Faux?!

If you’re happily coupled, you’re already planning your romantic day. If you’re either happily single you’re likely shopping online or booking a girls trip to Vegas. If you are bitterly scorned, or unattractively cynical, you’re likely planning a revenge plot. Either way, who doesn’t love some ideas!
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7 Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gestures Your Guy Will Actually Love

This likely isn't your first Valentine's Day rodeo. You've grabbed the tab for a fancy-schmancy dinner, worn lingerie under your dress, and stashed a perfectly-wrapped electronic gift or tickets to the big game in your…

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Holiday Products Releases Valentine’s Day Catalog

Holiday Products has released a 2015 Valentine’s Day catalog online and in print. | Top Stories

Valentine’s Day (2010) – Garry Marshall

Garry Marshall - Valentine's Day (2010)  artwork

Valentine’s Day (2010)

Garry Marshall

Genre: Comedy

Price: $ 14.99

Rental Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: February 12, 2010

Seen through the eyes of a multigenerational cast of characters, "Valentine's Day" threads its way through a variety of relationships–from first dates to longtime commitments, from young crushes to old flames, and from perpetual singles to unrequited loves. To tell the interconnecting stories, the film brings together one of the largest all-star ensembles ever assembled in one film.

© © 2010 New Line Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

iTunes Store: Top Video Rentals in Romance

Teddy Love Announces Valentine’s Day Promotion

With Valentine’s Day just a little more than six weeks away, Teddy Love has announced a sale on its flagship product for the next 30 days. | Top Stories

Happy Fucking Valentine’s Day

Happy Fucking Valentine's Day

Every man in the world would be more than satisfied if, instead of an anonymous love letter, they got a tiny beaver to fuck for Valentine's Day. – MILF

Want a Boyfriend By Valentine’s Day? Follow These 9 Steps!

That’s right, Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. 2014 is history. No one special to kiss under the mistletoe? If you faithfully follow these nine steps, you’ll make up for it by getting plenty of lovin’ from your new sweetheart in less than two months!

You don’t have to love Valentine’s Day to accept this challenge of manifesting love quickly.

It’s a milestone, one that you can reach! If you’re a fan of being in a loving relationship, read on.

1. Get A New Attitude

Take a cold, hard look at your attitude towards men. There’s a good chance it sucks. What I mean is, you probably spend more time thinking about what is wrong with men than what is right.

Do you find yourself thinking “All men want are young, dumb girls who don’t challenge them” or “All men are liars” or “All the good ones are taken — if he’s single, there’s something wrong with him“?

If any of those statements, or any statement like that rings true for you, guess what? Your attitude sucks. Why would any man want to be with you if you are assuming he’s defective in some way?

Really — this is important. Why would a good man want to be with someone who thinks men suck?

If your answer is, “He has to prove to me that he’s a good man and then I’ll change my attitude” guess what? You’ve got that backwards. Stop clinging to some rom-com fantasy that you can be a total bitch to some guy and he will slowly start to see that under it all you have a heart of gold and then he’ll desperately try to prove to you his love and devotion.

The truth is, if you believe that all men are dogs or whatever sucky belief you have, you will find a way to be right. Deep down you don’t want to be right, because you want to be loved, but even deeper down you want to be right! And so you will, through your energetic focus and self-sabotaging behavior, find the guys who prove you right. You’ll be right, but you’ll also be miserable!

Instead of focusing on your fears of what men are “like,” start focusing on all the good stuff you actually want to experience from and with men. The past is the past. There are lots of men out there who are loyal, kind, affectionate, smart, passionate and more — the list goes on!

If you can’t find some positive male traits and behavior to focus on, that’s on you. You’re not trying hard enough!

2. Get A New List

If you are a single adult woman who has managed to get this far in life without making “the list” of the traits of your dream man, congratulations! You now get to start from scratch, which might be easier than ditching your old one. Which is what I urge the rest of you to do.

Clarity is key, an important factor in zeroing in on what’s important so you can ignore all the crap that isn’t. The act of writing down what you do want and believing you can have it is powerful.

If you write down a bunch of dream characteristics, many of which have nothing to do with your actual relationship with this imagined person, that’s less helpful. It’s especially unhelpful when you don’t actually feel and believe that meeting this person is a possibility.

No more hoping against hope! Now is the time to believe.

Your new list is going to change everything. You’re going to start manifesting men who are ready, able and willing to provide everything on your new list.

Your new list has FIVE items on it. None of them have to do with physical appearance or occupation.

Your new list has your five core relationship needs.

Now is the time to be honest with yourself. I’m not suggesting you only have five needs, but for this to work you have to boil it down to five. Think of the elements of your dream relationship (the actual relationship – what you share between you) you need to feel fulfilled.

For contrast, imagine having a relationship without these needs being met. That relationship would suck and feel empty, no matter how hot or rich or tall or adventurous your partner was.

Your list is yours alone and only you can decide what to prioritize. Some examples of common relationship needs are loyalty, physical intimacy, open communication and intellectual stimulation.

Once you have your list, keep it with you, reflect on it and envision how you can start to recognize men who are ready, able and willing to fulfill these needs. Men who can fulfill them now, in a relationship with you. Not in theory, not in rom com fantasy, but in reality!

3. Get A Dating App (or three)

Let’s get down to brass tacks. We don’t have a lot of time between now and Valentine’s Day, so we need to fast track this new relationship of yours. You might prefer the idea of meeting someone by “chance” or without “trying.”

Well, I prefer the idea of you sending a loud and clear message to the universe that you are willing to walk the walk when it comes to manifesting love! And you should, too!

There are tons of dating apps to choose from. There’s Tinder, Hinge, MELD, Siren, Coffee Meets Bagel and tons of others! A quick Google search will help you find the right one or ones for you.

These apps are free, and they are easy — even fun to use! Because of the ease factor, you get a lot of people using apps who wouldn’t necessarily take the time to fill out a long dating profile and pay a membership fee online.

That is good news for you! You have every kind of person using dating apps and they all have one thing in common — they want to meet someone! Some are looking for a quick hookup and some are looking for marriage, and everything in between.

Take the time to fill out a short bio (leaving your bio blank implies you’re looking for a hookup), leave out any negative statements (e.g. “Don’t bother writing me if you’re a cheater“) and stay open!

You can’t know everything about a person based a tiny snippet of information, so don’t even try to! Make your first date a cup of coffee or a drink and make it happen quickly – no days or weeks of back and forth.

Before you meet, you can’t know if he’s Mr. Right — just learn enough to know if he’s Mr. Right For Coffee On A Wednesday!

4. Get A New Hobby

It’s time to shake things up! Do something new, just for you. Don’t do something practical, do something fun. Something that gets you excited. Maybe you’ll finally learn French or the Argentine tango. Find a class, find a group on, find a YouTube channel to learn the basics and then go out and find a community of like-minded people.

The point of getting a new hobby is not to meet a man while doing it (though of course that might happen), the point is to do something that lights you up. Why?

Because that passion and excitement is totally hot. It’s magnetic.

You’ll be happier and subsequently, other people will be happy around you. That includes men!

Don’t wait until a month from now when a new class at your local Y opens up. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Go ahead and sign up for that class, but YouTube is free and if you’re reading these words, you have access to it.

Make your new hobby a habit!

5. Be On The Lookout

Single women tell me all the time that they have no idea where to meet men. The reality is, there are men all around you. They might not all turn your head at first sight, but they are there!

You never know who you might meet and what might come of that meeting unless you are open to connecting with men in your everyday life.

Being on the lookout is not the same as being on the prowl. You’re not putting on your sexiest outfit as you head to the office or supermarket and winking at strangers on the subway (unless you want to!).

I’m asking you to keep your eyes open and be available to make eye contact or share a smile or a hello. Just focus on spreading your lovely, welcoming energy to those you encounter!

If you normally spend your commute with your head buried in a book or a smartphone, try going without. Take your headphones off. Look around you and be present!

6. Get Some New Friends

I hear all the time from single people how much of an impact their friends have on their dating lives. Some complain about all of their friends being married or otherwise coupled, or their friends being highly dysfunctional in the dating arena. One woman told me that she and her best single girlfriends are “the blind leading the blind.”

Even if your friends are the light of your life, it can only help you to expand your social circle. I’m not saying you should ditch your friends (unless any of those relationships are toxic), but one of the best ways to meet a romantic partner is through a mutual friend or acquaintance. So it’s a good idea to get some new friends!

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people can help you reach your goals faster.

You might have to go outside of your immediate circle to find those like-minded people. If you’d like to get out more socially and your existing friends aren’t helping in that area – find new ones! Maybe it’s time to take that old co-worker up on that invitation to get a drink, or to ask one of those old classmates you’ve connected with on Facebook out to lunch.

7. Kiss The Nerdy Guys

Don’t take my word for this. Take a poll of every happily married or coupled woman you know. Ask her if her man was “cool” or had “game” or “swagger” when they first met. Ask her if he said all the right things, was suave and kept her guessing.

The answer is no 99% of the time. And there’s a reason for that – the guys who have game are usually playing a game. When someone really likes you, is about connecting with you on an authentic level, he’s not playing a game.

Even the coolest guy becomes “uncool” when he’s courting someone he really cares about AND is ready, able and willing to be in a relationship with.

So if that guy is acting a bit awkward and unsmooth and even nerdy with you, take it as a good sign!

8. Be Uncool

While we’re on the subject of coolness, it’s time for you to cut that sh*t out yourself! Being the “cool” woman, the one who goes along to get along and never asks for anything in return will get you nowhere, and fast!

No more sex without commitment and respect. No more “it’s cool” when you haven’t heard from a guy for weeks and he texts to see what you’re “up to” tonight. No more “Well, I’d like a relationship, but no pressure!” attitude.

If a guy is not interested in dating you once he finds out you are looking for a committed relationship, that you are not willing to have casual sex or welcome him back with open arms after he’s gone M.I.A. for a week, he’s doing you a favor!

Being honest about seeking a real commitment won’t “scare off” the right guy. If he runs away, he was not going to be your man anyway.

You deserve a partner who is all about you, who sees a future with you and is ready to start on the path to that future now.

And in case you’re thinking that you don’t play it “cool” because you give a guy a hard time or bust his balls when he doesn’t do what he says he will, guess what? You’re still going along to get along. If you continue to engage with him, continue to see him and hook up with him, you’re sending a message loud and clear to him and to the universe — you’ll take what you can get, even if what you’re getting is total crap.

9. Get Grateful

I can’t say enough good things about gratitude and its power. What you focus on expands! If you are grateful for the good things you have, even the small ones that a less observant person can easily take for granted, your life will change. Guaranteed!

Gratitude is KEY in the love manifesting process. If you are asked out by someone who is respectful and kind in his approach to you, be grateful. Even if you don’t go on the date (which you should strongly consider doing!), don’t take the invitation for granted. Be thankful for all of the love and kindness you receive in your life.

If you turn your nose up or take sincere romantic interest for granted, you are sending a message to the universe that you don’t want more of it!

So there you have it, my dear. Happy dating! Let me know how it goes and tell me about all the love you’re manifesting! You can comment below or hit me on Twitter @DearFranny. Want some help staying motivated and on the right love track? Sign up for free weekly inspiration at
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