Sources: Manfred warns union that season at risk

Major League Baseball and its players recognize the coming days are a critical juncture following a 21st positive test for the Marlins and two positive tests for the Cardinals on Friday. – TOP

‘Botched’ Star Terry Dubrow Warns Celebs Against Facelifts During Pandemic

Celebs are clamoring for plastic surgery while everyone’s outta the public eye during the coronavirus pandemic … but Dr. Terry Dubrow says some procedures just aren’t smart. The “Botched” star joined us on “TMZ Live” Wednesday and told us our…


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DaBaby’s Alleged Victim Warns Lawsuit’s Coming If He Doesn’t Settle Soon

DaBaby hasn’t done anything to make amends with the guy he and his crew allegedly jumped and robbed … according to the guy’s lawyers, who’ve officially put the rapper on notice. The alleged victim, concert promoter Kenneth Carey, claims he…


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Vogel warns against stagnation after close victory

Coach Frank Vogel pointed to potential cracks in the Lakers’ foundation after beating the host Hawks 101-96. – NBA

‘If You Shoot At The Devil You Best Not Miss,’ Alec Baldwin’s Trump Warns On ‘SNL’

“Russia, if you’re watching, go to bed; Daddy won,” he gushes after release of Robert De Niro’s Mueller report.
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This 5SOS Fan Keeps Eating Luke Hemmings Pics, But A Doctor Warns She Shouldn’t

A 5 Seconds of Summer fan named Tilly has been eating photos of Luke Hemmings every day this November, in hopes that the lead vocalist will eat a photo of her, too.

Diddy Warns Of Culture Slippage While Posting White Kids Rapping


HipHopDX News

Paradise Marketing Warns of Counterfeit Condoms

Paradise Marketing is sending a warning to customers, to make them aware of the dangers of counterfeit brand-name condoms, which the company says are flooding the worldwide market. – Pleasure & Retail

Cardi B Warns She Might ”Act Up” While Describing Seriously X-Rated Birthday Wish

Cardi BCardi B has only one birthday wish and only her husband, Offset, can make it come true.
Today marks the rapper’s 26th birthday and she is going all out for the celebrations. “I…

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E-40 Warns Urban Novelist to Keep Away from ‘Captain Save a Hoe’

E-40 says an author ripped off his hit ’90s song and slapped it on a novel, but he’s giving the writer one chance to save himself from a ‘Save a Hoe’ lawsuit. The rapper fired off a cease and desist letter to novelist, CJ Allen over his…


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The Real Stormy Daniels Warns ‘Trump’ on ‘SNL’: Storm’s A Comin’, Baby

Deny climate change all you want.
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Courtney Love Warns Women About Harvey Weinstein In 2005 Video

“I’ll get libeled if I say it,” Love says before offering her tip to aspiring actresses.
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Christina El Moussa Warns Beauty Campaign About Peddling Products in Her Name

Christina El Moussa’s pissed her good looks are being used to hawk an anti-aging product — she’s only 33, but she says the real issue is she never endorsed it … so now she’s threatening to sue. Christina’s name popped up in an online campaign claiming…


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News in Brief: GOP Warns Refugees Likely To Be Driven To Terrorism By Way America Would Treat Them

CHARLESTON, SC—Declaring that opening the nation’s doors to displaced Syrians posed a major security threat, GOP leaders warned Tuesday that any refugees who resettled in the U.S. would most likely be driven to terrorism by the way America treats them. “We absolutely cannot provide a safe haven to these Syrians due to the very real threat that the abusive and hateful conduct of Americans will push the refugees toward radicalization and recruitment by extremist militant groups,” said Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), echoing the sentiments of numerous other presidential candidates and state governors who have argued that Syrian asylum seekers would in all probability embrace a radical jihadist worldview after constantly enduring anti-Muslim hate speech, racial epithets, and threats of violence and persecution by both the American people and government officials. “The moment we let these Syrians in, I promise that our most ruthless and cruel tendencies will …

The Onion

News in Brief: Home Inspector Warns That House Lacks Banister You Can Slide All The Way Down

ATHENS, GA—Saying he would personally be extremely wary of investing in a property with such a fundamental structural flaw, home inspector Samuel Finch warned local couple Irene and Matthew Gilman today that the house they were considering purchasing lacked a banister you can slide all the way down. “I hate to have such bad news to report, but it’s best you folks know now that the front staircase here does not have a railing you can sit on and zoom all the way down from top to bottom—it’s in pretty bad shape,” said Finch, adding that moving into a home with a banister that is smooth and wide enough to ensure a fast and stable ride would be particularly important if the couple was planning to start a family. “As you can see, the current railing is far too thin and angular to allow for a …

The Onion

BBC Must Pay Royalties for Planned Music Streaming Service, BPI Warns

The U.K. music industry’s trade group has warned the BBC about a music streaming service planned by the British public broadcaster, saying it must be… Music News

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Edible Encounters: Dej Loaf Warns “Kids, Don’t Do Drugs”

Photo Credit: Instagram

“Fun Fact: I ate a weed brownie and almost died (well at least in my mind i did) while on the Pink Print tour,” wrote Dej Loaf in a recent Twitter post.  Today (Aug. 23), the “Try Me” rapper used the social media site to recall an adventurous experience between herself and an innocent looking chocolate morsel.

The humorous account made Dej question her mortality and she reminisced, “Whole time I was thinking like (so this is what it feels like to die) It was mentally painful.” Eventually, the Detroit native playfully admonished herself and decided to “Stick to Hennessy,” before she responsibly advised “Kids, don’t do drugs.”

Check out the gallery to view all of Dej Loaf’s tweets.

Click to view slideshow.



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Beanie Sigel Calls Meek Mill/Drake Situation “Gay”, Warns Someone Could Get Killed

(AllHipHop News) Over the last few weeks, plenty of people have weighed in on the Meek Mill versus Drake drama. Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel has now shared his thoughts on the battle which later drew in Ar-Ab. The Broad Street Bully does not seem to be feeling the entire situation, and he even offered advice to fellow Philly rappers Meek and Ab.

[ALSO READ: Roc-A-Fella Rapper Neef Buck Compares “Meek Mill Vs Drake” To “Jay Z Vs Nas” (VIDEO)]

Read Beanie Sigel’s statements via Instagram below.

Typical house niggas quick to turn they back on their own people!
I hate yall D*ck heads

Now that I’ve got your attention! I think a lot of you are misinterpreting what I’m saying… See this thing bigger than Nino Brown.. First & foremost who really care about Meek & Drake rap beef…That hole situation gay.. Meek said what he said and Drake did what he did !!! Bottom line. ..
I’m not choosing sides in none of this sh*t..
For one I can care less plus it’s none of my business. .. I know ,Why would Meek care if Drake didn’t write his own sh*t I don’t know.. I’m going to still bang Drake sh*t just like everybody else is because nobody cares point blank.. I know, why would Meek diss Ar. I don’t know… You have to choose your battles carefully and be prepared for the outcome good or bad.. But this about to move somewhere else beyond rap..
“A wise man don’t learn from his own mistakes ,he learns from the mistakes of other.. I told yall “I go through it so you WOULDN’T do it after me”. ..
Somebody mite die over this stupid sh*t.. it won’t be Ar.,Meek, or Drake.. it’s going to be one of the entourage … Somebody going to move out to prove they loyalty to something that’s not loyal to them “stupidity ” somebody dies somebody in jail for life over what. You’ll be lucky if a n*gga get you a lawyer send you some flicks & commissary money for a couple months…good luck on that dark skin Jermaine… But what do I know.. I’m just a washed up rapper right? RIGHT ! .. This the sh*t that happens when you turn your back on your people… You don’t advise them on what’s right.. You Don’t tell them they acting like a sucker when they doing sucker sh*t!!! Advice to [AR-Ab] don’t fall for the banana in the tailpipe & sacrifice something or someone over this gay sh*t…do your thing and get your money homie..
Advise to [Meek Mill] tighten up your circle, Get them yes men from around you that’s not going to keep it

News in Brief: Anti-MDMA Campaign Warns Teens About Dangers Of Feeling More Connected To Others

ROCKVILLE, MD—Explaining that most young people mistakenly believe the popular drug to be safe for recreational use, officials from the National Institute on Drug Abuse unveiled a new anti-MDMA campaign Friday warning teens about the dangers of feeling deep emotional connections to others. “Too many of our nation’s children don’t realize that even a single dose of MDMA—or Molly, as it’s known—has the devastating potential to make users feel like they’re part of one big human family, connected to all those around them by a single cosmic thread,” said NIDA spokesperson June Kessler, who noted that 13- to 18-year-olds were especially at risk of succumbing to a profound warmth and admiration toward their peers that knows no bounds. “Teens need to know this isn’t just a benign party drug; it comes with serious consequences, and it can and will cause users to …

The Onion

50 Cent Talks Making Fun Of Himself, Warns Others About Clowning His Bankruptcy Situation

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent is known for cracking jokes on his fellow rappers, but the G-Unit boss is not afraid to clown himself as well. After the world found out he has filed for bankruptcy, the Queens representative posted a picture on Instagram making fun of the situation.

[ALSO READ: 50 Cent Jokes About Filing For Bankruptcy (PHOTO)]

Yesterday (July 14), 50 was a guest on ESPN2’s His & Hers. Hosts Michael Smith and Jemele Hill asked Fif about his IG picture.

“If you do it to other people, you can’t take yourself that serious. People love tragedy,” said 50. “It’s like the way they’d put LeBron’s face up after the championship. But you was just rooting for LeBron, right? Because it was feeling like he was gonna win it by himself.”

The producer of the hit Starz program Power would not go into much detail about filing for bankruptcy, but 50 did offer a slick warning to any of his rivals that may want to use the situation to send shots his way.

“I watch people do it, and you let them enjoy themselves for a moment. Then it starts to shift, because they realize [me filing for bankruptcy is] not what they think it is,” added 50. “I just watch to see which one of them says something, because I’m gonna see you in a little bit.”

[ALSO READ: Puffy Sends Birthday Love To Vodka Brand Rival 50 Cent (PHOTO)]

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Lisa Leslie — Warns Tom Hanks’ Son … Use N-Word, Get Ass Kicked

If Tom Hanks’ son wants to use the N-word in a rap song, he’d better watch his ass — so says WNBA legend Lisa Leslie who says “the real homeboys” could have a real problem with it.  Chet Haze — who is extremely white…


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Netflix Warns About The Dangers Of Binge-Watching — Sort Of

Netflix has a message for you: Binge responsibly.

That’s the gist of an April Fool’s day campaign from the streaming video giant.

If you live in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. or Ireland, and on Wednesday stream more than two consecutive episodes of a show on Netflix, a video will suddenly appear, and an actress or actor from one of the company’s original shows will warn against the perils of binge-watching.

Perhaps Linda Cardellini, who stars in the recently released “Bloodline,” will implore you to take a shower. Or “Orange is the New Black’s” Selenis Leyva will yell at you, in Spanish and in English, to get your homework done.

Maybe Michael Kelly, who plays Doug Stamper in “House of Cards,” will chillingly remind you that yes, you have to get to work. (Seriously, do what Doug says.)

There are 13 binge-watching announcements in all.

Netflix has long encouraged binge-watching, and the Los Gatos, California-based company makes it easy by releasing all episodes of its original shows at one time.

In 2013, the company hired the anthropologist Grant McCracken to research how people watch TV, given the rise of on-demand streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime Instant Video. McCacken found that 61 percent of people who stream regularly said they binge-watch, and 73 percent reported “positive feelings” about binge-watching.

Don’t worry — you don’t have to binge-watch “Friends” or the latest season of “House of Cards” in order to see the Netflix warnings. You can search for “Binge Responsibly” on Netflix, and you’ll be able to see them all.

But you better do it now. Because come April 2, they’ll be gone — sort of like what happens if you cross Doug Stamper.

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Chris Brown — Baby Mama’s Ex-Husband Warns … Watch Your Temper, Or Else!

Chris Brown’s history of having a temper could bite him in the ass … because his baby mama’s ex-husband is putting the singer on notice — watch your temper around my family, or we’ve got a problem. TMZ spoke with Terry Amey — who says he was married…


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DEA Warns Of Stoned Rabbits If Utah Passes Medical Marijuana

Where would this country be if Peter Cottontail got cottonmouth?

Matt Fairbanks, an agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration’s “marijuana eradication” team in Utah, testified to a state Senate panel last week, and said rabbits could get addicted to pot, lose their natural instincts and sit around getting high all the time should a bill pass that would allow medical marijuana edibles in the state.

Fairbanks testified in opposition to the bill, and spent some of his testimony splitting hares, according to The Washington Post. He claimed that illegal pot farms could have bad environmental consequences, and said he saw rabbits addicted to weed at illegal grow sites.

“I deal in facts. I deal in science,” Fairbanks said at the hearing (48-minute mark).

“One of them refused to leave us, and we took all the marijuana around him, but his natural instincts to run were somehow gone,” he added.

Washington Post reporter Christopher Ingraham wrote that illegal pot grows can indeed harm the environment, but noted that those consequences aren’t unique to weed.

Ingraham noted:

Now, regarding rabbits. Some wild animals apparently do develop a taste for bud (and, yes, best to keep it away from your pets). But I don’t know that the occasional high rabbit constitutes grounds for keeping marijuana prohibition in place, any more than drunk squirrels are an argument for outlawing alcohol. And let’s not even get started on the nationwide epidemic of catnip abuse.

Fairbanks’ “marijuana eradication” colleagues were reportedly in the news lately when they mistook okra for marijuana in Georgia and brought in the big guns.
Comedy – The Huffington Post
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Lil Wayne — Warns Birdman … My Next Rant’s Gonna Be in Court!

Lil Wayne is ready to take his feud with Birdman to the next level … threatening to drag him and Cash Money into court if they don’t drop his album NOW. Sources very close to the feud tell TMZ … Wayne has issued a simple…


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Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg Warns Drake Not To Snatch Diddy’s Mic [Photo]

[There is a video that cannot be displayed in this feed. Visit the blog entry to see the video.]


Peter Rosenberg from Hot 97 and the Juan Epstein podcast is always down to share his opinion on any matter concerning Hip-Hop. 

Rosenberg talks about Drake making the faux pas of snatching Diddy’s mic, whether drain asking off Cash Money is a publicity, being disappointed in Wu-Tang Clan’s promotion and more.

Watch the clip above, let us know if you agree or disagree in the comments.

Photo: Hip-Hop Wired

The post Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg Warns Drake Not To Snatch Diddy’s Mic [Photo] appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired.

Hip-Hop Wired

Kanye Warns Of Sharks In The Water On ‘God Level’: Listen Here

Kanye West’s “God Level” is previewed in a new Adidas ad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Colbert Warns The Clintons, 'The GOP Will Not Be The Jay-Z To Hillary's Solange'

Karl Rove’s “maybe Hillary Clinton has brain damage” statement might just be the first volley in the GOP’s new “gloves are off” approach to a potential Clinton presidential campaign. Colbert examined how his fellow conservatives are gearing up to deal with the former First Lady and Secretary of State, and it’s not looking pretty.

As the “Report” host so succinctly put it, “The GOP will not by the Jay-Z to Hillary’s Solange.” He continued, “For one thing, Republicans would never get into an elevator with that many black people.”

Watch the clip above and let us know what other Hill-spiracy theories you think Rove and company have up their sleeves.
Comedy – The Huffington Post
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